Can we pause time and just stay here in this moment?

When life leaves you high and dry
I'll be at your door tonight
If you need help, if you need help.
I'll shut down the city lights,
I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe
To make you well, to make you well.

When enemies are at your door
I'll carry you away from war
If you need help, if you need help.
Your hope dangling by a string
I'll share in your suffering
To make you well, to make you well.

That's what friends are for

This whole day have been spent with Lisa. She's back in VA for two days before she is leaving for Germany. So today was all about getting the things she needed and help her pack. Even though we got some time at the pool. It felt so good to spend time with her again after three weeks, I've missed her. So even if the day was about helping her I enjoyed every moment of it because it was with her. 

My second home

This weekend I've spend a lot of time in DC and I love it. Dinner both days and clubbing yesterday. I can't get enought and if I could decide I would spend all my time in there. This city has something special, or maybe it's just the people in it that I love. Whatever the reason is I need to spend more time there then I have latley. 

We just came for the food

We were going for the food, came out with big Xes on our hands. But it was ok. I can live with it even if it feels rediculous when we at home could have just ordered a glas of wine. People here who have just turned 21 are acting like they were teenagers again. But they would defenetly not go out for dinner a friday night, they would go out and drink. 

It's not their fault though, they are just following the law. The food was really good, even if it took a while to get it. But with good friends and a nice waitress we survived. I can tell you guys, the food was worth waiting for, so good. If you're ever in DC you should try it. Just be prepaired for the little too high music. 
My beautiful friends, love you both

A little is better then nothing

Hanna and I are not feeling so good right now. It's better then yesterday but still not good. Headache and throat that hurts is the biggest problem and even if it's not that bad we don't want it to get worse. But it doesn't mean that you can't work out at all, just that you shouldn't do it that hard. So we put on workoutclothes and went out for a power walk. Not to long, not to fast and it was perfect! I know that if I would stop work out just because I'm not feeling 100% I won't start again after, so just keep on going but nothing to extream is the best to do. 
We have had a colder day here today so a thin long sleeve was perfect. When I went outside this morning if felt like the fall was here and I wanted to wear my uggs instead of flip flops, but who does that in july? So I kept the flip flops on and survived. Even if Paul is laughing about that I call 70*F (21*C) cold, but when you are use to over 100* it is. 

Keep it up

We're still going. We're still eating healthy and we're still working out almost every day, some day more and some day less. Now a month later I can really feel the difference. I really don't need or want bread, pasta and all those things. Sure I can miss it sometimes, but it's more because I'm lazy than something else. 

It mostly feels really good now, when we have done this for almost four weeks and I can really feel that it have made a different on my body and how I feel. If you don't count that I'm starting to get sick now, I really feel a lot better from eating this healthy and NOT eat all the sugar all the time. It's been a little hard sometimes when we're eating out or that you can't take an ice cream at the pool when it's so hot outside. But you survive and you suck it up because you know it's for you're own best. I have lost some weight because of it. I can't see it on my body if I look in the mirror but I'm loosing all my pant. Even the once I brought with me over. So well, that's something I need to do something about. 

I even worked out when I was on the hotel in Baltimore for the weekendclass, and kept eating healthy even there. 
But the working out feels so much easier to do now then in the begining. I can really feel that it actually gives results which is awesome and gives me motivation to continue. The points, or the stars that we get for all the workouts is really motivating too. I can really see there up on the board that I'm doing something and I have a goal that I want to reach. I have something to work for and in the mean while my body is getting stronger and healthier. 

I just had to have it!


Something to do with the kids

The last day of the weekendcourse we had animation the whole day. It was actually really fun to make a short movie and even if I'm not so good at the drawing part we where in a group so I could do something else. But the best part about it was that this is something I can do with my kids really easly a day when it's raining or something and we don't want to be outside. Because all we used was paper, clay, pens and a macbook. Easy! 

When they publish the movie we made I'll show it to you. But 140picturest became 28 secounds of movie. I can say that I have so much more respect when I see movies like Wallet and Gromit now! 

Dancing on the dance floor drinking by the bar

This time we didn't have a dance floor, or a bar. But we made our own bar and the beds are as good as a dance floor. 
The plan was to go to Baltimore and hang out in the harbor and then go to some bar/club. Well, it stared raining and thunder so we kind of had to change that plan. But we got some pictures and where fooling around (when am I not?) for an hour before four soaked girls went back to the hotel and made our own party, got new friends and fell asleep really late..
Now more animation class. If you wanna know what I'm doing until I get home Instagram is where you'll find me. @ericaplahn and you will find me.

Sweden, stop complaining

I just have to say that I would kill to be in Sweden right now. It doesn't have to do with that I want to go home. Just that it's so hot here. Everyone is complaining in Sweden right now that it's to hot. Well, I have one thing to say: Try this! It's been almost 120*F (48.888..*C) today, sun and on top of that the humidity is sooo high. With out the humidity I would survive but as it is now you are sweating two seconds after you left the house.

So I'm happy I can work like this. Don't worry, I wasn't up from the water that long, we're doing like 15 min sun, 45mim water and then you're in the shade the rest of the day.

Why get them in the first place?

How would you like to live your ife in a cage? To be locked up in a small space where all you can do is stand, lay down and spin around. Sounds like fun? 

I don't think so. So why do we treat our pets like that? They are living creatures with feelings too. They are like kids, they need to stimulated. Would you say they got their exersice and got challenged every day? This is the life of many pets. Especially here in the USA. It makes me so angry and upset! I don't understand why you get a pet if you are just going to put them in a cage in your house. If you don't have time or space or want some fur in your house, then don't get a pet. Then it's nothing for you. Everyone is not meant to have a pet, and if you really want to have something, get a fish or something that you can actially have in one place in the house and be sure they won't move.
Picture from here
I could write pages about this and why it's not right to the animals. But no one would make it to the end. You would all be bored before that. But imagien if people would put their kids in a cage and keep them there all the time, that they would eat, sleep and study in there their whole life. What kind of life would that be? So WHY are we doing it to our pets? 

Not dead, just a little busy

I am alive, even if the blog have been dying for a while now...It's just been hot, hot and hot here so my days have been work, pool, work at the pool, dinner, movie, sleep. It's just to hot to do much more. BUT we are still doing the diet, execpt from our two treat days we have been doing this for almost three weeks. 
But I know you all have wondered, did I go naked to Ultrabar saturday? I can calm everyone down with saying that I did have clothes one, nice once too. Even if the clothes isn't what makes the evening, especially not when you are not interested in who ever wants to flirt with you. We where just dancing the whole night long and I met some other friends that I haven't seen in a while. Fun Fun Fun is all I can say! 

And of course we had to end the night with some work under the table, with big exes from the club still there. I promise you, those markers are not to play with. It's really hard to get them off..

Always the same thing

Now I'm sitting here again with no clue what to wear tonight. It's satuday and it was ages ago since we went out so I'm really looking forward to it. But it's always the same thing, I have nothing to put on.

Every time we decide to go out I alwasy want to go shopping. Because I don't have anything to wear. It's not really true. I have a lot of clothes, as all other girls out there. My closet is full of clothes and a lot of them I've maybe worn twice. So it shouldn't be a problem at all. My problem should be the opposite if it was a problem. I should want to wear it all at the same time and not know what to choose. 

But it's not. So if someone has an oppinion of what I should wear tonight all suggestions are welcome! 

It goes both ways

When we came here it was a big cultuaral chock in the begining, everything was new. All from the food to how they are socially and how they spend their holidays. It would probably have been even worse if we wouldn't have talked about it at orientation and all the documents we got about it before and everything.

Right now, when I'm in the middle of it, I don't notice it anymore. I'm so caught up living the american dream that I'm turing into an american myself. I don't miss that much of the swedish food anymore, I like the way they spend their holidays and I don't react every time a stranger starts talking to me in the store or at the street anymore. For me that is normal. All the things that the americans do are normal for me now and I do it too. 
But the day will come when I'm going home, and all that I experiensed when I came here will come again. I know I'll get a cultural chock again when I get home. It will be so many small things that I will be use to do from here that are not really how you do it in sweden. Especially the social bit. On top of that I will have the language where I'll be so use to talking english or mixing them two if I talk to ex. Hanna that it will take some time before I will get into everything again. But this time I won't have anyone there to tell me, this is how swedes behave and do things, this time everyone will asume that I know everything already, because that has been my life for 19 years. It's not that I won't know everything, because it is there deap inside me, it will just take some time and work to get it out again.

Happy Birthday AuPairs

I just came home from a cluster meeting, something that is totally normal for all au pairs but a weird thing for everyone who isn't. So I thought I could explain it to everyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about. A cluster is a group of au pairs who live in the same area and have the same counselor who is an adult from the US that is here to help us if we need it. So a cluster meeting are the get togethers that we have once a month to see each other, get new friends and a way for the conselor to see that we are ok. Sound pretty good hu?
The one we had today was a birthday party for all the au pairs, so we got gifts from our conselor with the theme USA and then everyone had brought a gift to put in a pile where everyone later got to take one from. On top of that we had cake and ice cream too. So it really was a real birthday party. As always we had to say good bye to some girls that are leaving before the next meeting and it's so weird that it's all my friends that are leaving right now. I wouldn't had decided to stay I would be the one that had to say good bye after the next meeting. Now I got some more months before I have to do that and I can't say how happy I am that I made that decision. 

When it gets real

We went to the movies last weekend to see White house down. Reason why we saw it was because Channing Tatum was in it, but it turned out ot be a really good movie. It really made me start thinking too, not so much about the actual plot but more about how I see the movies differently now when I'm living where I am.
Picture from here
I've seen quiet a lot of movies that takes place in DC latley. They are talking about different areas and you see streets and places where you go, live, have friends and so on. All of a sudden if feel so much more real. It have never been like that before, because it was just a city, just a name, they could have build it up completly different from how the reality looks like and I wouldn't notice. Now I notice all the small things, everything. All from how easly they find a parkingspot in downtown DC a monday morning, to that they have smoothen out a street where it's suppose to be a hill. All of a sudden I notice thoes things that I would never have thought about before. 
That's how you know this is home.

Lazy Sunday

This where you'll find me and Hanna for the rest of the day. It's to hot to do anything else then to die in the sun and sometimes crawl down in the pool to cool down. A perfect lazy Sunday

Everything happens for a reason

I have been so exited about today that when I got a text that said that things got changed, I just felt empty. I was so cought up in fixing everything and making all the plans so everything would work and then everything changed. The only thing I knew was that I didn't want to waist today, I wanted to use all the hours we had and do SOMETHING!
But it turned out to be a great satuday, and exactly what I needed. Picnic in DC, kids who came back home and later dinner and movie. 

Girls nights are the best nights

A day of shopping and chilling (and some cleaning up from yesterday) got a perfect end with a night with my girls. Dinner, talking and the girls had ice cream after. What more do you need to make a good summer night?

Let the music control us tonight

First of all I wanna say a big thank you to everyone who came yesterday and especially a big thanks to Paul for organizing the whole thing. I had so much fun and I hope you had at least half as fun as I did. 

Good friends, best bartender, good food, drinks and a pool, what more do you need? We finished the night with fireworks before people started leaving. But the whole day/night was just a lot of fun, all the time. So a lot of laughts. 
Today I feel like I deserve, my head is really heavy and my body is sore from mostly all the workouts me and Hanna have done this week, but alsa from all the laughing and everything. 


I felt really swedish and compromised a little. Swedish bikini because I am still swedish, but an american bandana around my wrist, a USA necklase and flag nails.

Happy 4th of July

We now have the 1000 points me and Hanna needed to be able to have the July 4th we planed. Maybe not the best to start a party day and night with a big workout, on top of the one we did last night. But it still feels good, I feel good and it's gonna feel good to take a drink tonight because I've been working my ass off to get it. 
Now it's time to get everything ready for the party and then just wait for people to show up! 
In honor of the day I painted my nails like the american flag, not perfect but at least I tried. 

All or nothing

Our healthy week continues. We're not just eating good, whitch is going really good and the food we make are delicious. I'm really proud of us. We're also going all in with the exersice. 

We have some points to get for tomorrow if we're gonna be able to drink and then again for saturday. But we'll make it...somehow..


Everything in life is about it, it's all about the perspective. Perspective to people, time and distanse. It is funny how it works and how much your life can change when your perspecitve does. 

My perspecite have changed a lot here. I never really thought about it but when you do and compare it to what I use to do and now are doing, it's a huge change. Here it's nothing to drive an hour just for coffee, or to drive 16 hours back and forth for just a overnight somewhere. It's no way I would drive an hour and half just for a dinner in Sweden. I would maybe take the metro an hour to go to Hannas but I would usually spend the night there then so I didn't have to go all the way back. If I would put it in a perspective, I'm here driving all the way to Uppsala just for a coffee. It's something I do without even question it, because in my perspecite it's not that far anymore. If you think about how big the US is it's no wonder that I don't see the distance or time as a peoblem anymore. 
But how will it change me when I get back to Sweden? Will I still have the same perspecitve and all of a sudden start traveling though Sweden just as a daytrip without any problem? Or will everything go back to how it was? Like my persepecitve is different in different countries. 

The best thing about this is, only the future can tell, so why worry! 

All back to normal

I don't know exactly how it happend, but like two months ago my hair got a lot lighter, almost blonde. It's been ok..but when my hair grew you could see that my hair wasn't as blonde as the rest, and it just looked weird. At the same time it was 11 months since I cut my hair and it was really damaged. I've been talking about it forever that I really needed to cut my hair, but been to scared to do it becuase I don't want anything to go wrong. Witch I don't really need to worry about because my hair grows so fast that I can just cut it the way I do like after just a few weeks. 
It's not a lot shorter but for me it feels that way. But it's not damaged anymore and it's all smoth and nice. So when that was taken care of it was time for the next step, the color. So Hanna and Lisa helped me. It's not a permanent color so it will fade out but I like it and I needed to make it darker because it will get lighter in the sun again. When we stared though, Hanna just realized that we only bought one package of color and because my hair is so thik and long we needed two. So Lisa drove like a race car to CVS and bought some more that we put in after the first wash. But with my two experts the result turned out great and you can't even see that it's made in two rounds. 
I still get a little chock everytime I see myself in the mirror because I'm not use to see my hair so dark. But I like it a lot and I feel more like me. This is how it's suppose to look like, this is me! 


After a week of way to much sugar and chips and other bad things me and Hanna decided it was time to make a change. So a diet would be good. But because we both like eating, all the diets that doesn't involve that was not an opption. SO we decided to give LCHF a week, and then we can see. LCHF, for thoes who doesn't know it, stands for Low Carbs High Fat. We'll see how it goes, but the first day has been good. We can still eat real food, good food. We even proved it to Paul today with the dinner, he loved it, even had a second serving. 

Note to next time: more veggies! 

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