Stuffed and ready for bed

It's been a long day, I'm so tired it feels like I've been running a marathon or something. But I still love thanksgiving. It's all about having a good time with friends and family, eat a lot of food and be thankfull for what you have. What more do you need to make it perfect? Maybe to add the light show we went to.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the time of the year when you're suppose to be thankfull for all the things around you. I truly am, one year after my first thanksgiving and I've learned so much. Not in the way you learn in school maybe, but I've learned so much about myself. I now know myself so much better and I like the person who I've become. But my year would never have been so good and I would never have learned all those things about myself if it wasn't for all the people around me. I have surrounded myself with the best of people.

It had to happen

The snow is now here. But when I say snow I mean that it's small white flakes coming from the sky and melt away on the ground. That's it. I'm not supper happy about it though, in my oppinion it could have stayed away for a few weeks longer, like until Christmas. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that we won't have any snow days in the near future. 


So I can finally talk about it. We have known about it for about a month and a half and yesterday the big day was finally here. The day that Meldoy have worked so hard towards. Rays surpise birthday party. It was really well made with the panning and all the food. Fun is the word that describes the night in the best way, much more fun then I could ever imagine. 


Let's get this party started

Friday and time for an other weekend! We start it off with dinner and party, see you out there.

Best workout buddies

Yesterday we decided to skip gym and go shopping instead for dresses for something really important. But that doesn't mean that it's ok to skip one day if workout. So we pulled us together and did one and a half hour of cardio after work. Something that was so easy if you watch a movie at the same time in the gyms cardio cinema.
Now it's time after a good nights sleep to go back for  the weeks last workout, it's time for some bodypump. Because yes, I'm giving myself the weekend off. But don't worry, I'm on it again on Monday.

Something that makes it easier

Days like today I would never get my ass to the gym if I wouldn't have someone there with me. It really does a big differense and helps me to take that step out of bed even if I'm tired. I have someone I've promised I would meet there and then I have to do it, no excuse. 
But it also gives so much more, it makes me push myself a little harder. I mean why wouldn't I be able to do it if they can? If they are still going without taking a break why would I need it? So instead of giving up, I keep going, all the way to the end and oh man it feels good afterwards. But today I was thinking about an other awesome thing with a gym buddy as I was running late for class. Insead of me stressing and rushing to get there on time to get a bike and it all set up, she could do it for me. No stress, no danger and I made it safely to the gym still on time for class. But I wouldn't have been able to be in there without her because almost all the bikes were taken already and who knows what could have happened if I've been rushing through traffic trying to make it on time. 

Back to normal

The weather changed again. Today have been warm and sunny, like it's suppose to be. Or I know, it's in the middle of november so it's not really suppose to be 70*F outside maybe but it's making up for all the cold days we had when it was suppose to be like this. I could take this weather anyday, or actuallt every day. I love the heat and can't stand the cold. The snow can stay away too, stay up in the mountain because I do want in when it's time for skiing. 

yeahm yeah I know..I'm not a real swede, I'm suppose to be use to the cold and not really have a problem with it. But I'm not. SUmmer, heat and sun is where I function the best.

Say Hi to the weekend

"Hi Weekend!" This week have been going so fast, I cant get it that it's sunday again and that it's actually time to say "good bye weekend". That a new week is here knocking on the door.Where do all the time goes?
But I had the perfect weekend. Movie and cosy night with the kids friday, reston zoo with them yesterday and then I ended it with a night out with my awesome friends. I'm not counting today because I haven't done anything. I've been laying on my couch and watched the whole day just pass by. 


Don't take it personal

A kid does cries sometime. Cries, fight and scream that they hate you, but it's nothing againt you as a person. Because they still love you. I just had this, a kid who was a little bit too tired and didn't wanna do anything, which made everything a fight. A fight that ended up me sitting on the floor, holding him in my arms until he stopped fighting back. Then I then put him to bed it started again because he didn't want to sleep, so I just left him screaming. When I later came back he huged me and asked if I could read him a story. For him it was over, and he realized I still loved him and that it was better to just work with me. 

In situations like this you can't give in. You have to be strong and not let the tears guide you, because that's exactly what they want. Or let me corect myself. That's exactly what they think they want. They won't hate you for it, even if they say they will, and they won't get hurt in any way. You are showing them that you do love them by caring enoght about them to stay and not walk away. 

Plötsligt händer det

Halv way through this day I really thought I would have missed out on the workout..again. I was even a little upset at myself for it, even if I had a good reason for it. Something that I would never change. Something that is much more important than some exercise. 
But I was wrong. Dinner with Hanna ended up in her gym for a while before I went back home, and it felt so good. Not because I did something super hard but just to get something done. And a little is better then nothing right? 

Non of your business

I came across this video a couple of days ago and I can say it's worth watching. It's the society that has given these kids the belief they have, someone around them that has been telling them that it's wrong or right. After that they have formed their own thoughts about it. You can really see it when you are listening to the little boy who is saying that gay marrage is wrong. He doesn't know why he thinks it's wrong, just that it is because someone told him that it was, not giving any explination. 

I am in the belief that everyone are allowed to have whatever oppinion they want, no one can tell anyone that they can't think what they want, and that goes both ways. With that said no one has the right to say that someone can't get married. If you think it's wrong, keep it to yourself, don't forbid it to happen. It's not you getting married. If you think it's wrong, then don't do it yourself. But how does it bother you if two persons, that you most likely don't even know, get married? Not at all! If you don't like it, stay out of it. Don't take away their rights when no one is taking away yours. 

Sweet and Swedish

I've had the honor to have Amanda here over the weekend. For you who don't know who she is she is like the sweetiest girl ever and she was in my class in high school. She recently moved to New York for a couple of months, so not far from me at all and therefor came and visited this weekend. 

I can't really say I showed her DC all the way through. I actually started by taking her away from the city to a completely different town but it was exactly what we both needed. A weekend with just hanging out and doing what we wanted to for the moment. It's been a lot of eating, a lot of walking and then some collage football on that. 
They won in the end. Hawaii and Navy had the same score for a long time in the game but Navy took the lead and in the last quarter and won the game. Something we were happy with since it was the team we supported. 

It happened again

I've been thinking a little. I've been watching swedish TV showes the whole night. Didn't really find anything else to watch so I thought why not, catch up with all the shows that they are talking about everywhere on the internet. But that's not what I've been thinking about. What I was thinking about is how much my veiw of those types of shows have changed and how much I really think the comersial is ridiculous. It feels so much like everything they do they are trying to make it look like something that is from here, but because it's not they just make a fool of themselves.

They are thowing in some english words to make it sound better, but it's usually not a really good accent so it's just embarrassing. Before I got here I didn't think about and I didn't think about the accent either, it sounded fine to me and that was just the way they did it. But now...I don't know, maybe I'm just silly...We should be proud of being swedish and wanna do things our own way, not try to copy some one else. Sweden are doing a lot of really good things so why not do it all the way? 

Time to wrap it up

Halloween is now really over for this year and the costumes are going back in the closet until next time. But it's been an awesome Halloween that we ended yesterday best way possible, with a halloween bar crawl. eight hours straight so guess if my feet hurts today, but so much fun! We were dancing, talking to people, meeting old friends, changing bars, hunting down the bathroom with shortest line and all the time smiling and laughing. I was bouncing around as usual with too much energy, but I like it. 

Before this night I had been thinking so much which one of my two costumes I was gonna use this time. But when we picked our friends up I was happy with my choice so we wouldn't have two identical riding hoods. 
My two beautiful friends, more fun is to come! The mug was the prize from the night that now is standing nicley in my bedroom reminding me of this awesome night. 

Trick or treat?

The big thing about Halloween for the kids are the dressing up part! Dressing up to be able to go trick or treating and get an overload with candy. As an adult it's not a requirement to get dressed up but it makes it more fun, because we did have fun. Fire truck leading the neighborhood parade, pizza party and trick or treating. 

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