I would never say no to food

Without doing anything today I'm still super tired. It was nice weather so me and Lisa had a pool date as always, then Sara joined in just because she was in the area for once. Later Franzi and Franzi called and asked if they could come over too (ofc they could, everyone who wants to hang out here are always welcome, I love having people around. It makes things more fun and gives the house more life.) and when they said they would bring lunch I wasn't the one who was gonna say no. So tanning, swimming, gossiping and an awesome lunch made my day and apperently made me super tired.

Tomorrow is an new day and another date by the pool is waiting, this time with cheesecake that Milly made for memorial day and some ice tea. 

I don't feel done

Vad ni alla måste förstå är att detta inte har något med någonannan än mig själv att göra. Jag känner att jag inte är klar, och åker jag hem nu så vet jag att jag inte kommer komma tillbaka. När jag väl är hemma är detta ett avslutat kapitel i mitt liv. Vad jag pratar om? Jag har valt att stanna kvar i USA tills februari istället för att komma hem i augusti. Inget av detta betyder att jag inte skulle sakna alla er där hemma eller att jag kommer bli fast här. Det är bara det att det här är en chans i livet som jag har att göra detta och att få stanna ett halvår till är precis vad jag behöver.
Självklart kommer jag att stanna med samma familj. Det finns de au pairer som byter men jag ser ingen anledning till det alls. Jag har min familj här, en familj som jag älskar och en familj som älskar mig. Vi är ett bra team och jag vet hur allt fungerar. Sedan är jag förälskad i DC, det är en fantastisk stad. New York och andra städer i all ära men det är inte DC. DC är mysigt, det är fart, det påminner om hemma, det är makt, det är en massa saker men framför allt är det lagom mycket människor. 

//Google translate work good if you wanna have a clue about what I wrote up there. But shortly, I have decided to extend my year here with 6 more months. Of course with my awesome family, why change a winning concept?//

Busy busy brunch

I know I said I would tell you all something yesterday but it was an busy day and when I had time it came a big thunderstorm and nocked out the power during the night, and with that also the Internet. But it will come tonight, you'll just have to be patient.

Today we had a brunch as always, but a small one, think we were missing 3 girls or something and two others came later. But this is one of the last brunch we can have, it's soon summer break and we're gonna have the kids at home whole day.

Exactly what I needed

After a night of bad sleep this was exactly what I needed. When the rain went away and the sun came back this morning I thought that it was perfect. I could lay by the pool the whole day and do nothing. But around lunch when the clouds came back I decided to go and give myself a treat. So now after a massage, scrubbing and some pedicure I feel like a new person. All relaxed and I might even have the best looking fee in Vienna right now.

Memorial day BBQ

A day with friends and family was what my memorial day have been all about. We spent it with a relaxed BBQ with awesome food that Milly made. But I'm still tired from yesterday so it's really time for me to sleep and I have some news for you when I wake up. 

Kung fu fighting

This was a perfect day. Even if it didn't feel like that when Lisa’s alarm went off this morning and I just wanted to continue sleeping. Friends, sun, exercise and fresh air, what more do you need? We went to Shenandoah National Park, it was so beautiful and it felt like home to put on a pair of good shoes and go hiking. But I have to say, it was only the scout in me that kept the smile after the woman at the visitor center said it was a 6 hour walk all the way if we wanted to go to the waterfall closest to where we where. But we did it, and it didn’t take 6 hours, it took 2. So either we where a lot better then average hiker or someone did something wrong. 

March against Monsanto

In about 40 countries, and in 250 cities in the US people have today protested againt Monsanto, the seed giant comapny. As we live in the most powerfull city in the world me and Paul took the kids with us and joined in the rally. For me it's a human right to be able to atleast know what we're eating and have the right to say no to things we don't want to have in our bodies. That is not the case today, there is no way you can see if the vegtebles and fruits you are buying is coming from normal seeds or monsanto seeds. 
What they are doing is that they are creating genetically modified plants that are grown from seeds engineered to resist insecticides and herbicides, add nutritional benefits and improve crop yields. They also produces many highly toxic chemicals including pesticides, plastics and artificial food additives. This is something that affects our bodies in a bad way, the food we are eating is not natural. But most of all it is affecting the nature around us, the insects don't have anything to eat and disaperes from places like that witch cause other animals to leave too. That is something I don't belive in, there are better ways to make them not eat the plants, ways that don't make them go away but keep them from eating the plants you are growing. The reason why they don't want to do that is because it's more expensive, witch would make your food cost more to buy. But the question is, would you pay more for healthier stuff that won't make you sick? 

When you can just be yourself

I love you girls, I really do. It's so nice to just be able to be myself and hang around and do nothing but still laugh more then I've done in a really long time. 

My sweet Sara brough me chocolate after reading my post from yesterday. Thank you sweetie.
Haha, I'm sorry girls for the picture but it's just so funny and makes me so happy to see it! I just had to share it with the world to make more people out there happy. And it sumes up the night pretty good if you ask me. 

My hero

It is that time, the time where you wished if just of a moment that you had a boyfriend who could be there and give you some chocolate and just say kind things to you. But I don't have that, witch isn't a problem at all the rest of the month, not really right now either but it would be nice. 

So because that guy doesn't exist in my life I had to go to the store all by myself today and by thoes things that you really need, like painkillers. Becuase without them I wouldn't even be out of my bed. After waiting for what felt like ages it was finally my turn to pay. Then it happens what never happens, the guy looks at me and then give me some chocolate, for free. With the emotions all over the place I just wanted to cry and hug him, but as the swede I am I just said thank you and left. 

Hot Wednesday

I don't know what I was thinking this morning when I thought it was a little cold and put on a thick sweater. I'm happy I took shorts even if I wanted to have jeans because it's HOT today.

All said and done

She's gone now. Sabina went home today and it feels a little weird to not have anyone around here all the time. But it was so nice to have her here, a little like home. I mean, back in school we where spending every day together and now I haven't seen her in almost a year. 
We spent the last day in the sun by my pool with Lisa, talking about everything to get it out before I had to drive her to the airport. 
Now with everyone gone, the blog will go back to not be so quiet. The last couple of weeks I've just wanted to spend time with my friends and not sitt here and blog. 

A little bit of hot

Well, I gotta admit, this wasn't the smartest move I've made. I'm talking about wearing long pants. I mean, it was fine if you where looking to the tempeture but it was so humid that everything was sticky and just hot. I think I just have to realize that I can start wearing shorts and dresses without being cold. 

Two of the best things

DC, the city I love. My friends, the best girls in the world. that together with a warm and sunny day makes the best sunday. 

Showing Sabina all the things you need to have seen if you been in DC.
After that we went to the best place in the cirty, georgetown and especielly down by the water. 

Sleep all day, party all night and we rock it

Another saturday with party, another night coming home "early". But we had so much fun, if it wasn't for the metro I could have stayed so much longer. We where just dancing and having fun without any expectations on us at all! 

No great night can end without a stop at McDonald's, and for some reason I was laughing so much there that I was crying.
Thank you for tonight girls! I love you both and this was so much fun. 

Tomorrow: DC

You could almost believe I was in Sweden

Swedish friend, Eurovision and laughing about all the funny things in there. It's like I never left Sweden. I didn't think I was gonna watch, never really watched it the past years, but now I'm sitting here. But must say it's so much easier when your not tired at all, I mean it's just 6pm right now.

She'd be silly and her friends just smiled

This day have been so long, it could be in the middle of the night if you see to all the tings I've done and it's more to come. 
I started the day by cleaning my room, washing the sheets, towels and my clothes. After that it was time for the weekley homework, class tomorrow but my week have been so busy that I haven't had time before. 
after that I took some time for tanning.
That was before wifee came over for some lunch, some good salad. 
After lunch it was time to pick up the kids and play some before it's time for yoga 

And then she was gone

Today was the day Hanna left, but it wasn't hard at all to say goodbye. I mean, she's coming back in just a month, that's nothing. I will miss her, dot get me wrong, I will miss being able to call her and tell her what's on my mind and all those things. But that's a good thing because after that we're gonna live under the same roof all the way to August.

See you faster then you know ❤


You can't avoid it. It's impossible, at some part you are gonna start doing all those small things that you never tought you would. It's gonna come slowly so you won't notice it until one day you're in the middle of it all. That's what happend to me. 

Going out means taking the car. I drive everywhere and the times I have to take the metro I hate it and wished I would have taken the car. I even try to park as close to the store as possible so I don't have to walk that much. If you can't find a parking spot there is always a valet parking close by, and it doesn't cost that much. Luckly I haven't gone that far yet, don't worry, it will probobly not happen! 

Wearing sweatpants to the store. When I first came, I thought it was cool that some people did shopping in sweatpants and that no one was judging. But it was something I would never do! Well, look at me now. I don't care and I can tell you, it's really comyf and goes faster then have to put on a pair of jeans just to go to the store. 

Worshiping flip flops. The sandals that you wear for the beach, you know. Well here they are for walking around everywhere. I even have two pairs. Before I came I would never think about putting a pair of flip flops on if I was going shopping. Now I don't even think about putting something else on then my flip flops. 

Using the microwave. If someone would ask me to make rice, I would put rice and boiling water in a pot and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Same thing with a lot of other things. I wouldn't think about it. But when I first came I was chocked over what you could put in there. For me you used it if you wanted to reheat something or defrost it. But not anymore. 

I could say so many more things but we don't have to spoil it all, you will just have to figure the rest out by yourself. 

Like falling in love

Tired as hell, I feel dead. First just a few hours of sleep and then being outside the whole day, so it's no wonder. But it doesn't matter because it has been an awesome day, playtime with the kids and cruiseing in Lisa's Jeep in the nice weather after that. I love this time, it's getting warmer and we still have the whole summer infront of us! 

Party all night long

Dinner first, with happy birthday song and ice cream for the birthday girls before they got their presents. After that the adventure started, it was fun, don't get me wrong but it didn't go as planed.

But, I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour

I have the best of friends. I really do. Yesterday was spent with some of them, most part in a bikini. Pool and tanning, frozen youghurt, kids, dinner, wine, hot tub, rain, garage disco, brownie and 4 girls in one bed. What can go wrong. 

Today is another of thoes days, a day with friends, the best days. Sara is here now and later we're going for dinner and then we're gonna go PARTY! 

Until next time

It kind of felt like we both new this was it. This was the good bye. But we didn't say anything about it, we just enjoyed the moment and made the best of that night. Because it wasn't like we didn't know it was coming. But I'm not sad, I'm happy. Happy that we got to know each other. Happy that we got to do all those fun an silly things toghether. Happy that I will still have a friend there. I even got a scarf to always remember this time, and I promise, I won't forget this in the first place! 

We never said good bye, we just said until next time. When that time will come is beyond our power, but that day will come, if not this year then some other year. I'm not more sure of anything then I am of that! 

Silly friends make life more fun

We had a clustermeeting tonight, and I know that all au pairs don't go to these things because if you don't really have a problem you don't have to, and your life is busy with friends and kids and all other fun things. But I know that I always have friends there and you can't be bored when you're with them. I mean...look at this...
One decided to celebrate someones birthday, we don't know who but we decided to sing for miss Lisa anyway haha. 
An other one is really exited about that this is one milkshake, just shared...it's like you get 2 for 1
someone is trying to feed someone else, like a baby...open up!
and someone putts on a mustache, totally noraml at a restaurant. 

You see, you can't be bored and you just gotta love these girls♥

When you don't have school

A half day in school means it's a fun day. Today it was working on the treehouse that is gonna be awesome when it's done. The zip line is already there and it is the best and most fun way to get to the treehouse.

This is happiness!

To hug someone that you haven't seen in 4 months

happy, Happy Happy (birthday)

I've done soooo much today so I don't even know how I could fit all in there. It started with school, continued with DC with museum and inflating balloons, then awesome dinner à la Milly to end with birthday bowling with the girls. Because yeah, today was Rike's birthday!


You gotta love this city

Friends, cold, happy, sad, fun, tired, a little bit more cold, memorials, beatiful. That's what my friday was all about. 


The secret

Like all other girls out there, and most of the boys, I care a lot about my hair. But I don't dye it or make that big of a change with it at all. I just want it to be healthy, smooth and look good. So every 6 month I call my hair dresser in panic and tell her what a mess my hair is and how bad it is and that I need to cut it NOW, before it will be all gone. Yeah, I can be a dramaqueen sometimes too. When I get there, she always laughs a little about me, because my hair isn't near as bad as I make it sound like. It's often pretty good, and I could have easly waited much longer before it was a real crisis. 

But how com my hair is that good then? Well, first of all, as I said, I don't dye it. That is a big part of why my hair is so healthy as it is. Second thing is that I always try to let my hair airdry, and not use the blowdryer. It's effectiv but it tear on your hair. Get me wrong, it's not like I never use it, but I try to not do it when I don't have to. Last thing I do is that I use an oil. My life saver! If I feel that my hair starts getting dry I just use the oil. I usually putt it in the day before I need to wash my hair, when I get home there is. In that way I don't have to walk around with hair that looks really dirty because it does with the oil in it, and in the same time the oil gets some time to work. I prommise you, it makes a huge different. 
I like this one just because it smells good, but it doesn't matter what kind of oil you use, it will work.

May 1st

It's like day and night. Yesterday it was April, it was cold and it was raining. Today it's May, warm and sun. I love it and celebrate it with wearing a dress with flowers. all summery! Because of the weather we stayed at Julias house longer after the brunch then usual, it was so nice to sit in the sun and just enjoy life for a while. 


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