A walk down memory lane

Today is the day when all the students in Sweden that are graduating this year are allowed to put on their cap for the first time. I'm so happy for them all, but at the same time I'm a little sad. This means it was a year ago since I was there. It also means that I've been here for almost a year. Time flies when you are having fun and I just want it to stop a little. Now I just need to enjoy this time as much as I can. But all you do the same, especially you who are graduating this year. ENJOY THIS AWESOME TIME! 

One of the most fun weekends in my life! 


As always when I don't know what to make for dinner I asked Paul what he wanted to have. As a half joke, half serious he answared "Paella". So I decided to take it serious. It was a hit. My first time making it on my own so not really that sure of what I was doing. But follow a recepie isn't that hard so an hour later we had a really good looking meal that later turn out to be really tasty too. The best part about paella is that you can have whatever you want in it, so we started to make plans for next time, what we wanna have in it to make it even better for our family. 

Freaking out

Apperently I'm freaking Paul out right now. I have homework so I'm sitting in the kitchen doing them, like I used to sitt in my room a year ago. But this is not the Erica Paul has seen so far. The really quiet and consentrated Erica that get's things done. Don't worry, I'm just having a break right now between the two presentations I need to write today. Lucky me it's just oral and I know how to talk so I just need to find all the fact and write it down to remember. it helps too that I think this is interesting. It's a marketing class, so not my favorite within economy but still interesting. 

//Det var lättare än jag trodde att gå tillbaka till skolan och pluggandet. Trodde att jag hade tappat en del av det, men det var ju inte så länge sedan. På med musik, ner med facebook och mobil och en kopp te, sen var jag igång. Men bäst att jag sätter fart med nästa nu så jag blir klar någon gång.//

A perfect weekend

Sunday night. That means no more weekend and that it's monday tomorrow. Back to going up early. But this weekend have been the best. Just spent time with some of my favorite girls in the world, laughing the whole way through this weekend. Today was a grey and rainy day so we had snuggly clothes on and spent the time at my house baking. We made a cake with as many calories we could, it tast pretty amazing! On top of that we fooled around so much that I was laying on the floor laughing more then once. 


Living every moment

I've been thinking about that. We really need to live and enjoy every moment, not because it can be the last or anything like that. Just simply because that moment will never come back. You will never have that feeling, thoes thoughts, with that weather and thoes people ever again. So enjoy it. 
That was what I've been doing today. Spending time with some of my favorite girls in the world and enjoying the moments with them. 

something you just need sometimes

We got a hot tub yesterday that we had to try out. So we made friday night a girls night. No kids. No boys. Home made pizza á la Milly. Wine. Hot Tub. Friends. What more do you need? After that we slept 4 girls in my bed that all of a sudden wasn't big enough. But we made it work. Like we say in sweden: "Finns det hjärterum så finns det skärterum."

//Man kan säga att jag har det ganska så bra. Lite lyx i vardagen sådär. Men det betyder inte att allt är en dans på rosor. Livet ser till att jag kommer ner på jorden i mellan åt. Som idag då det var dags att gå tillbaka till skolbänken, klockan 9 en lördag. Men jag har insett att jag har saknat det lite, att få suga åt sig av information även om det är i små mängder för det är inte avanserade saker man lär sig även om kurserna låter fancy.//

A open letter

Dear car drivers in DC area, we need to talk.
I can take it that you don't always drive so good. I have learned to live with you always changings lanes without using the signals or even wait to see if I'm gonna slow down to give you some space. I am use to that you don't always give me space even if I'm using the signals when I wanna change lane. I'm not mad about that anymore, I understand that and you don't have to explain it.
But when it is dark and you meet another car on the road you HAVE to turn the main beam of. Like if that wasn't enough. Some of you are even having the fog light on. When it's a clear sky and full moon, are you kidding me? You need a lesson, it isn't good enough to turn the light on auto so thoes lights goes on when it gets dark. Why? Because the car that you meet on the road can't see anything. That is the reason why the car is built so you can turn the light on and off, so you won't blind the other driver. I have sometimes even stoped on the road because it's impossible to see anything exept the bright light. I tell you, it is dangerous. 
So I'll teach you once and for all, it is good that you have thoes lights on during the night so you will see if any animals runs up on the road and you won't kill them. But you NEED to remember to turn thoes lights off (and just keep the dimmers on) when you meet another car, and then you can turn them back on when that car has passed. But not until then.

Thank you,
an upset Erica

First for this year

After a few cold days with grey skies everyone was happy about that it was a bit warmer today, and sun, you can't forget about the sun. On top of that my kids barely had any homework so we did something that I did all the time when I was little. We went to the playground. It was so much fun, we met new friends and ran around for about an hour before we went home and did that homework. But I'm not gonna lie to you, it wasn't that much fun in the beginning with two kids just complaining that the playground if for babies and that they wanna go home and play iPods. Guess who didn't wanna go home in the end? The kids. So there you go, playgrounds are still fun and beats the iPod if you just get them away from it long enough.

When you need to think

Sometimes you just need to think, it doesn't have to be about something special but you need to get all thoes thought out of your head or at least get them to stop spin around. I had one of thoes days today. When I need to think I like to walk, and walk around alone in the woods is the best. I don't need to walk fast or far, I just need to be able to walk and don't think about where I'm going and then be able to find my way back.

Save the world

The environment. They are talking about it all the time, on the news, in movies and in the politics. What they do is talking about it as one problem that only have big sulutions. But it's not, it's billions of small problems , that have have become one big problem. Think about it.

That's why we can't solve it like one big porblem, because it's not. It need to be solved like the small problems they are. It's not a solution that needs to happen on goverment basis, or stat, or county, each person needs to do it. Not just a few, we all need to change out lifes, becuase we no that the way we live today is not gonna give ous a better world. The hard part is to start, to start with not having the heat up over 80* inside, but putting on more clothes instead. Or not throwing away the leftovers from dinner. Because I belive that it is thoes small things that will help us change the path we're walking on right now. If someone starts, they can get their friends and neightbors to do the same. I do belive that if people see how  easy it is and how small the canges needs to be they will stop talking and start doing. Like in the movie pay it forward. Witch is a great movie that really makes you think a lot about all different things. I mean, if a 12 year old boy can do something small to change the world, what exuse do you have for not doing anything. 

Some people are already doing this, I'm not saying everyone is just watching to world go down. But that is not enough, we all need to change. The list of what you can do is long and simple, only use what you need and try to by local. Because have you ever looked at what the groceries you buy come from. Is it really so good for the environment to buy something that has been shiped across the whole world, even if it's organic? You don't have to everything, but do something and inspire others to do the same. The only limits of what you can do is your imagination. 

It's like the rule we have here at my house, you leave a room better and cleaner then it was when you came. We need to do the same with the world. Otherwise it won't be a world for people to live in and they won't be able to see all the beauty of what we see every day. 

Up next

So I just came home from the next birthday party, this time a dinner at cheesecake Factory. Our own Nadia turned 21 so she got her drink and we got our food and most important thing, the cheesecake. I mean you can't go to cheesecake Factory without having a cheesecake, the name says it all. 

Happy Birthday Nadia! 

And I haven't forgot about yesterday, but I want to have some of the pictures first so you will just have to wait and see what time will bring. However, I can promise you it was a fun night with alll what implies. 

Happy Birthday Wifee

Today is the day when my sweet dear Melody turns 25. I hope you all of joy and luck and that you had a great night and an as good day today. I have not even known you for a year but we have done so many crazy things together, things that I would never do with someone else. That you still put up with me after all the million times we haven't be able to do something exactly as the plan becuase I'm not 21 or something else, that showes that you are a true friend. Who cares that you are 5 years older then me, age is just a number and you are only as old as you feel in your heart. I love you and I can garentee that this friendship is gonna last for many years. 

Happy Birthday Sweetie! ♥

Birthday weekend

I have a lot of friends that have birthdays this weekend. So starting off by celebrating wifee at LOOK tonight. It's raining, like really poring down outside so I'm super happy we don't have to take the metro..I mean what would be the point of fixing yourself to look good if you would go out in the rain two minutes later and ruin all that?

When you don't have much homework

A afternoon exactly as it's suppose to be when summer is coming up, just a little homework and a lot of time for fun things. Today was about basketball, playdate and nice snacks like iced tea. Everything was supervised by me and Kona.
//Dagar som denna är man den bästa au pairen någonsin eftersom man inte behöver tjata om läxor och annat tråkigt utan kan säga ja till allt det roliga och lite crazy upptågen barnen vill göra. Dagar som denna när barnen också gör allt man ber dom om när man ber dom om det kan man få stanna ute och spela basketmatch (kids vs. au pair) innan man går och lägger sig.//

When you just have one kid

My kids are always compeating about my or their parents attention, always. That makes them fight and be grumpy and some of thoes days are just a pain in the ass if I'm gonna be honest with you. 

But that makes days like today a dream, for everyone. One of them had a field trip with school so the otherone got both me and dad alone the whole day. That made that kid really happy because for once that one got all the attention all the time. It made eveything so much more easy for us too, a happy kid means no fighting, no screaming and more time for play and fun. Today was about swimming, dinner out, basketball playing, fishing and playdate. Not bad for beeing a normal wednesday with normal homeworks to do, right?
We even got a fish!

What is love?

 We use the word love a lot. Some more, some less, but we do use it. Do we always mean the same thing when we say it? I know that I don't. My love is different if it is to a family member, a friend or a boyfriend. But I only have one world to express all thoes different feelings. It's really impossible for me to know if the other person knows exactly what I mean when I'm saying that one word. 

But what is love? Is it a feeling, a thing or something that just is there. Maybe it is a lot of feelings together. I think it's just a word. A word for a conection that we have with an other person. It can be a word for all thoes things, it all depends who says it and to who. I see it more like you're creating more room. You still have the same space as from the begining but you rearage it to fit that person in better, and make more space for it, that is what love is for me. To give up some things to get others. 

What I do know is that for us to be able to love someone, in any of thoes ways we need to stop being afraid of getting hurt and risk a little to get it. Because fear is a choise that you do yourself. If you never risk it, who knows what you're missing out on. Not you. 

Relaxing day

This day is full of people but I'm still not doing anything. Those are really the best days. Right now the kids are making a suprize for their dad when he get's home and I'm sitting outside looking out over the pool with my best friend studing next to me. A nice day with nice weather.

We all stand with the people of Boston

I am, like most people right now in chock and terrefied. We have the whole afternoon been watching the news about the bombing in Boston. It is scary, and horrible and everything at the same time. It feels so unreal that a happy moment like that at the finish line of a marathon can just flipp over to something so terrible in all sorts of ways. Two people got killed, so many more got hurt and other then that you have all the people that saw it and are in chock. 

Things like this have always upset me but at the same time it has always been so far away from me that it's been hard to fully understand it. Almost like it's just been a movie or something. I've thought it been horrible and felt sorry for everyone but it's never really been real to me. This time it happend only 7 hours away, and what says that it can't happen here in DC. That on top of that my hostmum is coming from that direction with a train right now is scary and makes everything real. 
Image from here

All my thought goes to the people in Boston tonight

Dance until your feet bleed

I've had so much fun! A show, meeting new people, dancing, taking shoes of and dance without, taking pictures and walking downtown Annapolis. 

On the way to the Alumni Hall in the sunset
We all had so much fun and was laughing a lot. But I'm still thursty from all the dancing. When they ended the ball I was really happy that me, Rachelle, Melody and Leanne had a hotel to go back to after. Even it's just an hour drive up to Annapolis, it's still to long to drive when you're so tired that it feels like you're gonna pass out. The fact that we spent the night there and didn't go home gave us an extra day in Annapolis too. A day we spent with eating, walking around a little in town and later eat ice cream and enjoy the sun on the dock watching all the boats outside. 
A perfect ending of a perfect weekend.

It's magic

This girl is now gonna turn from this to Cinderella, ready for a ball night. A little bit tired and all that, but we're gonna do some magic here, you will see.

The day is finally here

That it's today is Saturday April 13th means just one thing, tonight is the navy ball. Have to say that I'm really exited and just want it to be here now. I'm working right now tho so it feels like it's years left until I get to go home and pack and then drive the way up to Annapolis.


Lets go Caps

This week havn't really been a good sleeping week, but that is ok because it's been my own choices. Yesterday was no exeption, I wasn't home until 11pm witch is kind of late when you're starting work early in the morning. But I would never do it if I didn't know I could handle it. But who would I be to say no to go to an NHL game with my friend that I havn't seen in ages and her hostdad, with really good seats? Exactly, I had to go. The Caps played like crap the first period and it wasn't that much fun to watch but something had changed when they came out after the first break, they turend the whole game around and won in the end with 3-1 againt Carolina Hurricanes. 

Of course I wore Bäckstöms jersey, and yes I actually knew how he was before. But as you can see, we had pretty good seats.
The feeling in the arena when the caps did the last goal with only seconds left of the game was magical. everyone was aleady standing up but when they scored the whole arena started to jump, scream, clap their hands and high-five each other. 

//Jag måste erkänna att jag gillade att kolla på en match såhär, på plats. Känna hela stämmningen, prata med dom andra runt omkring (vilket i mitt fall var dom som går på alla matcher och fruarna osv. till spelarna.) och äta mat. Hela den grejen går det inte att inte tycka om. Att jag sedan har turen att inte ha något val utan att lära mig reglerna hemma med två bröder som spelar så gjorde det att jag verkligen kunde följa med i matchen också och faktistk förstå vad det var som hände. Men jag måste säga att jag fortfarande tycker att slagsmålen är mest intressant.//

First day and many more to come

Today way the first day this year that I could spend by the pool so I did. I just gotta say that I love this. It's april and I can be in my bikini by the pool. I'm use to april being all from spring with temperture not even above 60, and sometimes it's even snow. But here I am, with 80 degrees and sun all day long. 

Hot hot hot

Today have been just perfect. Sun, warm, brunch with my girls, ice cream with the kids and then coffee with my other girls. But I have to admit, I'm gonna be a little tired tomorrow after a late night tonight because I really didn't wanna leave Starbucks and leave my friends. It was such a long time ago since I saw them and I have really Nisse them all. That we had a really good but serious conversation was another reason why I didn't wanna go.


Att vi nu har gått in i april betyder två saker, att vi är ett steg närmare sommaren och att vädret inte är att lita på. Trots att det är en helt annan sak här än hemma i Sverige så är det fortfarande samma visa. Vädret ändras hela tiden. Nu har ju vi dock inte snö som ni har i Sverige utan vi har omväxling mellan varmt och kallt, och sol och regn. Ena veckan kan det vara så kallt att jag vill sätta på mig alla kläder jag har och vi måste sätta på värmen inne. Allt för att veckan efter vara riktig sommarvärme så man vill ligga ute och sola och är tvungen att sätta på ACn inne. Så även här är det hög tid för förkylningarnas tid, för det känns som att man alltid har fel kläder på sig, hur mycket man än försöker att planera. 

Denna vecka här i Northern Virginia har vi sol och i mitten av veckan upp mot 30 grader. Men var lugna, det är ju ändå April så till helgen blir det 15 grader och regn för att ta ner oss på jorden igen. Fram tills dess hoppas jag på att jag kan få en dag vid poolen i alla fall. Vi öppnade nämligen den i helgen då den värms upp av solpaneler på taket. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Facing your fears

I just got home after a whole day at Kings dominion, an amusment park here in VA. We had so much fun but now I'm supertired so I'm just gonna let the pictures speak for themself. But the reason we where there was to celebrate Anka's and Franzi's birthday. 

We started off the day with a ride that got us soaking wet. I can say I was happy it was warm (20*C)

I chillaxed in the sun under the nice trees while everyone went on the rides that where too scary for me. 

But the girl who is, as you all know, super scared of hights went on this roller coaster. I can actually say that I'm proud of myself for facing my fear, and as you all can see, I survied it.
We ended the day high up (yes, I was really working on the whole facing fear thing today) with an awesome view.

Thank you girls! I really enjoyed the day. And a last happy birthday to you guys, franzi and Anka! <3

A never ending day

Sleeping in, in my ass. The cats woke me up at 6am and from that time I never really went back to sleep. Why is that? Every time I really need to sleep in something happens so I can't. But that made my day really long and I have done so many things that it doesn't even feel like one day, more like a whole weekend. Right now it's 9pm and I'm ready to sleep. I've done everything you should do a Saturday. I've been at melodys house for lunch and movie, been in DC, been drinking wine at Hanna's rooftop and got drunk, have had dinner and been watching the cherry blossom fireworks in borrowed clothes while drinking tea. Now it's time for me and the cats to watch a movie and get a end of this never ending day.

//ingen sovmorgon imorgon heller men imorgon är jag den som sover i bilen så är glad att jag slipper köra. Vad vi ska göra? Ja, det får ni läsa om imorgon.//


We got home from Orlando today and that means that the blog is going back to normal. The week have been awesome. I love this family a lot and we have had the best of times. But like always, there is no place like home. I do have to admit it feels good to have the bed to myself tonight and have some alone time. Before I got to that point I had some catch up time with friends over a drink out, always nice to see them again and see what everyone have been up to. As always it is a lot of talk about the kids and today it was about what they think about bad words, if they use them and what they are talking about sex. Really funny actually, but maybe not the best subject in a american restaurant/bar. But now me and the cats are gonna watch a movie and after that sleep. Update about Orlando will come later this week when I have time and energy for it. 

//Är kattvakt denna helg. Katterna hos Millys hus har varit själva ett par dagar nu och bara haft någon som kommit och matat dom. Så jag blev frågade om jag inte kunde hålla dom sällskap denna helg. Något jag inte riktigt har något emot efter en vecka med barnen runt mig konstant. Det är skönt att få lite distans när man sovit med dom i samma säng till och med. Men bara för att idag är första dagen hemma betyder inte det att detta blir en lugn helg. Ett fullspeckat schema är vad som väntar med start imorgon, men först en välförtjant sovmorgon!//

Easter in an other country

Easter is over, Hanna is home and kids are in bed. Even if I really missed my family this weekend I had a great easter. It was nothing like I'm use to. It's started off by not celebreating the day we do in Sweden, the ester egg hunt is not the same at all, the food is not even near close to what I'm use to and I'm use to more decoration. But with that said I did not say this wasn't good, because it was really good in every way. We had fun, the food was soo good, I still had family and friends there and I like the egg hunt this way too. 

Me Hanna and Paul came up with the funny idea that we where gonna go painted as bunnies, so we did, and I'm still laughing about how silly we looked. It didn't get better that we had a really serious conversation at the table, I can tell you that. 

                                          But we became ourself again, with just a little tuch left of the bunny part of us. 
//Påsken var verkligen något helt anorlunda här. Jag lär mig varje dag att saker som man tar för givet hemma i Sverige är de saker som jag saknar mest här. Men nu är det vidare till nästa projekt. Åker till Orlando imorgon så har precis packat färdigt min väska och kl 7.30 är taxin här och hämtar upp oss. Då blir det en vecka med Disneyworld, seaworld, universal studios och strand häng. Vissa veckor är tuffare att jobba än andra..hehe//

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