Got some tan

The smart girl has got an allergic reaction from the dinner yesterday but except from thaeverything is awesome. The day on the beach was soo nice, just slept in the sun and swimming in the ocean. Can it be better? And now I have some flip flops that doesn't kill my feet! 
But now I need to get ready, first dinner and then party! 

Redat for the beach

We decide dot not go out the first night to get some sleep and that was the best decision so far! Still a little tired burn I can sleep on the beach today. 
To actually be able to consider to go the the beach in December is sooo awesome! Especially when it's snowing back home ( both in DC and in Sweden) 

Day 1

I love the heat but now I want the sun too. The hotel is really cute, but the most important thing; it's clean!  
we started up the first day with shopping and both bounThierry New Years dresses. Otherwise just flippflopps and a bra from VS. but now we're gonna rest some and then eat dinner and check out the beach. We're hoping for sun tomorrow so we can get some tan before we leave..

Ready or not, here we come

Right now I'm laying in Tawars bed with my stomach hurting from to much to eat. But who can say no to hot coco, pretzels, brie and ice cream..? Not this girl.

Tomorrow is the day, the day when we enter Miami and we're gonna rock the city. I'm longing so bad for the heat and when I get home it's only one day until my sweetie, the best person in the world is coming to me!!

This new year it's u and me wifee and no one can control us!

Light show

Yesterday we putted on warm clothes and went to see a light show. It was really cool to see all the lights everywhere and some where moving too. Like fishes that where jumping in water. We ended the whole thing with roasting marshmallows, making s'mores and drinking hot chocolate.

Today it's snowing so we're gonna play outside. They have a snowball maker and a snow brick maker..

Santa was here

Good morning! Have been up for a while and right now I'm laying under warblankets and are watching the kids play with their new toys from Santa. We have really happy kids here. but Santa got me something too, I'm still a kid..I got something so awesome as a gift card on Starbucks, Santa must know that we go there we very Wednesday!

Merry Christmas

Now it's time for this girl to hit the bed, tomorrow it's Santa's presents at 7am.. But I got awesome stuff and the whole day was so cozy and it was all about spending time together as a family. 
What I got:
my own stocking
a PJ, robe and socks
an iPad
money for investing in projects for poor people where u get ur money back
really nice and warm gloves from my parents
money and a nice card from my grandparents

Snow and mistletoe hunt

Today is a day so different from christmas eve in sweden, but it's still a cosy day and on top of it, it started to snow. In the middle of all that we decided to go out for a mistletoe hunt again, and we found a lot. Now it's almost time for dinner and with that everything with christmas starts for real!

Merry Chritsmas my dear friends and family! 

Första julen borta från familjen

Denna jul kommer inte bli som någon annan men ändå lite lik på samma gång. Pauls föräldrar och syster kom hit igår och ska fira julen tillsammans med oss. Idag händer det inte så mycket fram till ikväll. Då blir det middag hela familjen, även Milly kommer över. Efter det har vi paketöppning av alla paktet från familjen innan det är dags för filmmys. Imorgon kommer barnen vakna upp av att tomten har varit här och alltså tillbringa morgonen med att öppna alla paket från honom. Senare efter en frukost tillsammans och barnen har lekt lite med alla paket så är det dags för att gå till kyrkan som avslutas med en lunch alla tillsammans och det var den julen. En anorlunda jul men fortfarande en jul. En jul när det även ligger ett paket från mina föräldrar under granen och ett från mormor och morfar. Mysigt att kunna få en del av sverige på det sättet också. 

Dan före dopparedan

Today it was time for the next secret santa and for once we came to Sara's area. We had lunch, went to the christmas market in the national harbor and walked around in Old town. The whole day was awesome! We laught a lot (like always), took pictures, was fooling around and just enjoyed the day. 

Now it's time to hit the bed. Everyone has been asleep for a while but I stayed up and wraped all the christmas presents. So now I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm gonna tell u later how we're celebrating christmas in my hostfamily. 

Party till you drop and then IKEA on top

So, yesterday I worked until 10 when Kristina and Christi picked me and Julia and Julia up. Together we went to a house party and I can say it's nothing compare to swedens house party. We had a DJ on the dance floor, u don't need to bring ur own drinks (the one who is throwing a party is the one buying everything) and more than 100 people..We had fun and danced and talked to new people until it was time to drive back home. I even met a guy from Norway and two guys who played soccer i Sweden (one in Allsvenskan and one in superettan) so I got to talk some swedish. But I can tell u my leggs are hurting today from all the dancing..I'm not use to dance so low, so close to the floor..But it was fun! 
We know how to have fun and this time it was a christmas/last day of earth theme party..

So today I started off the day by working and the kids where angels the whole time so it was awesome and when I left for Sara's house I was so happy. There we took her car and drove to IKEA where we walked around, had lunch/dinner (it was something) and bought stuff from IKEA food. An awesome day is what it was! 

Eat until u drop

I just came home after an awesome night with my girls. We where celebrating Rachelle who had her birthday yesterday so we went (on her request) to buffalo wing factory where they had a "all u can eat"- night. We ordered 14 different wings and the staff had a fun time about it. That just girls could even think about ordering so much food. They where even on their way to give our order to a table with only guys (and a lot of them) behind us..But we ate, and had a blast. Wasn't THAT good but it was good. 

I think she liked her parfume she got! But I can't blame her, I want it too..soooo bad! ;)

Times like this

It's in times like this that I'm so happy that I've found my girls over here. We are a killer team and I know that I have them there. Because it helps. Even if I should be use to it right now and that I shouldn't let it get to me it is harder to do it than to say it. But it's not just these things that hurts. This brings back so many things from the past, or more the feeling that it never will be better. It will always be like this.

You're awesome! 

Gingerbread house

Paul had a date yesterday..or it was a friend date but it's fun teasing and I'm kind of good at that part. But when he was out of the house I had to small angels the whole night so before bedtime we decided to finally decorate the gingerbread house and I think we did quite a good job. The kids had fun and where happy after witch is the most important thing. 

Both kids used the color of sweden just for me :)

Brunch and the first secret santa

today it was brunch at my house. Can't really say anymore that it's thursday brunch because it's not just on thursdays today. But it was nice as usuall and because it's christmas soon we had secret santa. My sweet Lisa who wasn't at the brunch last time to get a name got to be santa and she was so cute in her hat! 

It was a lot of laugh during the whole thing and we did it like if you couldn't guess right who it was from you had to wait until next time it was your turn. I got a nice and warm hat from Julia (brazil)- thx again! 

New York City

I'm sooo tired right now so I spend my Monday watching movies. This weekend haven't really been about sleep. Saturday at 7am we entered the city and then we walked around the whole day and I love the city! Absolutely love it, and we, re coming back soon. I'll tell more and show pictures later this week.

Jag bara måste

Okej, jag vet att det kanske är löjligigt. Allt är uppblåst och gjort till en större grej än det är. Men jag måste verkligen säga något! Jag pratar om det här med att Disney har tagit bort vissa scener ur Kalle ankas jul, tre karaktärer är borta. En bryr jag mig inte så mycket om, gubben med den sparkande åsnan. Den skulle jag inte ens märka att det var borta, trots att jag kan se precis hur det ser ut när jag tänker på honom. Men dockorna, den blonda och den svarta..dom är bland det jag gillar mest. Hela "mama!" grejen är hur rolig som helst. Åh anlednigen till att dom ska ta bort dessa scener är lite löjliga tycker jag. De har varit där för alltid och är en del av julen så varför inte bara låta de vara kvar. Det finns så mycket annat vi borde jobba på först när det kommer till diskrininerings frågan. Det här är bara en små sak som faktiskt inte betyder något alls. Men genom att göra vad dom har gjort så har dom gjort det till en stor sak. En sak som tar fokus från faktiskt viktiga saker. 

First crabs

Today have been a slow day but we ended it at Joe's Crab Shack. First time for me to eat crab and I liked it. A lot. So now I'm resting and preparing for a night on a bus but tomorrow morning I'm gonna be I New York with my favorite girls!

Thursday brunch

So, Thursday today, witch means brunch. We where only 7 girls instead of 10 but it was fun as usual. Nice food, a lot of laugh and some planing for next year. We're gonna have the best year ever! Or, that's the plan anyway. 

But befor anything the day was work and now movie and hanging with Paul and his mum Janice. Really nice and a long time ago, because first I was busy last week in the nights and then Paul was out of town this week. 

Home at last

Right now it's a happy boy that is sitting in the couch, drinking ginger ale and eating a toast. When I came today he was happy to go home but didn't want me to leave so I stayed till he was alowed to leave with me. When we got home he took a shower and we washed all his clothes that he had at the hospital. I'm happy too, both that he is better and that I don't need to sleep alone in the house. 

Trött tjej

Trött är bara förnamnet, ändå har jag inte jobbat så mycket mer än normalt var en hård dag igår och lite sömn..har svårt att sova nu också och mest för att jag är ensam i detta stora hus. Som om man jämför med många hus runt där jag bor är ett litet hus. Hade tänkt sova hos Tanja eftersom ingen kunde sova här men i sista sekund kom jag på att jag hade ett paket som väntade utanför med matvaror så fick åka hem ändå..fick allt jag ville förutom sirap..för ja, amerikansk sirap är inte i närheten av våran..inte alls..har försökt baka med den (med amerikanskt recept på svenska saker) men det smakar inte alls bra.

And keep your fingers crossed that this is the last night for my little man at the hospital. I feel so sorry for him.

A day at the hospital

My poor little man is sick, really sick. Today was the third day hi was sick so we took him in to the hospital this morning where they after a couple of hours there decided to keep him over the night. So right now I'm home a little while before I have to go and get the other one from school and Milly is not coming home from work until later tonight. So you can call it a busy day..
I had to have a mask on so I wouldn't get sick because of them..Everything they do is to make sure they can't be  sued. 

Party all night long

It didn't turn out exactly as we wanted but it was still a fun and awesome night, when we fixed things. We wanted to go out to an other club but the promoter didn't answer our text until later when we where already on our way. We ended up in Fur, a huge club whitch turned out to be our problem..a club that can take 2500 had 500 in there. Acording to the bouncer it was a boxing game that many people wanted to see. But he made sure we hade a good time anyway so we ended up partying with the DJ and had an awesome time. 


Friday night, for us it meant scrapbooking at my house. We started off with pizza and snacks before we went down to the craft room where we spread our stuff out everywhere. We putted pages together, where looking at each others pages, talking and drinking wine. Exactly how you want a Friday to be.

Thursday brunch

We where suppose have brunch today but Franzi's kid got sick. So me and Tanja are having a private brunch and movie day instead. After that I need to go home and continue wrapping Christmas gifts. When the kids come and all homework is done we're gonna make ginger snaps and decorate the ginger house. I need some Christmas feelings, even if the weather is still sunny and kind of warm.

For Lisa

Right now I'm a happy girl! Have I mentioned that I've awesome friends here that I never wanna leave? My crazy friend Lisa just booked 7 bus tickets for us girls to Knoxville in Tennessees for a weekend in Februari. It's so right, this is our year and we need to make the best out of it because time flys and then it will all be over. We will be home, in our own countries, alone..right now I never wanna go home, my host family is awesome and my friends are even better, who would want to leave that. But then it's the fact that I have my other friends and my real family at home and when I think of that I just wanna leave right away. I wish it was a way to combined those two worlds, then everything would be perfect.

Weather for shorts

Varmt är vad det är, så varmt att shortsen är på, även ute och klockan 7 på kvällen. Så varmt att ett glas riktigt kallt vitt vin är precis vad som behövdes. Det plus två barn som inte bråkar avslutar denna bra dag. En dag som har bestått av shopping med Lisa och sedan "Party car" i bilen från skolan. Alltså alla fönster nere och hög musik..något som barnen älskar mer än något annat och när jag får spela Swedish house mafia så är det inte så att jag klagar ;)

December or June?

Idag var det verkligen värmebölja, det var upp mot 70*F (20*C). Inte riktigt något jag är van vid i december men jag klagar inte, tvärt om. Det bästa är att det ska vara såhär hela veckan. Snön kommer inte förrän tidigast runt den 21 här, men sen kommer januari, kallaste månaden så vem vet kanske vi får snö och kallt också..jag håller tummarna för inte..

Cluster meeting

En gång i månaden har vi ett cluster meeting då vi, alla Au pairer, i samma område träffas tillsammans med vår söta counsler Diane för att umgås, ta hand om varandra och se till att de nya Au pairerna kommer in i gruppen och samhället. Denna gången var det ett möte där alla skulle ta med något, mat eller efterrätt från deras land. Jag hade tänkt göra lussebullar men vi saknade typ alla ingredienser så blev en sockerkaka istället som verkligen gick hem. En bra söndagskväll helt enkelt och nu är jag redo för en ny vecka.

Someone in my bed

Idag har varit en mysig och lugn söndag. Sådär som det ska vara. Rachelle sov över här så jag skjutsade henne till hennes bil imorse och sedan tittade jag och Paul på film med brasan tänd. Nu snart blir det matlagning/bakning till cluster meeting ikväll. Skönt att komma ut ur huset men samtidigt behålla mysfaktorn. Dock regnar det utanför fönstret så inte superpepp kanske..inte än i alla fall.

Christmas market, and a Swedish one too

Jag jobbade förmiddagen, fick sällskap till lunch av Tanja och resten av dagen spenderades i min nya favorit stad. Där gick jag och mina tjejer runt hela eftermiddagen med start på svenska ambassaden för lite julmarknad med svenska saker. Dock hade jag inte så mycket kontanter så kom därifrån med bara choklad. eller bara och bara, svensk choklad är så mycket bättre än amerikansk.

Efter det blev det skridskouppvisning på invigningen av den nya isrinken i DC harbour. För att sedan avslutas med shopping i Georgetown och sedan middag hos mig.

A little hump in the road

Med mina fina tjejer kan det inte bli annat än bra. Vi åt sushi, skrattade och pratade en massa för att sedan vandra vidare där vi hittade en skridskorink med musik och en stor fin julgran. Något som tog fram barnet i oss alla. Vi dansade runt och sjöng och tog kort som vilka 7åringar som kul hade vi och några fina bilder fick vi..

Disco, new clothes and sushi

Medan min andra halva är ute på bästaste ön själv utan mig så bygger Paul disco i vårt garage, jag testar de nya kläderna som jag beställt från american eagle (för mycket folk i butiken på black friday så jag beställde dem från hemsidan istället. Samma rea och gratis frakt) för att om 5 min åka mot Reston och sushi kväll med mina fina tjejer. En bra och lugn fredag för en tjej som är förkyld och ska jobba imorgon. 

Av någon anledning vill inte sammarbeta med mig så jag kan inte lägga upp dagens awesome bilder... Ni får helt enkelt föreställa er allt ;)

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