One of them

I've spent the whole day with hanna and my family today. My second family there is, my American one, call them what you want, they are still my family. This is really what Easter is about for me, family. I thought all these holidays would be harder then they are because of that. I still miss being with my family in Sweden and do those things that we always do. Even the small things that I never thought about before matters to me now and I do miss them. But I'm not sad, not even close. I love my life here and I really love my family. So happy Easter! Tomorrow it's time for us to celebrate it big time with egg hunt and lunch. So now me and Hanna are calling it the day.

Crazy is the word

We just had 17 people in this house, and 8 of them where kids. My friends and I made a brunch and Easter egg hunt for our kids at my house. It was a really success and all kids where super tired when we wrapped up.

//påsken har börjat. Idag firades det med vänner och imorgon förbereds det för påsk lunch och den riktiga äggjakten med familj och familjevänner. Kanske inte riktigt som påsk är i Sverige. Men det här är bra det också och fortfarande påsk. Svensk påsk finns ju ändå kvar nästa år och alla andra år som följer.//

Easter is coming

We are right now dyeing eggs, one of the best parts about Easter if you ask me. So colors, glitter, stickers and other fun things is making these eggs the best looking eggs in town.

#springbreak kids version

People and gentlemens

A big topics when au pairs get together is the kids, I'm not gonna lie. We're like parents that can't stop talking about their kids. But unlike many parents we talk about the weird, funny and just annoying things the kids do. So I can say it was a really nice dinner, with a lot of laugh and talk, I mean, I just got home so that says something about how good it was. I love these things, we cook together and just hang out, it doesn't always need to me more complicated then that. Thanks girls! 

Does this mean that spring is coming?

Celsius, not Fahrenheit this time.

Not like when I was a kid

Both kids where going to the dentist today and both kids all of a sudden really wanted to brush their teeth really good, but I was amazed when we got in. It was an Xbox, tv and all kinds of toys in the waiting room, who has that!? When we later got into the dentist there was a tv in the sealing and they asked the kids what canal they wanted to watch, they got a whole menu with flavors for both the toothpaste and the vitamins that they putted on their teeth and after they didn't just got a sticker or tattoo, they got 6 different boxes with toys and got to take one from each box. When they after told me they wanted more and that it wasn't any good tv shows, I told they about when I went to the dentist when I was in their age. It wasn't even close to that.

So they got their treat today and later after work I got mine. It was time for an other birthday, this time we celebrated it with dinner at Vapiano. Always nice to eat there and we had a fun time together with laughs and discussions about what to do after this year and where to travel when we are here. 
Happy Birthday girl! 

//Det är lite intressant hur en lugn eftermidag kan ändras så fort till en eftermidag utan en lugn stund. Katter som rymmer upp i träd, en annan som springer iväg, en massa tvätt överallt, mat som tydligen inte var bra, läxor som är jobbiga och svåra...ja, mycket kan ta upp en eftermiddag.//

A day with just me

Sometimes you just need that, some time for yourself. Even if the house is full off people, I don't have anything that I need to do until later when I'm picking the kids up so I'm spending the day in my room. Or I've been working out, eaten a healunch and yummy lunch and there spent time with music and my book. 
i really do get better and better at the alone part. I still don't like it but I get moments like today when I actually wanna be just me. But tonight we're gonna celebrate a friend at vapiano. So it's not a whole day alone, just some parts. 

Lets here it for New York

It really was a weekend of adventures.
The first hostel that we had booked was not at all like the pictures of the place and when a man accuse Hanna for stealing and are screaming that he know our type, we left. We cancelled our reservation and the man at the front desk understood us and didn't charge us at all. So there we where, homeless in New York. But nothing is a disaster if you don't make it to one. So we found a new place, a little more expencive but a hotel and not a hostel and everything was good, until we realized, the hotel we had booked was in the middle of Harlem. But we survived that too and the hotel was a really nice one too. 

After all that drama we went out in the big city and didn't come back until late afternoon when it was naptime. Yes, you are still in need of naps even when you're grown up, if you didn't know that. The only thing that I really wanted to see was brooklyn bridge so we went all the way down there. We also went to Time square where we had Alessandra with us on FaceTime, we went shopping and had a quick stop in Soho. Later that night it was dinner in Little Italy. Yesterday was the day with a lot of walking, we took the metro down to the bus stop and checked in our bags and then we walked to 5th ave and all the way up to central park. We walked around in the sun for a bit before we walked all the way down to the bus again. 

This was a weekend that could have been a total disaster and nothing would have been good with it. But we didn't let it so we had a blast, and as I've said before. I love this city! 
Borrowed from Hanna
//Var inte oroliga. Vi vet hur man ska bete sig för att minska risken för att bli utsatt för saker. Vi blev till och med tagna för att bo i staden flera gånger då folk frågade om vägen till det ena och det andra för vi gick på i snabb takt för att komma förbi alla super sega människor. Sen kan jag lugna er med att det var inte förän det var dags för söndagskyrkan som majoriteten var svarta på gatorna i Harlem så som bilden byggs upp av media att det ska vara. Innan dess var det lika mycket vita och även människor i medelklassen, för det är inte någonstans nära billigt att bo i New York. Det är inte längre lika farligt som det var en gång i tiden, men det är samtidigt inte ett helt säkert område. Men vi klarar oss, det gör vi alltid, och vad är ett äventyr utan lite spänning?//

Are you kidding me

Ok, groundhog, I think we should have a little talk. All this bullshit about a short winter, was that just to putt my expectations up and then watch and laugh when I woke up to this!? Haven't your mum told you that it's not nice to foul someone?

And mr winter, don't think you will just get away with letting mr groundhog here take all the blame. Don't you think it's time to take some vacation? You have been here to long and don't take this personally, or please do, we don't want you to work over time. So please just pack your bags and leave and don't come back until December, ok?

Good we got this sorted. 

Yours sincerely

In a New York state of mind

Finally home after an interesting weekend and I should probobly sleep so that's what I'm gonna do. After a day with shopping, strolling in the park and then the long trip home I think it's ok to be tired. But I will write an summary about the weekend tomorow. A weekend that didn't turn out as it was suppose to in any way, but it turned out pretty good in the end anyway. But in the end, there is no place like home. 

//När det blir stul som på denna resan kan jag säga att det är skönt att det var med Hanna det hände. Allt blir så mycket lättare då. Att sedan veta att det finns så många som kan hjälpa oss att lösa allt runt gör att man aldrig behöver vara orolig. Väldigt skönt. Välsigt skönt var också att Paul kom och hämtade mig vid tunnelbanan när jag kom så jag slapp taxi och grejer. Kunde bara slappna av och njuta av att vara hemma. För borta är bra, men i slutändan är hemma alltid bäst//

Here we go again

Been a lot of going back and forth today. We went back downtown for dinner with Sofia and her friend Vilma. Ended up at a really nice restaurant in little Italy and then we just took it from there. An other way of saying it would be; we had fun

Concrete jungle where dreams are made

Walking, talking, food, shopping, subway and photos. That's what we've been up to the last couple of hours so now we're back at the hotel (the good one you know) and are resting before dinner with some friends later. New York is awesome in every way, if just the wind could stop, I'm freezing sometimes..

Good morning New York

Not everyday you wake up to see the sunrise behind the skyline of New York. But this morning we did and I gotta say I love it.

Now we need to get to the new hotel we just booked. Had some interesting experience with the first one so we decided not to stay there and where homeless in the middle of New York for a while. But that is an adventure too.

First official day of spring

It's now officially spring. So no more snow, please. I really want the summer to come soon. Even if the weather have been back and forward the last month it's still some signs of spring out there. Some flowers are starting to come and the trees are starting to get leavs. Today we even have almost warm weather, around 50*F (10*C) and sun. But unfortunately I still have a sick kid at home so I can't really enjoy it, because she has to stay inside. 

//Lite annorlund mot hur det ser ut i Sverige just nu om jag har hört rätt. Så jag trivs rätt bra här. Trots att vädret skiftar HELA tiden så man inte vet varken in eller ut. Jag hoppas även på att barnen får gå till skolan imorgon..skulle vara ganska skönt att få i alla fall två dagar utan dom konstant runt mig. Missförstå mig rätt, jag älskar dom men ibland är det skönt att få lite andrum mitt på dagen bara för att tillexempel få äta något utan att behöva tjata på ett barn att äta också.//

Keeping my fingers crossed

Barely got home from dropping the kids off in school before they called and said my girl was at the nurse and did't feel good. So it was just getting back and pick her up. Since then it has just been about trying to have her eat, but she just doesn't feel for anything. Not good at all, a girl that normally eats bad and then stops eating make you do all the tricks you can to have her eat.
Lucky me that I was the same when I was in her age so I know quite a lot of them. I remember some and have been told the rest. My mum had so many tricks and things that I can't understand that she is buying. But she is and so did I when I was little. You really do forget how much logic thinking you learn later in life. It hasn't always berms been like that.

All about you

Today have been Hanna's birthday but we have actually celebreated her the whole weekend and then again today. But she decervs it! The best and sweetest 20 year old! 

Grattis min fina du <3

This was what I wanted to leave

I'm so sick of this now. It was snowing this morning, just like it was Sweden. I'so done with the winter, now I want spring and then summer. I get a little tast of it in 2 weeks when we're going to Orlando. But keep your fingers crossed that spring will hit us before that. I mean, it is the official day of sprinI on Wednesday. 
//Det har varit 10 grader (farenhight) kallare här än det normalt är i mars och sen imorse så kom det snö. Dock vart inte skolan inställd till barnens förtvivlan utan allt har rullat på som vanligt. Men jag hoppas att det här är den drista snön som kommer. Jag befinner mig ju faktiskt inte i Sverige så det borde väl inte vara en helt orimlig förhoppning. //

Girls day only

Today have been just girls. I picked my prinsses up at 9 and then the whole day just passed so fast, all of a sudden it was 6 o' clock and time to go home. We have been hanging out with Hanna's grandma and cousin, and even if her cousin and my girl doesn't speak the same launguage they have been playing the whole day. I think that is something that is really cool with kids, they don't care about the speaking part, you can have fun anyway. But we went for brunch and then we went to the national zoo. It was cold but fun and we all where so tired when we went home. 

//Jag har inget emot att jobba, inte alls, jag älskar mina barn. Så visst, söndagar är min lediga dag men jag ser det mer som att jag hänger med ett syskon än att jag jobbar. Framför allt när jag bara har ett av barnen och min tjej är den lättaste oftast eftersom hon är äldre och förstår mer hur man ska uppföra sig.//

Hanna's is the place to be

I've spent the night at hanna's. A lot of Hanna this week but I'm not tired of her yet, hehe. Gonna see her again tomorrow so lucky me I'm not. This night ended up like this, what more can I say. 

It's not every day you see me in a cap..

Mina små trollungar

Måste medge att jag faktiskt saknade mina små skitungar när jag var borta. Ingen som tjatade om att de ville ha något, ingen som skrek mitt namn genom hela huset tills jag svarade, ingen som kom upp och gav mig en kram bakifrån, ingen som ville ha hjälp med läxor, ingen som klagade på att fel tröja var i smutsen och inte ren, inga som bråkade varje liten sekund på dygnet och ingen att busa med. Alla dom saker som kan driva mig till vansinne är det som jag också älskar, för det gör mina fina barn till dom de är. 

Got some really nice bracelets from them today. 

//This weekend is all about the ones I've missed the most this week. When I got there today they both run up to me and gave me the biggest off all hugs. They are so super cute. So I was over there the whole day and spent a lot of time with them and tomorrow it's girls day with fun stuff.//

I'm back

Back home, or at least back in DC. Is chilling at Hanna's place right now. But I will have to go home eventually though. Right now we're waiting to go back to the airport. I would love to tell you all that yo would go somewhere else, but I'm not. We're gonna pick up Hanna's grandma and cousin and I have to say that I'm exited too! I really like them and it's someone from home. 

Suntanned not sunburned

Last day here in Palm Beach, but I could have stayed so much longer. I love this area, I love the neighbors and I love beeing here with my best friend. But it will be ok to go home, DC really is my home right now and all my friends and family is there waiting for me to come home. I especially wanna give my little man some love because he is sick again. But tomorrow afternoon I will be there! 

//Idag har vi både varit på stranden och vid poolen. Vädret har vait perfekt, soligt men samtidigt har det blåst så att det inte varit för varmt. Vi är lite rosiga kanske men inte på långa vägar röda och det kommer ha blivit en fin brun färg imorgon. Även om vi inte haft soligt och så varje dag har vi haft en toppen resa. Tack min finaste för denna veckan! Allt är så lätt när det är vi två.//
This is where I belong

Dress to impress

Beach, shopping, pool, wine, massage and then dinner out. I really do have vacation.

The result

My arms are gonna hurt a little tomorrow but it was totaly worth it. Me and Hanna always make an awesome team but especially when it's about cooking and baking. We just do. Today it was the meatballs, tomorrow it's gonna be risoto. After 2 hours we had 150 meatballs and mashpotatos, absolutley enough for 12 people. I can tell you, they did love it and especiall the fact that everything was homemade, from scratch!


The Swedish girls are cooking tonight

These mornings here have been so nice. I can wake up by myself and not by the alarm, we have really nice breakfast like we where in a hotel and after that we have been walking on the beacI. I think we walked for like 30min today, my foot can't take more then that. 
It's been sunny but really windy even today so we where by the pool a little but then we went out for lunch and some grocery shopping.  Because tonight me and Hanna are gonna cook for all the neighbors here, Swedish meatballs. Nothing fancy but still good. 
I've been wishing I knew how to surf because the waives have been perfect for that. But I don't and that's probably best for now because they have had both the red and the purple flag up.

You don't have to be blond to be from sweden

Today have been all about the pool. The pool and walking. We started the day with walking at the beach but it was a red flag because of the wind and sharks so we stayed by the pool the whole day. In the afternoon we took a walk around the neirborhood and then back to the pool. So I have already got som tan, but as always my legs are more tan then the rest of the body, but it will catch up. If not now or in Orlando, then in the summer. 

//Det är roligt det här med rykten. Jag har redan fått frågan om hur jag kan vara brunnet och vara från sverige. Vi har även tagit död på rykten om isbjörnar på gatorna och att vi bara dricker vodka. Dock kommer vi inte ifrån att vi tycker att det är varmare än dom. Deras pool är samma temperatur som havet i Sverige en bra sommardag så båda jag och hanna var i,, det är ju ändå varmt i luften så man måste svalka sig lite. Men igen annan vågade sig ens i närheten.//

This is something that would never happen in sweden. That you get help with the grocerys from the store to your car and that they put everything in the car too when you get there. But here it's so commen. i get the question if I want the help almost everytime. 

Though someone else eyes

I can tell you all that it's so nie to have vacation. But I'm actually exhausted after today. The whole day have been about socializing, we have been in Miami the whole day and now we had dinner with the neighbors. We started out with lunch at a country club and after that we had some drinks and wathing the big boats down there. 

I really like this way of traveling, when you're not beeing a tourist you are actually doing normal life things but seeing all these new things at the same time. This is like visiting your family or something, you're not familiar with the city but you get to see everything how they wanna show it. 

One last day

In a couple of hours I'm on my way to Florida with the best friend in the whole world. But right now I'm playing and hugging my kids. I am gonna miss them a little.

The weather here is perfect today so we've been outside for two hours.

Happy birthday

My kids are the sweetest. They slept in the same bed this night to give Paul a whole night of sleep and and 7 they came in to my room and woke me up so we could make a surprise breakfast for him. Because today is his birthday. So we made pancakes and biscuits and had fruit, vegetables, honey and all things that you need to that. The kids had made really cute and awesome cards and drawings and I had a cookbook for what to make with vegetables.

So happy birthday again Paul!

Friends are the most important thing in life, friends and family

I have a lot of friends, I can't say anything else but I only have a few that really knows me. Them and my family are the most important thing. Friends and family is all you really need.
Today I worked on some new friendships, we had lunch at TGI Fridaysand talked a lot, got to know each other. Because even if I think it's more important to have a few people who really know you then to have a lot of friends who don't know you at all I am a social person who always likes to meet new people. More friends also means more conections and conecions is everything. I have a lot of conections everywhere and right now especially here in the US, if I wanna do something I bet I know someone who can help me make that happen. If I don't, I make it happen myself or I make sure I get to know someone who can help me. 

//Jag älskar the slushes på Friday's, men färgerna på dom går att diskutera. Det ser ju nästan ut något giftigt eller i alla fall något väldigt konstgjort. Kanske ska fråga någon gång vad dom faktiskt har i dessa. Denna blåa kreation är hallon. Dom är ju liksom inte riktigt blåa på något sätt. Men man måste älska när stället är så tomt på folk (då klockan faktiskt bara var 11) att servitören kommr förbi hela tiden och frågar om allt är bra, om vi vill ha något mer och bara skämtar om random grejer. Men bra service fick vi, till och med ny dricka precis när den andra var slut utan att behöva be om det (läsk och annat är ofta free refill här på de flesta restauranger.//

Something normal for me can be so exiting for someone else

//Jag har börjat inse mer och mer att det går inte att skratta åt amerikanarna för mycket sådana här dagar. Även om det inte är mycket snö alls dröjde det till sent på eftermiddagen innan plogbilarnan hittade ut till oss och då var det en ensam pickup truck med en plog fram. Dem har helt enkelt inte resurserna och då är det väl bra att dom stänger skolor och många arbeten så att folk inte är ute på vägarna tills det är rensat. För eftersom dagar som denna inte händer så ofta så är det väldigt få bilar som har all year around däck, de flesta har bara sommardäck vilket blir livsfarligt en dag som denna. Allt detta är en fråga om pengar, USA (de flesta stater, vissa stater tar hand om snön nästan lika bra som i sverige) prioriterar helt enkelt inte en fråga, så som snö, som inte har så stor påverkan på landet. En eller två dagar med snö är inte tillräckligt för att dem ska skaffa vinterdäck och en riktig plan för att ta bort snön snabbt och effektivit.//
All the snow that came today really got the kids all worked up. No school and a lot of snow, what can make a day better. We where out playing in the snow for a long time and when we finally got in we all where soking wet. Because even if it was snowing and all the snow sticked to the ground it have still been around 37 the whole day witch made the snow so wet and heavy. But we had fun, a lot of fun you just need right clothes and it doesn't matter what weather it is. 

A little of the thing we call snow

It's snowing, but it's not like it's much snow. Sweden could teach them some about how to take care of snow and how you prepare for it so you won't have to stay inside to survive. Right now the kids is at home because school is closed so we have had a cozy morning with breakfast, playing and reading. The plan right now is to go outside after lunch and play in the snow and after that I'm gonna suprise the kids with hot chocolate. 

But it doesn't matter because in a couple of days I'm gonna be here, far aways from the snow.

Preparation for the snow

So this is the weather forcast for tonight/tomorrow. They are talking about that we're gonna get 4 to 8 inch of snow. All because of this the school is most likely gonna be closed tomorrow. An other thing everyone needs to be thinking about is to have food and other things at home because we don't know how long it's gonna take to clear the roads. All this is kind of funny for a swede like me, snow like that is just a regular afternoon in a regular winter day, nothing special. But here it's a big news, almost the only thing they are talking about. The fact that I'm a swede doesn't make it more ok that it's gonna snow after a day like today. above 50 and sun, that's how we want in to be, I want sun and warm weather now. I want spring and summer.

The old me

It's been a little to much hoodies, jeans and sneakers the last couple of weeks. Even if the sneakers is still on to be nice to my foot, the rest is a little more girly today. I just have to say that I think that this is more me, the girly Erica but I still like the other one too. But that is the best, I can have both and it's just up to me.

I'm good luck

So all spontanious I ended this weekend in DC watching a basketball game again. You could almost think that I actually like basketball, but I don't...not really. It is ok, and I'm starting to get into it. In the end of this game I was standing up screaming! But in the end we won, like last time I watched a game so I must bring good luck or something right? 

Just what you can expect

Pizza, snack, movie and friend. What can go wrong? Not much. As always we have been eating to much, to fast and then compensate it with laughing so much that we're crying. 

So much love

Rebecca & Fiona

I really need to sleep now but it was an awesome night!! They say that a picture says more then a 1000 words so here you have 4. 

What can I say, simply: sweden rocks!

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