We're gonna miss you

Today is the day when Julia is leaving us so we had one last brunch with picture and everything. It was a really nice one but it wasn't without tears we said good bye. This made me think of the time when I'm gonna leave this life that I'm living right now, behind me. Someday, not to long from now, I'm gonna be standning there and say good bye to all my friends and family here and I don't know how to do it. It was one thing to come here, because when I go back everything is gonna be the same, everyone is gonna be there. But even if I can come back here, all the people that I have got so close to, will never be here at the same time. I will never have this again. When that day come, it will be a hard time, but still a good one, because I get too see all at home. But it's a long time until that I'm not gonna spend more time thinking about it for a while. 

We will miss you sweetie! 

A long night

This night, or actually more evening got longer than it was suppose to. But it was a nice time even if I'm super tired.

Spent it with Hanna and her study buddy's Sofia and Olivia. It was a little bit of this that was needed tonight.

Like summer

It's hard to imagen that it was in the end of last week we had the  "snowstorm" and ice rain yesterday. Today feels like summer outside. Not like American summer, but a Swedish one, like a good summer day when it's warm and sunny. But it's not summer, it's winter and just Januari. But don't worry, the cold weather is suppose to come back in the enThor the week.

Tidig morgon

Sitter just nu i soffan och ska strax gå och väcka barnen. Det var väl inte superlätt att gå upp i morse när klockan ringde. För mycket tankar snurrade i mitt huvud igår för att jag skulle kunna somna. Vi hade nämligen en hejdå middag för en vän som åker på onsdag. Sådana dagar gör allt så verkligt. Det här är bara mitt liv att låna för ett år, sen kommer en annan tjej och kommer leva nästan exakt samma liv som mig och allt här kommer flyta på som vanligt. På samma sätt som det var när jag kom, jag bara tog över livet från den tidigare au pairen. Rummet, barnen, familjen, nästan vännerna också. Det blir liksom så. Men jag ska ju inte behöva tänka på sånt än. För det är verkligen så, jag saknar er där hemma, men jag längtar inte. För jag har det så himla bra här och det händer saker hela tiden att jag inte har någon riktig vilja att åka hem, inte än i alla fall. 

A perfect the day after

Day like today really make me feel like this is my home. I was out yesterday so today is a day where you don't have to do anything. Becuse when you're on a trip you always have to do something all the time to really feel like it was worth it, and in one way ths year is just a long trip. So it's days like this that makes the differnt. Days where you let yourself to just have coffee with a friend and just hang out. 

a new found friend, Lauren and ofc the starbucks cups..

Good night

Finally home and in bed. Took a while to get home and it was some luck and some delays that made us catch the last metro. But new friends, good music and my lovely girls made this to a good night.

We're gonna party and party

So, now we're ready to hit DC with our crazynes. Black dress party at ultrabar is the destination for tonight and we're gonna shake our boodies. 


A day off

So this is my weekend off so I could stat in bed the whole morning. I can tell you, it's the best day in a long time. I don't have to do anything. Woke up around 7 by the kids tho but I just listened to what they where doing and then I went back to sleep again. Best morning ever!

First basketball game

Just came home, I was kind of tired on the way home but now I'm feeling fine again. I was with Sara, Rachelle and Leanne watching my first basketball game, and the wizards (DC) won so I'm happy. 

Some snow

ok, I'm kind of tired of this now. It's snowing a little, it's expecting to be up to one inch so we got an email and two calls that was saying that school was closing two hours earlier so that everyone would get home before the snow starts, and they are all talking about snow storm too. It's not like one inch is a lot, u barly notice it but here they do. Becuase most cars have just summer tires on them it is a big deal for them. Especially when everyone is afraid of being sued for some reason. It's no news that all sues each other all the time here in the States.


My bed is too comfortable

It was kind of hard going out of bed this morning. Warm and snugglish, who wanna leave that. So I putted on some good music in the kitchen and danced around while I was making breakfast.

Namnsdags fika och träning

Sitter och pratar svenska nu så blir svårt att skriva på engelska på samma gång. Blir liksom kaos i huvudet. Det blir liksom blandat svenska och engelska i samma mening och bara svårt att läsa för alla..Men även när jag pratar blir det blandat, slänger in en massa engelska ord i svenskan huller om buller utan att tänka på det för fem öre. Inte förrän den andra personen (oftast Hanna) börjar garva. För det är ju inte som att jag gör det med flit, det är bara det att engelskan kommer lättare.

Men det var inte det jag skulle säga. Det jag skulle komma till var att jag sitter hos min fina Hanna just nu för namnsdagsfika och träning innan. Hmm, lite fel ordning där kanske men vem bryr sig. Gott är det i alla fall och bra kändes träningen. Riktiga och bra skor och stöd på foten så ska ni se att det inte blir något haltandes. Håll tummarna.

Snow surprise

I woke up to a winter wonderland and got to go back to sleep because of that. Because of the snow school started two hours later than usual. SO my morning started out in best possible way, with sleeping in, hot chocolate for breakfast and still my time off in the day. 

When it's just a little snow everything stops working and that includes the traffic too. I've seen so many cars on the side of the road, stuck. But with my big SUV with all year around tire and AWD. 


A regular

Wednesday today witch means we need to do all homework before the activities and a tight schedule means we don't have time to go home to do it. So we makes the best of it and usually goes to Starbucks..where they now know us and know that the kids loves the pink cake pops..

When the swede thinks it's cold

It's freezing cold outside. Even the Swedish girl thinks so. I might not be the best swede to ask of it's warm or cold outside because I'm always cold. But anyway. 10*F is cold, end of story.

So today I'm staying inside under my blanket eating some Swedish ginger cookies, or as the box says; Swedish wish cookies.

Cold but sunny

It has been freezing cold outside today. It's been around 20 outside but it feels like when it's like 0 in Sweden. The cold goes in your bones even if your outside just for two minutes. But like most days here it was really sunny the whole day.

Girls who eats a lot 2

So today we continued with the eating. Went to Melody's house and chillaxed in her very comfy bed and then ate snack, lunch and finished up with ice cream. We like food and warm beds so a perfect day.

The girls who eat a lot

Talking with hostmum, dinner with hosrdad and later coffee and food with wifee, a good end to this day. That girl makes me laugh and do stuff that she knows I wanna do but dont really wanna admit. She takes out the best and the worst part of me, but mostly the best. 

Playdate and own movie theater

We skipped the whole DC thing..nothing to really take the kids to because they wouldn't see anything. So we had play date at home and where actually outside for an hour and now we're getting ready for a movie session.


I'm not starting work until 9am today but I drove Hanna to the metro because she's going in to DC to see the parade, or maybe more feel the spirit. 
So now I'm back in my bed and dont have to go up the next 45min. Not until the sun is up. 

Change me and make me someone better than before

Woke up in Hanna's bed at 9.30 and felt really good. On top of that the sun was shining and it felt like spring outside. So we putted on the sunglasses and went for a walk, coffee and some quality time.

Got some beads

Just came downstairs to Hanna's apartment. It was a party in penthouse tonight and I met really nice people, got to talk some Swedish and got some beads.

Horses and shopping

I started of the day like every saturday with work. I actually like it. It's me and the kids, no homework and the only thing we have to do is horse riding. But a day like today, with sun and alomst warm weather, you have to love it. 

After work it was time for shoppig. But I started of being angry because of all the traffic and people everywhere. I'm use to shopping during the weeks when everyone else is at work and the mall was empty. Despite that I had a great time and I actually bought some stuff. 

A long day

After a long day we're finally home. It was some adventures we had. But after some waiting for things that didn't show up and stuff we finally made it into the aquarium and it was awesome! Really cool fishes, like electrical fishes, sharks, dolphins and so on.

How to get me happy

I've always liked cars. Or I don't know that much about them. But I like to look at them and driving fast. All that have increase since I went here. One is because I've been driving a lot more, like three hours every day and two is because it's a lot of nice cars around here. Right now I really wanna go to a racing court and drive fast! 

If you wanna know what type of cars I like, just take a look at these:
So yeah, small sportscars..and I've found out that for me to like them they have to be low in the front like there above, not look like a box in any way..


Work in another state

Good morning, I'm still sick and not feeling so well but I got to sleep in this morning which felt really good. The kids doesn't have school today so that's why. Nice anyway. So right now they are cleaning up the mess they did yesterday in the livingroom and after that we're going to the National aquarium in Baltimore, so today we're going to Maryland again. 
Hope u have a good friday! And happy birhtday to u Oskar! 

A thousand years

I need to get a lot more better at writing here don't I? But I've been sick and still are a little so I put the blame on that right now...and maybe I get away with it..

This day never seems to end. It started off as usual with making breakfast and driving kids to school. but after that nothing was normal...Me who just wanted to get home and get some more sleep because I'm sick, that hade to wait a little more than an hour, but I atually stoped thinking about it, other things was in my mind, more imoprtant things. What happend next was that a car crashed into me. I was staning still because the cars infront of me had stopped but the car behind me couldn't stop fast enought. I saw in the reverse mirror that she was gonna crash into me so I was preperd by pressing my head back. Two seconds later I heard a big smash! The car behind me was all destroed in the front, my car looks fine and are still driveable. It got scraped a little part broke and the spare tire that is sitting under the car fell off. 
Two minutes later a firetruck was there to make sure everyone was safe and hap the traffic that now only had one lane. One second behind that was the ambulanse that checked if we where ok, which we where. During this time Paul came and 15min later the police finally showed up to write the report. It was obvious whos fault it was so he just needed to write down the information from my driving license and then I was good to go. 
In the afternoon Hanna came to my rescure and took my mind of things by having a really girly day, we had our nails done. It is so nice to have her close again and that she just popps by for a couple of hours and then everything feels so much better. Everyone should have a friend like that ♥

A good friend

Spent the day with wifee and it felt so good. The best part is that we didn't do anything special. We talked, ate and just hanged out. Friends who u can do that with u know is a good friend. When u dont need to do something for it to not be awkward. 
Its always u and me ending up in situations like this, but u always makes me laugh, every time. Love u ♥

Slow first day of the week

I've been so tired today, that together with a cold I stayed under the blanket the whole day. I have got a lot more better at that, at not doing anything and not feel bad about it. Before I felt so bad and felt like I had to do something all the time. 

But the best part about the whole day was when Hanna decided to come by for dinner and just chillaxing. 
Glee + computer + fire + cookies + best friend= the best day u can have. 

Something about Italian..

I just got back from a really nice dinner with good food, nice company and I even got beautiful flowers. So a good Sunday night and now this girl is going to bed. I almost fell a sleep watching a movie and tomorrow it's Monday and work again..

sunday as they suppose to be

today have been a really lazy sunday. Got to sleep in and then I've been laying on the couch in my pj, skyping and chatting with my friends. But now I'm fit for fight for dinner later, and I'm resting my foot by not driving. 
and I'm back to straight hair. 


So I actually got to go out of the house yesterday. We went to our friend Will and his friends and played beerpong and flip cup. But because I had taken painkilers, I didn't drink. Witch was awesome. When everybody else got worse and worse I got an hang of it and started to be better and better. How awsome isn't that! 
And ofc we had the red and blue cups, like in alla american movies..


Todays yummiest: Swedish bread with cheese.

Todays most disgusting: the stink bugges everywhere.


Todays funniest: My kids trying to hide their PJ under their clothes when they where suppose to get dressed. 


Todays cutest: The big white horse that was so in love with the smaller one. 


Todyas f** u: My left foot


Todays best: that I'll get out of the house tonight

Popping foot

This morning has been about horse riding with my girl. Was working but as all Saturday I get to sleep in, something that kind of makes Fridays feel like weekend too.

But my foot is so annoying! It has been good for a while, and then I started to work out again and put some more pressure on it, and it starts popping right away. One or two pops doesn't matter but now it's been like this the whole morning so my foot really hurts right now. It's pounding a lot and especially when I'm walking..

An Erica in curly hair

So yesterday when we where at the mall I got my hair curled. Wasn't planed at all. We just came out from a store when a guy stoped us and wanted to sell some hair straightener to us so he talked a lot. I told him that curls never stays in my hair for more than like an hour so he wanted to prove me wrong. And it was for free so why not. He was right. The curls is still there and he didn't use any products at all, so it was a good one. But I'm not gonna buy it anyway, because I don't use it and if I wanna use it I have so many friends that has one so then I can just borrow one. 
right now and I haven't done anything with the hair..exept pulling the curls out a little because I looked like a doll or something. 

A little bit of home

Today it was a trip to Ikea that's been taking up my time. Picked up Hanna and Olivia so they could buy stuff for their apartment. So we got all on their list, lunch and some swedish food. Some swedish feeling, and even got to talk swedish too. Even if I've started to talk swedish with an english structure. 

I could almost see my neighbourhood, saw Nacka forum and Nacka watertower!

A total Hanna day

Today have been a total Hanna day. After breakfast it was shopping, and after that Hanna just came with me when I had to get the kids from school. So we did homework, played, have wine and dinner at my place. Really nice having Hanna so close to me, closer than in Sweden actually. 

Best girl in the world

Im sitting in my sweethearts apartment right now. When I came she and her romie had breakfast ready, and I took coffee with me up from the lobby. Where they now recognize me, and I could just walk right up. I think we're going shopping first here because Hanna needs some stuff. I really wanted to workout some, I'm really in to it right now but I woke up with a sore throat. 

I keep forgetting

Today when Hanna called me I was surprised at first, and then I remember that she lives here now, I can actually cpall her like before. 
other than that this has been a really slow day. Haven't done much at all because I have been really tired for some reason. But Skyped with mum and wrote some emails. I should start getting ready rosin to have coffe with my girls tho...so I make something out of this day.
I'm really tired of uggs and winter coats right now...

Rewind to 2012

I started of the new year in best possible way, with my best friend and her friends. We where having dinner, watching the fireworks, drank champange straight from the bottle, walked around and laught and flirted with boys on the metro. 

Januari continued with a lot of studying, coffee and wine with friends and missing someone who left us way to early! 

Februari was a really busy month and my body reacted to all the stress by getting sick in really high fever that got me locked in the house for a week or so. I took my driving licence, had a lot to finish with our UF company, had the UF fair for two days and we got our student caps! This is even the month when my older littlebrother has his birthday

Quick Find UF
Internship at XL Office, Hannas birthday party, bowling and beer with old scout friend, My littlebrothers birthday and a lot of study was what filled my days in Mars. 

In the middle of April I got really upset when it started to snow again 

But other than that it was a good mouth. A mouth full of parties, Hannas mums brithday party, Hannas, Alessandras and mine graduation party and we had the "put on student cap- cermony" 


In the end of April and especially in May it finally started to get warm again. Witch meant that this girl got really happy and started to be more alive. 

I even got some tan, more red than anything else but still. 
It was also the mouth where I took my coastal skipper licence and got accepted into Au Pair in america promgam. Me and Hanna also vistited our beloved island, Vässarö. 


It was in June everything happend, I graduaded, my friends graduade, it was my birthday, I spent some time in Harrsele for midsummer and wedding and I spended time with my family. 

In July I was in Spain with my family which was wonderful as always

A lot of things had to be done in August, this was the month where I left for the US. I was at the embassy to get my visa, I was at a scoutcamp (Boomerang), I said good bye to all my friends and family. I had orientation and I met my hostfamily.

In September I started to get settled in both my new home and with my new job. Ella had her birthday and a party at cox farm, we had the first brunch and Milly got her new house. But we also had a pool party at Tanjas house where we met some new friends and I saw my first baseball game. 

October, the biggest thing was Halloween but also the storm Sandy that made us stay inside for two days. But also new friends, Ikea, DC and other stuff.

I started to actually like sushi in November, we went to Great Wolf Lodge with the kids, it was thanksgiving where I had Melody at my house and it was black Friday. The craziest shopping I have ever done, and will ever do. 

I'm never ever going shopping on black friday again.

In the month that ends the year it was some trips with friends, both to New York and to Miami. But also Christmas with my new family. 

I ended up the year, on new years with new friends, on the beach, with my feet in the water and a new years kiss. 

New lifestyle

So I started a little last week, but this week I'm going all in. No more unhealthy breakfast and all cookies and stuff in the evenlings. And all the lazy days are counted. So gym or some other workout at least twice a week is the new thing. Lets see how long I keep this, I'm hoping for little longer than two months as last time..

Not like we planned

Sooo, everything didn't work out as we thought, but it turned out great anyway. We (me and Hanna) where going out with my friends and I talked to the promotor who said that it was fine but then we where more girls than I know of so he couldn't get us in. But I knew the owner of the club next door so we went there, met some guys that where funny (almost all of them, except the one who thought he owned me just because I danced with him for 5 secounds..) and had a blast. I'm so happy my sweetheart is here with me. But nw it's time to hit the bed and then it's lunch tomorrow that is the first thing I need to think about. 

Tonight I was the girl in the red dress. 

Best friend in the whole wide world

And then it went quiet here again...! But I have used the time to catch up with everybody and Thursday night my best friend came! So I've spent all my time awake with her, don't wanna let go! I have really missed her. So we've been talking a lot, got the keys for her apartment, shopped (yeah I know what ur thinking) for her apartment, been driving around, I've been working and yesterday woe had a movie night with my crazy girls. 

We have to do this again and soon!

Came home yesterday but after 30 hours awake I didn't really have energy to do anything else than give my hostfamily hugs and then go to bed. 

But Miami was awesome! We went there and didn't know what to expect but I laught throu these days, met new friends, realized what a great friend Melody is, that it sucks to not be 21+ in Miami but that I had the best friends around me. 

After an early morning at the airport we finally landed in Miami who showed the best side. Sun and warm weather.  
shorts in christmas time is not something I have everyday.
A pale girl but a happy one to be out of the cold for a while. 

The next day we started out by the beach, like the rest of the days who where coming. And I need to say, it was so nice to be able to put on a bikini and be in the ocean without freeze to death. 
And this day I actually got some tan. But a swede with a one day tan is nothing compared to my firends...

That night we deciede to go out and on the way from the beach we meet a girl back from DC so we decided to go out together. Something that isn't as easy in Miami as back here. we couldn't come in anywhere and all because of me. So we ended up at the bar back at our friends (Nataly) hostel. We meet two guys there that took us out to a club, and they got us in, it turned out to be a gay night. But the once who know me and Melody a little know that we can have fun everywhere. And fun we hade, all until 6 in the morning. One of the guys wasn't someone that you should hang out with so that was the last time we saw him. The other one, Alex, turned out to be a really sweet guy. 
My sweetheart
us girls together with Alex and his friend Andrés turned out to be an awesome group

we girls even paid for dinner once, something that we thought was just fair, in sweden you split. But  for these guys it's something that you don't do. These guys where real gentlemens and spoild us in a lot of ways ( I'm saying sorry to all swedish guys for saying this) that a swede would never do. 

And together with them we celebreated new years, and this was one of the best new years. At the beach, with friends, without beeing cold, what more can a girl ask for. Of course I would have loved to see my family a bit but that's kind of hard right now. 
the firework never enden and it was so cool. Stockholm don't know a thing about aweseome fireworks shows.

But all good comes to an end. It was time to leave this paradie and the new friends. But it wasn't the last time we saw them, the city or the friends. It wasn't a good bye, it was a see you later. 

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