My road

Yesterday on the way back from the muir woods I found my road up among the mountains. Who ever placed it there probably thought it was funny that I'm scared of hights but it's ok. I can live with it because the view was amazing. 

A dream come true

For so long I have dreamed about to see the giant redwood trees and today was the day when that dream would come true. I loved every second of it and being in there was like being in an other world, pretty dark, quiet and just amazing! 

Not even 24 hours

I haven't even been here 24 hours, or 24 hours ago I had been running to get ahead of everyone else from the airplane to the taxis so I could get to the hotel as fast as I could. But that feels like forever ago because we have done so much today. 

We decided that the best way to discover the city and really feel the whole atmosphere was to walk. So after beakfast we put on the gym shoes to be able to walk everywhere we wanted to get and I can say I'm so happy about that now. My feet hurts from walking a little more then 8 miles but they are still fine. The best part about walking is everything we saw on the way that we would just have passed in a car or bus, but now we actually stoped to just see it. 

Fly away

New Years is coming up, I haven't seen my friend Sabina in forever (since she was here in May) and I thought I could need some time off. What does that sound like to you? Yes you're right, it's vacation time. 
Sabina is alredy there and in the afternoon it's my time to board the plan to San Francisco. A city that I've always really wanted to visit and now I can finally do it. I AM going and I can't wait!

When are you going back?

Ok, you all seems to ask the same question so I thought I would make it clear for everyone now, one time and then you all know and I don't have to talk about more. Because I don't want to think about it yet. I want to live here and now and not in the future thinking about that I'm leaving soon. I would seriously get depressed by thinking about it too much, because I love it here and I don't want to think about leaving everything I love. 

I need to say too, that I am nervous about going back. Almost, if not more nervous then I was coming here. This is my home right now, DC is my city and the streets I know. English is the language I speak and I am using the american way of living. When I'm going back everyone is just going to expect me to go back to how it all was when I left. But that was 1.5 years ago. I am different, I have changed so much in so many different ways and I am use to the way things work here now that I sometimes forget how it works in Sweden. I am nervous about how much I will miss it all, and I am nervous about the future. I know what I want to do, I just don't know if it's possible. 

Oh, and before  I forget about it. My flight out from DC is March 19..

Happy boxing day!

Christmas is over for this time and I have to say I've had a really good one. So cosy, so much love and so much fun. I've got so meaningful gifts that I'll be able to keep with me forever and together with all the good events we've had this christmas turned out to be even better then I ever thought it would be. Days like this I think a little more about how lucky I am who ended up with this family of them all, and now they are my family and I love them so much. 

When you are living in two houses it means dubble presents if you are not doing the present oppening together and because the best way of opening them is in pyjamas you then just have to stay in PJ the whole day. 

Merry Christmas

It's too late to say it in sweden, so for everyone there I'll say "god fortsättning" and might be a little to early to say it for here, should say it tomorrow morning probably, but I mean since when do I do exactly what you are suppose to? 
In Sweden everyone have already had their big day with presents, food, family and donald duck, but here we have all that fun left. Or at least the food, presents and family part. Even if they don't have the tradition to watch donald duck here I've been watching it myself, you can't have a christmas eve without it! Other then that we've had lunch with some family friends and then we went to mass before it was time for a quick dinner and then bed time for the kids. If they are not asleep, santa can't come you know. 

Christmas trees

My little brit took me to DC today, and oh what I needed it. To just think about something else for a while. We went for the christmas market, to watch the christmas trees by the capital and the white house and for lunch/dinner. 
I realized today, more then before that this really is my city now. I know how to get around, I know where to walk to get to the place I wanna go and what metro to take and where to go off. I have my favorit spot, I have my favorit restaurant, my favorite cafe and my favorite club. 

Girls just wanna have fun


I'm gonna miss you when you're gone

Today was the last day, or the last day in a few months at least. I've been pushing it forward and not been wanting to think about it for so long. But today it got to the point where I had to face the truth and live with it. I had to stop the car (even if I wanted to hit th gas and just go with them), take their bags out and hug them good bye. The best part about it all is that the only thing I'm acutally going to miss in to hang out in their apartment with all of them and call my sweet Hanna just because I feel like it and know that she will pick up because it's always a good time. 

I can let you all know it looked pretty funny when they walked away with all these bags. Off to a new adventure. 

1 down 2 to go

So day one of saying good by to Hanna is over. But what a day, been everywhere, literarily. Got a lot of stuff done though and the whole day ended with a cosy and awesome dinner, just me, Milly, Hanna and a bottle of wine.

A little but of everything

This weekend have offered a little bit of everything, it really has. Party, work (playing, haha), movie, dinner out, sleeping in and shopping. A really good weekend that was spent with some of my favorite people. When a good weekend like this ends with a good clustermeeting where you eat good food, meet your friends and meet new people you can't really ask for so much more. So I'm gonna go to bed and wake up to the week I've wanted to put in a box and forget about, the week Hanna will leave to go back to Sweden..

Think positive

We are all so cought up in all the bad things that are happening around us, both locally and in the world that we're sometimes missing out that it's actually a pretty great world we're living in. I think it's really good that we have such good media covering in the world as we have and that it's good to know all the thinks they are talking about in the news. But in the middle of all wars and people dying, we sometimes forget that people can be good. Sometimes I think we should just take a moment to stop and reflect about all the good things in our lives and in the world. So right now I'm giving you the oppertunity to do exactly that. What are you greatfull for in your life? What gives you a reason to smile today? 

Back to everything

Today everything was back to normal, or almost. But I can live with almost. It was an two hour delay on school if it would had been any ice on the roads to give it some time to melt away. How much I even love having the kids at home and just play all day it's nice to get that little break during the days to do what I wanna do. So today was a catch up day with a lot of things that needed to be done. One of them was the workout that have been hanging for too long. I like normal and in my new normal is workout at least three times a week, I need to get back there. 
when I finally had the time to do my workout it was pretty late and would have been even more late when I finally got to the gym. Then it's good that you have things at home to workout with. 

Snowday, day 2

So today we got to keep the power the whole day. The light was flickering a little in the morning but that was it. I have to say that it makes it so much easier. Today we did baking the WHOLE day, something that would have been impossible yesterday with no power. But today we could go all in, and all in we went. 
While the cookies where in the owen we used the time to play outside and make a snowman, do some sledding, have snowball fight and make snowangels. So it's been a really good day. But now we're (I am) looking forward to the school to open tomorrow. 

Snowday and no power day 1

This winters first snowday hit us today. Or it was actually yesterday the snow fell, this morning it was just ice exactly everywhere because of the frozen rain. On top of that we have been without power the whole day, until like dinner time. But don't worry, we were perfectly fine. With the small generator we have we (or more Paul) were able to get the heat to start working again, some power outlets, the fishtank/gecko cage and the wifi. So we lived. When it was time for lunch we just went out to get something and nothing more with that. 
It has actually been a really cosy day with candels lit everywhere, and the fire on. the kids built cushion forts and we snuggled up with blankets. Who wouldn't love that?

Go Caps!

I haven't done anything special today, it's been snowing and because of that it takes forever if you even wanna try to drive somewhere. So lets not talk about it. Last night was much more exiting, so let's talk about that instead. We got tickets to the caps game (Thanks James!), and not any tickets. It's really good seats! I mean, Ovechkins dad was sitting just across the aisle so that should tell you something about the seats. Other then that we won and then they scored five goals so we get free wings (yay!) 

The trend continues

Today it was even warmer then yesterday. It was like a warm spring day and in Sweden people would say that it was summer heat. Tomorrow it's going to be warmer again but with some rain so not as nice. But don't worry people, you don't have to be jealous much longer, a cold front is on it's way to the east coast and are gonna hit us by sunday. So we'll get our share of cold weather too. Until then I'm gonna enjoy this awesome weather. 

I've always wondered when people are able to wear boots and dress without any stockings. Today I got the answer. It was the perfect tempeture for it and I must say that I love it. For the once who doesn't understand fahrenheit 73 is about 22*C. Yes I'm gonna freeze to death when I get to sweden but that's a later problem. 

Is it still fall?

That's the question my girl asked me today. Is it still fall? Or is it winter? When does the winter begin? 

In Sweden that is an easy question. It get' scold and starts snowing and then you know the winter is here. But here it's not that simple. We're already in December and it's still warm. We've  had one day with a little snow (that didn't stick at all) but that's it. Now it's back to warm and rainy. So what is it? Is it fall or is it winter? 

New York New York

I've been there five times now, and I can't say anything else then that I love the city. I truly do. But not more then for a weekend or so. I've realized a little more for every time that New York is not a city I could ever live in. It's too many turists, too dirty and too expensive. 

No, my city is something like DC or Stockholm. Cleaner, not as expensive and not AS many people. I love big cities and I love that New York never sleeps but to what price.

Yes or no, that's the question

Found this dress today. It's the perfect New Years dress and I'm in love, it's soo nice. Or is it just me? But it's not really cheep, I mean it's a guess so I would never expect anything else. But question is, is it worth it? 

Long day

We're finally back to the hotel after a loong day out walking in New York. Since we got here it's been some small touristing, partying, sleeping in a really nice and especially clean hotel and walking around today. In that order. So you could say that we're all pretty tired.

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