So many opptions

The preperations for the last party with Fadderier (the senior buddy program) is all going on. It's gonna be a masquerade so today my mask arrived and now i just have to pick what dress to wear. 


Maybe a good skill to know

How many of you have tried to walk with chrutches in the woods, up a hill full of wet stones and mud? Not to many I hope, because it's really hard and super easy to slip. But I didn't wanna give up when I got so far that I could see the hill. Then I just wanted to make it up and see how my scouts where doing. When I fianlly was up after some help I was really hot and tired. But who knows, maybe it's a good thing to have on my resume, "Offroad chrutch-walking"
Decided today thought that I was done with them. It just makes everything so much harder. Harder to get around and harder to get things with you. Not fun at all. I've done my share part of walking with chrutches before. So I left them at home and limped to school. I can't say it didn't hurt but after taking pain killers, it wasn't that bad. 

Feels like someone is trying to tell me something

It's been a few busy weeks here, not much time over to do nothing and elsepcially not much time over for spontainious things. It sucks a little and makes me both tired and sick, but in the same time I'm having so much fun! I've gotten to know so many new people that are as weird and crazy as I am. 
But I guess it's an end to all that, at least for a while. This friday I hurt my foot really bad so now I have crutches to be able to get around everywhere..and when the senior buddy program is over I have even more time over for other things. Now it's focus on the first exam that we have on wednesday. I'm a bit noervous, but mostly because I feel like I know most of it and people around me seams to freak out over the test..they make me feel like they know something I should know that I don't...

First week as a student

My first week at the universety is over, and we're now starting the second week. I can say that I already is getting a hang of it. I've got all the books that I need for this semesters 4 different parts of the course we're taking this semester. On top of all the lecture and classes we have had fun things like games and parties to get to know some of the other students in our class (600ppl). We're devided into 7 teams where we are compeating againt each other to see who's the best. My team is RIO! The best team ofc. 

He's spoiling me

I'm right now on the train back to Stockholm, back to reality, after a wonderful weekend where Oliver really have been spoiling me. It feels like I got a break this weekend from all the "to-do's", one last weekend before the fall starts for real. But I know that I have him there in the background all the time supporting whatever I wanna do. If he knows that I really wanna do something he would never stop me, and when I need a break he's there to give it to me. 

Tomorrow school starts and with that everything else too. I don't know what to expect exactly, in one way it feels like I'm thrown back to the day before I started gymnasium, but I feel totally different. This time I'm really doing this because I want to. This time I'm going there and I wanna pass everything in school for me this time, no one else. This is for my future, this is my chance to get my dreams. But that doesn't mean that you can't have fun at the same time. Let's do this! 

Back to normal

I feel like now after the summer that my life is starting to really fall into what it was like before I moved to the US. I'm back being a scoutleader, not just once but twice a week maybe. I have two (three if I want to) different jobs and school is starting next week. On top of that I just got a gym membership again. I want to go back to feeling that strong and good with so much energy. So my fall is all planed out for me, all up until christmas. The little time I have left from time to time is going to bf. family and friends...where is this gonna end!? 


Like it was yesterday

I have now had Lisa here with me for a few days and I'm trying to enjoy every second of it. But in one was it's hard, because everything feels so normal, it feels like it was yesterday I saw her last time and not a year ago. I think that's how you know you are really good friends. Distans and time doesn't matter, you know that you always have each other there and if something would happen she would be there for me in a second. 


No more flying for me right now

I feel pretty done with the whole flying part right now. Can't say I have much luck with it. Only this summer I've been on six different flrights, where only two of them have been on time. The actually trip is always awesome, but not the way there. 
We were suppose to have three hours in New York before we were gonna head to the airport, I can do three hours. That's a nice lunch and time to buy the last things you need. But when we woke up yeseterday morning we had a suprise waiting for us, the three hours had turned into 10 hours of time to kill in the city before we had to go to the airport. While on the train up they pushed back the flight one more hour, I mean why not. I just lost all energy and will to do anything with the time. I just wanted to get from spot A to B as fast as I could. But now we were stuck in the middle, and couldn't do anything about it. Becuase I can promise you that we tried to look up every possible way to get home faster, and we found a way, it was just that it would cost us about 40 000 sek. Not really our budget. 
So we started out with killing a few hours at starbucks before we decided to go to the airport, get rid of at least one bag and then check out the stores there, have dinner and maybe a drink or two. 
But there isn't endless of stores at the airport, and we went through them pretty quickly, so we decided to have dinner before everything closed down and then bunker up with a bunch of things for the next few hours of waiting. 

Finally, after some reading, watching movies, wine drinking, snack eating and some sleeping on the floor we could finally board the plane and enjoy that the acutal flight went by smoothly and quick. Now it's time to repack everything and go on to the next adventure. 

Why not spend a few more hours here?

I don't know what to say to this. Our flight home is delayed, for seven hours. Recognice it? I really don't have luck with flight this summer. Something is always suppose to be wrong. New York is a nice city, but not with millions of bags and when you just wanna get home. Doesn't matter what home. Can take any of them, I just don't wanna be stuck in between and not be able to do anything about it. 
But we have had an awesome trip and are already planning our next one back, so will have to focus on that and have a few drinks or something. 
Photo: Camilla Sullivan 

Birthdays are meant to be special

This weekend was Juliana's birthday weekend, and you are suppose to have a special day. So we had girls dinner here with wine before we got ready and danced the night away. 

Everything has an end

After an amazing last day at the beach we're now on our way home. It's been an awesome time here with my second American family, because they really feel like family and I know that I could always call them if I ever needed help with anything. 
We have been doing whatever comes our minds. But one of my favorites have been the bike rides and walks we have started the day with. Today we even had crayfish crawling on the road where we road and when they saw us they looked like they were ready to attack. 

A day off the beach

Sometimes you need a day off the beach, and if you got a little too much sun the day before it's a great day to do just that. So we started the day with a 12miles (20km) bike ride through false cape state park, right on the boarder to North Carolina. I can promise you that if you weren't hungry before you are after that, and biking in the sand is not as easy as it might seems. On the beak before we went back home we watched some dolphins swim like 20min out from shore, I know it's common here and I saw them so many times last years too, but it's still pretty cool. 

After that and breakfast we did paddle boarding, something we all had never tried before. It was not that hard but very fun. When we got steady standing on that board we started doing yoga poses on it, fun but a lot harder to keep steady. Luckly I didn't fall in until I was too hot and jumped in to cool off. 
The rest of the day we spent by the pool just chillaxing and playing with the go pro. 

First beach day

When I woke up at 5.30 this morning I let Sara sleep 15more minutes before we went up to leave for the beach. After a pretty nice drive in their New Ford we got an awesome breakfast and then spent the rest of the day at the beach. Jumping in the really big waves, wake boarding, building sandcastles and just reading in the sun. An awesome first day that ended with a dinner that had everything on the table. After I was so full I had a food coma. 


My shampoo is still in the shower, my body lotion is still under the sink and my clothes are still in the closet. It's like I never left. With all that and then play by the pool all day with the kids before eating Millys awesome food (that I have missed more then I thought), everything feels like normal. 

Like normal but different

It's a weird feeling I have, finally in NYC..everything feels like normal, like I would walk around in Stockholm but at the same time my brain knows I'm suppose to have that feeling that you have when you are's just that I can't feel it. It feels like I never left..and in a way it's true. Last time I was in NY was February..not even six months ago.

Status update (for the one who wanna know): We got through passport control pretty fast, the train didn't work so we took a shuttle bus to the city and walked a few blocks until we got to the hotel. After checking in and changing clothes we did some shopping at time square, bought fruit and toothpaste and now we're back at the hotel..probably gonna try to sleep soon because I've been awake for almost 24 hours. 


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