Happy Halloween!

Finally the day is here, I love halloween here. All the decorations, all the parties and all the people getting dressed up. And then of course trick or treating. 

So I kickstarted this day with a halloween brunch with my counceler and the cluster group. It was food everywhere and so many new faces. This time last year I knew almost all of the girls but now all those people have gone home, so a lot of new faces to take it and say hi to, a long with all the once I already know. 
It's so much more decoration that you can't see on the pictures. Her whole yard if full of it and it's up on the house too. It really does look amazing! 

Over and out

I just crashed into my bed, and it feels so nice after a day where I've been everywhere. It's been a really good and fun day but exhausting. Started off with taking Johan to museum in DC, then work and then go and pick up Hanna to meet Johan and Sofia at potamic mills outlet mall.

And yeah, I forgot to tell you..I'm the new president, Obama got tired off it and asked if I wanted the job and I thought why not. Could be pretty cool to be the youngest president ever and the first female too. Hehe

The other way around

I can remember a year ago when everyone in Sweden where worried about us here because of the big storm Sandy. That time it looked so much worse on the news then it actually was in many places, even if they made it sound like it was the same everywhere. This time it's the other way around. I'm sitting here 1000 of miles aways and reading about the big storm that hit Sweden late during the afternoon. I can see all the pictures, I can listen to all the news raports and read all about it. But I can't tell if it effects someone I know in some way, I can just read about that it's in their part of the country. 
picture borrowed from aftonbladet.se
The only thing I can tell is that it's not like a storm here. When they start shutting the commute around in some cities, and close schools and offices erlier in sweden, then you know it's not just a small storm like the once here. It's something bigger. So I hope that you all in Sweden are ok, and that this storm doesn't affect you too much! 
In the mean time while the storm is out there all you in sweden should snuggle up with a big blanket infront of the fireplace, with a good book and a big cup of hot chocolate. 

Not an excuse

I woke up still tired and it's super cold outside today, but that is not an excuse to skip the gym and after an hour of bodypump with the best instructor I felt so much better. It's still cold and I'm still tired but now I can be lazy the rest of the day without feeling bad about it. Even went out for lunch with a friend so I'm done, after picking the kids up in school I'm not going anywhere else today. 
And because it's halloween week our instructor was dressed up in a costume..so now I'm thinking about doing the same in her next class on wednesday. What do you think? 

As tired as can be

I'm almost falling asleep here, but I can't leave you without an update about the weekend. But instead of having you read all my babble as I can imagine some of you are close to as tired as I am, and I don't have the energy to write anything either..You'll get my weekend in pictures instead. 
We kicked the weekend off with a halloween party at the paramount
Spent the whole saturday in DC with these two. Two persons I love so much and hoping they will have a great time in Niagra Falls now.
Today was suppose to be all day at the Washington International horse show, but it ended up for just a while before we went for lunch, museum and later a movie. 



I'm marching in stressed and hungry to TGIF, thinking that I will see Hanna and Leanne for dinner. But next to them is some blond person that I really don't know who it is..not until I turn around and look at her. A her that turn out to be a he and the best Johan in the world is sitting there saying "hi". I can't even start to describe the feeling, I just started crying of happyness and realized how much I actually miss him and everyone at home. I just push it away, it's so easy to not think about it. Or I don't miss everyone all the time, but I miss doing things with them all, the small stuff that I wish I could do with them. 
Happy happy happy! 

Hanging in there

I know I've said it before but I'm so proud of us for still keeping the good work and motivation up. If we keep going like this until it's time to go back we'll be more fit when leave then when we got here. Not many people who can say that about living in the US. So now it's time to drop the kids off in school and then go for an hour bodystep. Didn't like it at all in the begining, and it's still not my favorite but it's getting better and better for every time. I promised the instructor to give it at least 5 times before I can say that I think about it, so time for class number 4. 


Pumpkin time

Halloween is coming up and everyone is starting to decorate their house and front yard, one house crazier then the other. But I love it! I love how everyone gets so exited about it, how the houses turns into a big circus of spooky things, how everyone gets dressed up and really goes all in for it and how you can celebrete it for more then a week in different ways. 

We have already decorated our house a couple of days ago but we hade saved the whole pumpkin party to later. You want them to look good for halloween and not be rutten. So today I took the kids with me and bought three big pumpkins. I missed the actual carving last year (can't really remember why) But this year I did my own, and oh so much fun it was. I could have been sitting there the whole night and done some small details. So this is the result from my first pumpkin I carve, all by myself.

How one thing can change a whole day

I really like our weekley lunches. Last year it was weekley brunches with the girls and this year it's weekley lunches with best friend. It's as far from each other as it can get, but at the same time something so simular, it gives me something to know that I can look forward to, every week. 


Like an other life time

What did you do a year ago? What happened and when? When you are having a blog like me you have the privilege to have an archives to look back to every time you are wonderign what you did exactly a year ago. So in October last year I had just been here a couple of months, it felt like ages since I came though and yet ages until I had to leave, go back to Sweden. My adventure had just started, yet I was in the middle of it, all cought up. 

Lisa had asked me if I wanted to come with her and leanne to a baseball game, my first one. So I took tanja with me and we had a great night! By that time I didn't know Leanne, it was just Lisas friend and I didn't know how good friends they both would turn out, I could only guess. 
I finally open up my bank acount and are impressed by the service they gave me, and that I got a card to use straight away, 
Like all last year we had our brunches every week. Miss those a lot and all the things we where able to talk about during those meetings, but it would really not fit my life style at all right now, wouldn't be able to eat all that un healthy food every single week, I would get sick. 
We visit the kids grandparents farm and I got to hold my first real gun and shoot for the first time. 
Took the kid for a fun but really cold day at the Reston zoo. 
Went with Paul when he did his tattoo. Found this funny sign in the shop
It was a lot of talk about the storm Sandy that was going to come and a lot of explination for the kids what it all meant and what was going to happen. It had us trapped in the house for treee days, without anything happening. We had some wind and rain but that was it, we were lucky and didn't even get anything close to what New York and other places got. 
The end of october means Halloween and here in the states the celebreat it big time. We had both party, brnch and trick or treating. Can't wait for this years halloween to start! 

Not just a normal monday

No, today is not a normal monday that you just wanna get over with to take one step closer to the weekend. Today is my sweathearts birthday. We have been celebreated it for two days in a row now. First saturday with a win night, lots of food and a little present. Yesterday it was time again when she had her birthday-dinner-party at her house. Happy Birthday my love! ♥
I love you so much and I would cross oceans if you needed me to! We have had so many adventures together and it's much more to come. Both here in the USA now before I leave, the times we will come back and everywhere else in the world. What those adventures are going to be and when is for the future to tell. What I can tell you is that you will always have me by your side, always just a phone call away! 

Who said new week?

I don't feel ready at all for a new week, my body and mind are still waiting for friday- last week. But with a really nice fall day that started off with some bodypump I'm ready to rock this week too. Happy Monday! 
Even if I worked both days this weekend doesn't mean that I didn't have fun, playing with the kids and especially my little man, some quality time with friends and nice dinners. 

Getting a hang of it

It's not just a period now, it's slowly turning into a habit. It's not hard anymore to push me to go there, or if I miss going because of something, make up for it later during the day, if just for 20min. It's better then nothing and I feel that my body is feeling so much better. I found what helped me and I used it. Because it's not only about finding what helps you get up and acutally go, it's about acutally listen to it and push yourself to listen to it. If I wanted I could come with all sorts of excues why I couldn't go, and belive me, they are still there in the back of my head every day. The difference is that I choose not to listen to that voice anymore. Instead I choose to pull myself together and just go, because it will feel so good when I'm done. 

If you haven't guessed it yet I'm talking about workingout. Last night after the kids went to bed I could have chosen to sit down in the couch with my computer and watched a movie, but instead I filled my water bottle up and put together a workout that took me about half an hour to do. It wasn't super long, but at least something and I pushed myself a little harder then I thought I could do. When I was done I was really sweaty and a shower and then go to bed felt so good. I can tell you, I slept like a baby after that. 

I'm going back

I just got that email that I don't want to think about yet. I had no idea it was coming and opening it without knowing what it was about was probably not my smartest move. I can say that it took my off guard and I just wanted to scream "NOOO, NOT YET!". I don't want to think about going back yet, I still want to enjoy the rest of my time here without thinking about that it's going to end someday and that that someday is pretty soon. Soon enough for me to start thinking about what day I want to have my flight for. 

I do want to come back, see all my family and friends that I haven't seen in so long. But in the mean time I don't want to leave my new home here with my family and friends here. It's mixed feeling about the whole thing. It's not nearly as easy as it was to leave Sweden when I first got here. At that point I knew I was going to come back just live on with my life, it was just a little break to go to the US. This time it's the end. Or maybe the end for this time, because who knows what the future has to offer? What I do know is that I have a home here too, so the words "flight home" rhymes wrong, because I'm already home, at one of them.  

Fall is here in it's own way

Like always when falls come I like to put on darker colors, and even when it comes to my nails. This red color is a lot darker then it looks like on the picture. Even if I like having gel, I love it even more when I can change colors as often as I would like to. So I've decided to take a break from the gel nails, let my nails rest from that treatment for a while and in the meantime play around with different colors. 

first world problem

As an au pair it feels like you are always doing laundry, doesn't matter if you're waching something every day, the laundry basket always seems to be full. So when I did my laundry today I found clothes I had alomst forgot existed in my closet. So now when they are all back in my closet it's like I have a whole new wardrob again. The only reason why I can do this is that I have so much clothes, and especially underwear so I can go exactly 30 days without doing my own laundry, so long I forget what I've had in there. 

It's a mix and match in my lingerie draw, like a bag of candy! 

FInally stopped

Everything is back to normal here in DC now, we've had tre whole days without rain and people start to remember again how to drive. I was a little upset last week over the weather and it was hard to motivate yourself to do anything when it was just raining all the time. But now we're back to the fall I love here, warm weather, sun and beatiful leaves on all the trees. 


We make a great team

In the middle of nowhere with ten minutes until I was going to pick my little man up from his birthday party, my car decides not to start. The battery was completely dead. But a couple of phone calls, a lot of texts and a few hours later both kids where safe, taken care of and having fun, AAA were on their way to me to fix the car and after replacing the battery with a new one I was good to go home. In situations like this I have the best hostparents, they are really good at taking care of things and together we made it through this day too without any big trouble. So thank you Paul and Milly for being so awesome! 

The best kinds of days

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I was gonna do,thought this might end up as a kind of boring day in front of the tv. But it didn't, it stared out with me and Matilda going to DC for lunch and meeting her friend and ended up with dinner with Sara, Rylan and his friend too. So even if I'm super tired and my feet hurts from almost 12hours of walking I can't stop smiling! Spontaneous days are awesome and meeting new friends on top of that, what can I say. It can't get any better! 

Down on earth

Sometimes we need to slow down. Everything around is spinning so fast and we get all cought up in it. Cought up in it without time to stop and reflect about our lives. How good our lives are, how much people we have around us that loves us but most of all stop to take care of our bodies when they need it. I've always been bad at the last part, being sick is something that has never been an opition for me. But you learn from your mistakes, so this times I let myself rest and slow down until my cold is over. Because yes, it's nothing worse then a normal cold right now wirh sore throat, cough and everything else you have with a cold, but if I wouldn't let myself slow down and get well again it would only get worse. Trust me, I've tried. 
So this weekend is a lazy weekend with my friends, just hanging out. Friday was halloweenshopping and movie time with Hanna and her friends from the paramount and yesterday was cinnamon buns baking, dinner out and movie. A slow weekend that lets me take care of my body so I'll be back to 100% as fast as prossible. 

These kind of days

It's still raining, for the third day in a row or something and I got to say that I'm not really a big fan of it. I miss the sun and the warm weather. But it comes with one good thing, it allowes me to sit with a cop of tea and just snuggle up without feeling like I'm waisting time inside.

A perfect morning

They do exist. The mornings where the kids are just doing everything they are suppose to do, they do it in time, no fighting with each other and no whining about what they have to do. How many out there can honastly say that you were sitting down with the kids at breakfast, they eating and you reading poetry to them, on their request. 

Absolutely soaking wet

when it's raining here it's raining like I've never seen it rain before. Or I have, because I've been here for more then a year and it's been raining a lot of times, but you know what I mean. On top of that we had a Tornado Watch today, which is not to confuse with tornado warning. If it's just a watch it means that conditions are conducive to the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area, and a warning means that a tornado have actually been spotted or shown on the radar in the area. 
Anyway, these two things together with overfloated streets makes people freak out driving. It's like they have forgot everything they ever leaned. Some drive slow, some drive fast to pass the once who drive slow and no one is thinking about that you might wanna have a little longer distanst to the one in front of you. I had a car behind me today that was going way to fast and it was a red light infront of us. I was going to turn left so changed to the lane that came to the left but stoped long before the car infron of me because I knew that was the only way for the car behind me to go. I was right, two seconds later he slided in infront of me instead of into me, but into the side of the car infront of him. You cant just drive your car, you also need to drive the car behind you, something that is even more important here. 

Summer, but it's October

It's been so warm these last couple of days. It's like summer all over again. Like it walked out the door and said good bye but just wanted to come back for one last hug. That hug is over now though and next week we're going back to a temperature around 20*C 

But we made the best of this last day of really good weather. Me and ms Oktoberfest (Sara, she won a costume competition at the Oktoberfest last night ) have been suntanning, having lunch in oldtown with Hanna and Sofia and later made dinner and dessert for her family. 


We're not in Germany and I'm not German but if the Americans can have a reason to drink the take it, and I'm not far behind.


Summer is back?

The weather changed all of a sudden and now it's like summer is back. Doesn't even feel close to winter anymore. But for me, who were here last year too, it feels like everything is back to normal, how it's suppose to be.  
When it's 29*C at 7pm October 2, that's how it's suppose to be.

I love the fall here. Back in Sweden I'm not really a big fan of it because it gets so cold so fast and it's more days when it's raining then it's a little sun so you can enjoy the fall. But here I like it. It's still warm like it would be summer and just slowly turns colder, it takes several months, not a week. But the best part is that you actually want to spend time outside because of the weather so you can really enjoy and appriciate how beautiful the fall really is with all the different colors of the leafs. When you later are tired of wearing shorts and really wants to make nice outfits with jeans and sweaters and scarves and all that is fall for me, it's still plenty of time to do so, and actually be able to walk around outside in it. Not run to get out of the cold and rain. 

No excuse

So I finally, after 20 days of free membership I had to decide. Is it worth it to pay for the gym? Of course it is, I feel so much better when I'm working out so I'm now signed up for a two years contract that I can cancel for a cancelation fee whenever I want. The cheapest way to do it. So now it's no excuses, now I'm paying for it and better use it! I'm gonna continue like I've been doing with at least be there twice a week. On Friday I'm gonna have a meeting with a personal trainer too to talk food and what typ of workout I should do to reach my goals.

Everytime I'm driving now I'm gonna see the memership and feel bad if I haven't done it as much as I want to. Perfect when I'm trying to find excuses.

Almost there

It's this time of a year again. It's time to pick a halloween costume, and I know it's a big first world problem. But it's really not an easy task. They have so many out there and for someone like me who doesn't know at all what she wanna dress as it's hard to pick one. It's even hard to picture what would fit me. 

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