Go Nats!

Tonight it's baseball time again and after that a Gavin DeGraw concert at the game. So an awesome night with friends and fun is ahead of me. If I can get up from bed and get ready will say. I'm a little tired today.

It's not the people, it's the traffic

I've noticed that so many people here are late (less or more) all the time, and that includes me. But it rarely ha something to do with the people. It's always the traffic. Because you need to drive everywhere, even to get to the metro and you never know how the traffic is gonna be. Of course you can count on that it will take longer time in rush hour but other then that you never know when it's gonna be a lot of traffic, or no traffic at all.

That's what happened today. I was suppose to be in the city like an hour ago but because off the traffic we all got late and here we are now..

like a whole new person

I'm gonna start with confessing that I am still in my pyjamas. So we don't need to put more enegy on that. BUT what I wanted to say was that it makes such a big different when I've been sleeping and not. Two nights in a row now I've been going to bed before 10 and I can really feel that it payed off. I'm like a whole new person and I really don't know what to do with all this energy. What I can say is that it feels great. Maybe I should try that thing called sleeping a little more often. But on the other hand, you can do sleeping your whole life, but not all of the adventures will wait for us until we're done sleeping. 

Been a few days again

Today it's time for Hanna to come over again. Haven't seen her since we got back from the beach to time to have some quality time again. And the best with having her have her internship with my hostmum this semester is that she can sleep at my house and get a ride to the office in the morning.

365 days and counting

Some day last week was my anniversary as an au pair. It feels so weird in all types of ways. I have really been here for a year. Not a few day less that most girls do. I've been here a little bit more. I doesn't feel like a year and when I'm here now I'm so happy I chose to stay here longer. It's no way I could have gone home now. I'm far from done here.

That I've now been here a year means that I'm now only have my 6months left and some extra time after that before I don't have a choice. I need to go back to Sweden. But by that time I think I'll be ready. Or as ready as you can be. I will actually leave my home when I go back home. Lets make these last months the best months ever! Lets make them count! 

First day of school

It was two nervous but exited kids that left the house today. First day of school. What can I say? I know exactly how they where feeling. When I was in their age I could barly sleep the day before because I was so nervous. But when we picked them up it was two happy kids we picked up that couldn't stop talking about all the new friends, teachers and what they had done during the day. 
I miss summer vacation thought. It was so nice to sleep in and then just play with them the entire day and not get off so late. Because I'm so use to having them around me all day long I was really bored today. It's been way to quiet and nothing really happend. But I know I'll get use to it again and start liking my breaks during the day again. Especially when all my friends kids goes back to school too next week. 

What you do when you are bored? You suntan until you melt away and then you go inside and eat. 

24 hours later

And we're back home. It's been a long day but a really good one. We went out of beds almost 24 hours ago, or actually 23 hours and 28 minutes ago. The whole day was spent at the beach in Virginia beach and then we went to do what we actually came for, the John Mayer concert. It was sooo awesome! I loved it, and especially when he played the old songs that I like better. But now it's time to hit the bed so we can do the best about tomorrow, last day before the kids starts school..

"Wow you look amazing"

That's how you know that you probably should dress in normal clothes a little bit more often and not just hotpants and a sweater when you hang out at home. But then on the other hand I never have the engergy to wear something else then comfortably clothes when I'm home. Because honestly, what is the point? 

Otherwise we are enjoying the last days of summer vactation and are trying to spend as much time possible playing and by the pool. All this mean a lot of time outside and not so much time at all by the computer. My hair is also slowly turning blonde again too because of all the hours in the sun. 

Best recipe for a good tuesday

1 soccer camp
2 friends + kids over for lunch and pool
1 night at Hanna's house

Start the day with some soccer practice for the kids so you can slowly wake up. Bring something warm to drink and a chair. When that is done add some friends for you and their kids. The kids will entertain your kids and keep them happy while you have someone to talk to and hang out with. Finish with a night at your best friends apartment with dinner and stuff with her awesome roomates. As a topping add a drive home in the summer night with a convertible, top down. 

New week new adventures

We started this week with soccer camp and then the whole day have just been so easy. My little man have had such a good behavior today, he have helped with everything and without even ask for something in return. If every day would be like this my life would be super easy. Let the last week of summer begin! 


It's Friday witch means that we put our party shoes on and dance all night.

It stared out pretty bad with crapy music and no drinks..nothing. But everything is what you make it too. So we made sure ourself that we got drinks, found some new friends, danced, got flowers and partied with the DJ. So we stayed almost until closing. Awesome night! Thank you girls!

You need a little bit of both

Being an au pair is not always pink clouds and rainbows. As an au pair you end up spending most of your freetime with other au pairs and most au pairs are girls. Girls means drama, always. If you have a group of friends that are just girls you know that sooner or later you will have drama. That is where we are right now. I could really need a little less of girls and a little more of not so complicated guys company right now. A little bit of balance in my life. Because you can't just have one of them, you need both guys and girls in your life. 
But that is not what I have and all friendships are worth working on. Everyone and everything deserves a chance. You will feel better too if you know that you have tried and done your best for this relationship to last. After that it's up to you to decide witch once are worth fighting for or not. Because that is a completly different thing. You can't be best friends with everyone. Sometimes you need to let go. 

When everyone is leaving

All the girls I've spent the last year togehter with are leaving right now, one by one. All the girls except a few. All the girls that I've spent so many days with and gone through so much together with. They are all leaving to go back home because their year here is over. This chapter is over for them and they are all going to move on. Left here is me. 

But I don't regret my decition to stay, not for a second. This is what I have to do. I can't go back home yet because I'm not done here, I'm not ready to leave this. The only thing this means is that I will now have to start over. THe whole process with sending emails and texts to new girls and do the whole "where are you from how many kids do you take care of" all over again. Except this time I am not in the same possition as all the other girls. This time I am the old girl who already knows everything and that they ask for the best shopping and where to go out and what to do around here. I find myself giving them advice about how to do things and how to get the best possible year. I just know I need to be carefull so I don't sound like I think I know the best. Because I don't. I still have a lot to learn and if someone finds something new or have some advice for me I'm welcoming it with open arms. That is something that will just help me grow as a person.

End of Camp Erica

Camp Erica is now over and all kids passed it. They have been so good and so brave when the boat have been hailing, or tilting as they call it. If you compare it to the first time moday when we took them out and the last day they have learned so much, and they have the whole week asked about more things to learn. Friday I was steering the boat because of the really stong wind but the kids did everything else on the boat, with help from Sara. 


Even this weekend have and end

This was the perfect weekend that had all that a weeked should have. A little bit of party, a little bit of relaxing, a little bit of shopping and a big part of friends. 


Party in the USA

This last couple of days have gone so fast. Camp Erica and 5 kids have definitely kept me busy and going all days. I crashed Thursday night at home and yesterday night I was just running on pure will, I didn't wanna stop. So we went out, partied and it ended up as a great night as always.

But I promise this blog will be up running like normal when I get home tomorrow.

I'll see you all again

Tonight it was time for the next good bye. It feels weird that the friends that I've gone though so much with is leaving me. But I'm happy for all the memories we have together and I know I'll see every single one of them again. Both before they leave for real and when we're all back home. I have the best reason ever to travel the world and the best part is that I'll have somewhere to stay wherever I go. 


Camp Erica is growing

We got some company today at Camp Erica. Sara and her girl joined in, so who knows how many we will be for friday. Maybe I'll just have to fly in to do it again next summer. The kids are really enjoying it and this time we even got some wind. For the kids the boat was going pretty fast, and the leaning. They loved it when the boat was leaning a little and they could touch the water. 

The kids are really getting better too and starts to get how you get the boat to turn the way you want and how you are handeling the sails. I'm proud of them. I'm sitting next to them all the time and helping out, especially reminingn them of where they should have their attention. But I can now talk to them about other stuff so they learn more. They almost knows all the parts of the boat and 4 knots already. 

Nothing can stop Camp Erica

With some rain and a forecast that said that it might be a thunderstorm (in Sweden we would say a little rain and some thunder) so the Marina where we rent the boats from closed. So all of a sudden we had three kids who wanted to sail and no way to do it. But a whole day to entertain them. But that wasn't going to stop us from doing something useful. Camp Erica is not shutting down for a little rain. So we moved it to our home with some theory about the parts of a boat and some *Ohoy Captain*. 

To follow our week more we use #camperica on both instagram and Twitter.

Camp Erica

Today was the first day of this weeks camp, Camp Erica. It's my two kids and their two friends that I'm teaching how to sail and today and tomorrow Hanna is helping out. It wasn't a lot of wind, or actually it was almost no wind at all and really hot. But all the kids had fun and both my kids said that they are looking forward to do it again tomorrow. I'm just hoping for a little bit more wind maybe. 

All said and done

Weekend is over. This has really been the best weekend ever and I got to spend the time with really good friends and with Hannas family. 

Have you ever seen a bunny wearing glasses?

Remember the weekend course I did up in Baltimore like two weeks ago? I told you then that we did a stop motions video and that I was going to show it to you guys when they put it out on the webpage. Well, now they did. So here, as promised.

Party till you drop

This became a real party weekend, party last night at Eden rooftop and party again tonight. I just don't really know where yet, but I have three different opptions. I really wanna go to echostage, but all the tickets are sold out so I'm trying to pull some conections and make it happen, might work. Tonight will be a night with X-se though..

It didn't get more clear then this the whole night, but then the night was for free too. 

My big little man

I can't really call him my little man anymore, he is so big. He's turing 7 today. But he has grown so much the last year. Both in terms of maturity and in his body. So happy birthday my big little man!

Home alone

I don't mind being alone anymore. It was a time when I couldn't do it, I would hate it so much. I just couldn't relax until someone was home again. Now I'm fine. I'm older and more use to it. I'm not scared anymore. But I have to say it's nice to have Hanna here this week so I don't have to be all alone for an entire week in this house out in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn't be scary, I could do it but I would probably not spend more then sleeping time at home. 


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