All good things come to an end

We have had a perfect week here with good weather, the beach, laughing, playing, good food and awesome comapny. We are a good team here, the thinking, and taking the kids is going easy. Or as easy as it can go when kids are fighting, but what siblings are not fighting about things you didn't even know you could fight. 
But tomorrow we're leaving this awesome place, where we have all just taken the day as it comes. It's not as bad as it sounds though, it will be a week without kids. I mean, I love them both to death but it's nice to have time to like do the laundry and actually have it empty for a day maybe and have time to cut my hair. 

All ways are good except the boring one

It's funny what things can make people start a conversation with you. Itdoesn't have to something big, especially not here in the US. People here come up and talk to you just because they want to, but some things change when you put on a bikini with Sweden all over it. Both me and Hanna had people coming up and asking about if we where from sweden. They could stop there, that's what a swede propbably would do but not an American. When you say yes on the first wuestion they just keep going until you find a good exuse to go and do something else. Because sometimes I might not want to tell the man what my favorite tv-skow is or explain one more time that we actually have the same tv.showes in Sweden as they have here, and that we are listening to the same music.

But don't get me wrong I like meeting new people and it's awesome for a swede like me that they are the one starting the conversation. But sometimes they end up more like 100 questions insted of a real conversation.

Run with the wild horses

We did something so cool today, something I've secretly wanted to see for so long. We went out with a jeep to see the wind horses out here. They have been here since the 1500s and becaue of the law that says that you are not allowed to touch or feed the horses they are not afraid of us humans. They where walking around on the beach with everyone else like nothing was weird about it too. The guide was so good and told us all sorts of stories about the horses and the Outter banks that no one of us knew before. Really interesting, fun and cool afternoon.
imagine having wild horses in your back yard eating your grass and not some deer or other animals. I would probably just think it was cool. The coolest about the whole thing was how many horses we saw and that we saw two of the three foals. Not many people are that lucky! 

Two kids and three grannys

We're really taking the day as it's coming here. No one knows what day it is and definitely not what time it is. We do what our bodys feel like, eat when we are hungry and sleep when that is needed. In between we are playing, tanning and swimming in the ocean. BUT, me and Hanna was good and took a power walk in the afternoon, even if it was a short one because it was too hot to do any longer. 

Right now the kids are asleep, they have been sleeping for 2 hours and are still all passed out. They haven't moved. But don't think that we didn't use this time, we are having wine and crab time, the grown ups. Or maybe more grannys, eating at 5.30 and sleeping at 8.30. But I love life as a granny, I can party and be a normal 20 year old when I get home. 

I can survive this

If this is called work I can live with it. Hanna and me made the kids and Milly breakfast this morning and then we took the kids to the beach. Milly joined later, and she was the coolest mum on the beach with her fishing gear, ready to catch a fish. That's how the whole day have been, some shopping, food, sun and rest. Just things we feel like doing. 
I really needed this! I've been sooo tired the last few weeks so some vacation is awesome. It's what we all needed. The kids needed to be able to just do what they want and the grown ups needed to get some rest. Or maybe not Hanna, she's haveing vacation all day long sort of. But who says no to going to the beach? 

Crawdads pad

All the houses here have so funny names. But it's a good way for the kids to remember witch house is ours. After a few complications and a stop at grandmams house we finally got here and well, we where all pretty tired. Three grown ups have function as one, at lest when it get's to thinking. Someone is thinking about something so together we are thinking about everything, almost..we forgot about the peanutbutter. 


Vacation can start

Time is 7pm, and we are all in bed. Which is probably a good thing because the kids want to be in the waterpark by 9am. But it was a idea good to stop here and not go to the beach until tomorrow. Everyone needed a break and traffic was so bad because everyone was going to the beach. Not as many are going tomorrow, just the smart people. 

Tomorrow we'll be fit for fight and ready for a week of beach. And if the kids dont wanna be at the beach they can just go in the pool, or the hot tub or do something else of all the things around. This will be awesome! 

Midsummer in a different way

Today was the day when the sun is up the longest in the entire year, and that means that today every swede celebrate midsummer. That includes us here in the US, even if we just did a mini version of it after work. 

You dont know what I'm talking about and have never heard about midsummer? Take a look here before you continue. 

Rike had a dinner at her house because her parents where out of town so me and Hanna just brought some things with us and then we had midsummer! We made the midsummer wreaths, a midsummer cake and brought a mini midsummer pole. 

//Glad midsommar! Vi har fixat och trixat lite här så att vi också fick ett midsommar firande. Dock ingen dans eller sång. Men sånt kan vi leva utan. Bara vi får stången och kransen så. Åh tårtan, man kan inte glömma tårtan. Dock gjorde vi den med hallon och blåbär istället för jordgubbar eftersom något (host jag) är allergisk mot jordgubbar. Men det funkade, och den var en hitt hos alla andra på middagen också.//

I'm not gonna disappear

Just because Hanna is here

Busy, happy and tired kids

That's what I'm dealing with right now. They have their camps during the day and after that it's playdates, playing in the pool or playing games the only thing we are doing. So the whole day is about having fun. It's awesome, I love summer. I know how happy I was when we got to summerbreak and I can see no the same happynes in my kids. I have to say that I like it too, I can just do fun things with the kids, just play and not have to make sure they do their homeworks or anything. Summer time is awesome, for everyone...Both kids and au pairs! 


Birthday, a big surprise

My birthday weekend didn't turn out at all like I tought. But it did turn out awesome in the end. Last night was party time with my two sweet girls Lisa and Sara, you girls always do so much for me, thank you again for coming with me. Rebecca & Fiona was playing at echostage and Lisa made sure we took pictures with them and I talked swedish with them and they wished me Happy birthday. 
Today Paul and my friends surprised me with a BBQ and mini pool party, which was awesome. I had the perfect day with people I love around me. 

We're in it together

It is a weird situation we are in. But we are in it together and we know how confusing all the feelings can be sometimes and the little guilt you sometimes feel when you are really feeling it. I have a second home now, my life has moved on from where it was a year ago, but it has a timelimit. Soon it will be time to go home, but to my other home, to Sweden, witch is not my home now, but it still is. See, it's confusing. But right now I know I am in the right place. With that said it doesn't mean that I don't miss everyone in Sweden like crazy and wish they could all come here and visit. Not just to see me but also so I could show them my city, my new city. Becayse DC is my city. It doesn't feel cool anymore to see the white house, or the monument. It doesn't feel cool, but it feels like home and in this city I have my favorit place to sit and just enjoy, I have my favorite bakery and I have my favorite restaurant. 

I love this city, but not as you can love some place you go for vacation to. I love this place just the same way as I love Stockholm. I've been trying to explain it so many times to people but if you haven't experiensed it, it's hard to understand. Right now DC is my Stockholm and New York is my Gothenburg and I can't imagine to be anywhere else then here right now, because this is home. 

Just like normal

My life isn't that interesting at all right now. That doesn't mean that I don't have fun, I have tons of fun but just hanging out with friends and trying to enjoy the rest of the time before summer break starts and we're all gonna be busy during the days.

If you're too big to follow rivers how you ever gonna find the sea?

We are really living the dream over here, no question asked. We are doing fun, new and interesting things all the time. At the same time we grow together, as individuals, as friends, as a group and we meet so many new people along the way. 

Today was a new adventure. We went down to Front Royal to go canoeing on the river. Anyone who knows us a little know that we're not doing things the normal or easy way, ever. We do it the fun and crazy way. So we started off paddling ahead of everyone and after that we conected the canoes together to make a big trimaran and just float down the rest of the river. 


The house of laugh

I've been thinking about that, we are really laughing and goofing around a lot. Especially me and the kids now when school is almost over and we don't have as much homework to worry about. Can't wait for summer to come so we can be silly all day long (amlost) and just do fun stuff. But we can count the days left on one hand now, today was the last friday I made lunch for them, almost done. It really is hard to motivate them with one week left of school, really good weather and a pool outside in the backyard. We have both the weather and the pool in the begining of the new school year too but then they have got all that out of them and they are happy to see all their schoolfriends again.


Just because we can

Right now we're trying to enjoy the days by the pool without kids as much as we can. Next week is the last week of school for the kids and after that they will be home all day long, or mine actually have some camps but you get the point. So today was brunch and play time for the au pairs.

I'm so proud of you

GRADUATION! It's a big deal and I'm soooo proud of my beloved brother Victor that just graduated today. Enjoy the rest of your dag and congratulations to the good grades and the diploma from school, you deserve it! 

I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you on your day but I'm celebrating with you from here and this is still your day, even if I'm here. Love you brother! 
You have grown from a little cute boy to a grown man, it's crazy but you are always gonna be my littlebrother, doesn't matter how big you become. 
Just keep going the rest of the night too and you will have a lot of fun, don't think about tomorrow! 


aaaand she's back!

I've spent a lot of time with Melody both yesterday and today. She was gone for a week but it was so weird to not have her here. We're in this together and I'm really happy we're both staying until februari. It's awsome to have my partner in crime (and partner in fries) at home again. Everything can go back to normal now, so just wait for more crazy things to happen. Eating fries and brownie with ice cream for lunch is nothing weird with this girl.

Love you my swedish princess. 

One of those loooong days

Who says that weekend means that you are resting for the next week. For an Au pair it means fit as much things together as possible. I've been to collage, went with my friends when they did skydiving and now I just came home from THE best night out so far in the US. This day have been so long, like an enitre weekend, but that's ok. I haven't had this fun since....well, since last weekend.

Tomorrow is a new day with new fun stuff waiting, but first we need some sleep, or more like a lot of it! 

Not as planed but really good

The plan for today was to have dinner with the girls and we fixed it so everyone who wanted could join in, don't you think that it ends up with just me and sara? But it was nice. A date for two and then Lisa came and joined us for a while..A really nice friday night. 

You are expected to give like 15% tip here but we didn't do that today. The wateir didn't deserv it at all. He wasn't refilling our water but he was at our table 100 times to ask if the food still tasted good. Then he tried to take Saras plate before she was done, he asked if we wanted to look at the menu for desert before I was even done with my food and then he asked if we wanted the check as soon I put the last piece of food in my mouth..That is not a behavior that gets a lot of tip from these girls...

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