Best way of starting a new week

I'm on my third week at the gym and it's getting easier to put on the workout clothes in the morning. I don't always have to lie to myself that I'm just going to put them on because they are comfterble and then come back to bed after dropping the kids off in school. But most of all, I feel how I'm getting, if just a little, stronger a little for every time and how it's easier to push myself to do one more reps. 


Perfect in it's own way

My Saturday turned out to be the perfect lazy day. Me and my boy went for a playdate during the afternoon  at Sara's house. 

The night was spent with my sweet English girl first with dinner and later a movie. We decided to see Don Jon, a movie that was nothing like I expected. See it for yourself and make you're own thoughts about it. But I would wait until it's out on DVD, because it's not a movie with seeing in the theater. 
Because she is 21 now she can order drinks, and so she did, just because she could.  

We Came, We Raved, We Loved

With the flag ready, comfortable shoes and a happy mood we jumped into the limo that took us to Echostage. 
He was late but what do you expect when he was suppose to get from Atlanta to DC in just two hours, even though he had his private jet. But he was so worth the wait, and when he came I have no idea what happened to me but I just couldn't stop smiling, and jumping and screaming and singing and everything at the same time. we unfolded our flag and just danced and enjoyed the evening and music until we had to leave around 3.30am. I wish I could have stayed until he stopped playing at 4 but next time. 

Step by step

My mornings always starts around 6.15 when I have to wake up and get ready to be done with lunch and breakfast for the kids when they come downstairs.
Because we have lice going around in school I finally gets to make my girls hair in the mornings.
After dropping the kids off in school it's time for the gym. Today it was bodypump. You know it was a good workout when you come out and it's hard to lift your arms to just move some hair out of your face.
Half day in school means that I'm picking up the kids at 11.30 so after gym it was just a quick shower and back to pick them up. Today we decided to visit Hanna for lunch and check her house out. Crazy kids, but they liked it and they were so tired when we went home. 
To follow the rest of the night check my Instagram @ericaplahn. Otherwise I'll update here tomorrow hopefully!

Happy Friday! 


Busy as a bee

Today have been a day out and about. If you don't count the half hour after the gym when I took a shower I just got home after leaving at 6.30 this morning. But I've got a lot done and I couldn't have got a better ending to it then some shopping and froyo with my sweetheart. 
Yes I know I'm short..but for you how didn't know about it, Sara is pretty tall so it's not as bad as it looks, hehe

Better late then never

So this weeks workout started later then we planned it to. But we have had our reasons. Felt really good to be back and when I got back home I decied to do a smoothie full of protein and other good things. 

1 cup frozen blueberries 
1 cup frozen mango
2 teaspoons peanut butter (without suggar) 
a hand full of walnuts 
some fresh raspberries 

Everything has it first time

I've been here for more then a year now, 13 months to be exact, and yes, today was the first time I had chipotle. It's not that I haven't heard of it or something like that. People are talking about it all the time and so many people have through the year told me how good it is. It have just never been the time for it, a big reason might be that my kids don't like it. But anyhow, now I've tried it and I did like it. Not so special that some people had it sound like, but it was good. 

For those of you who don't know what chipotle is I can tell you it's a Mexican food chain that they have everywhere. Like subway or McDonalds.  

My weekend in pictures

Leannes birthday night started with everyone at my house. I had no idea what to wear or do with my hair or make-up or nothing. So the girls took care of that for me.  
I ended up a little overdressed for the place we were going to, but it didn't stop me from having fun! We can put it like this, Leanne got a 21st birthday like in the movies. 
After that night saturday was a day that went away as quick as it came. I worked a little and then me and sara went for dinner before we watched a movie and fell asleep. Even if we had some fun when Paul was testing out Leannes car to see if he liked it. 
Sunday meant a lot of driving but thanks to my new app I know what's going on infront of me on the road all the time. Like where the cops are..
But it was all for a good cause. First picnick in great falls park with the girls and then off to hannas place with some McD food. Good friends gets good service. 
Then it was monday again, a new week and new adrevtures are waiting. 

The best brit I know

Today is my little brit's birthday! Or I don't think I can say little because she is not just taller then me, she is also turning 21. She is a big girl now that get's to take her legal drinks and get into all the clubs. SO tonight it's time for party and samething tomorrow. You are only turning 21 once! 

Happy Birthday sweetie! I love you so much and wish you all the best.♥ For you the glass is always half full and with your heart of gold I know that I can always count on you. Doensn't matter what it is; everything from getting me to the gym to be there when I'm feeling down. 

The whole routine

I'm slowly starting to get into the whole routine again. The whole thing with being off during the dayis starting to come back to me and I'm again starting to take the oppertunity and use the time I actually have. Like today I went to Melodys house for lunch. The best part, a part from seeing my friend was that she had saved some of her awesome snickerscake for me! It was so good! I would love to have the recepie so I can make it myself but I'm afraid that I would make it all the time and eat the whole thing by myself so it's better to just have her make it and eat it when she have made it and I'm at her house. 
So even if I love the summer in every singel way possible I can really say that it's ok for the fall to come now. I'm ready for you. Especially here where it doen't get as cold as in sweden and not as rainy so you actually can enjoy the days. 

There is always a friend on your side


fit for fight

I've always been bad at working out. I don't really think it's fun to be standing at some machine at the gym or go out and run. Or, it can be fun, but only a couple of times and then I get bored, don't wanna go anymore and that would be the end of my attepmt to work out. With that said I didn't mean I've never been well trained or anything. Becase I always got my exercise from other things then the gym, like horseriding. 

But this year, because yes, it's been a little bit more then a year since I got here, I haven't been able to do anything of what I used to do every week back in sweden. So this summer I started for real with Hanna as you all know with our point system, or stars actually, and eating healthy. It worked, and I liked it. But as soon as she moved out it wasn't as easy to do anymore. It was more days that I skipped than I actually did my workout. But I'm not ready to give up yet. 

I've found what will keep my going, what I did wrong before and why I could do horse riding and all that but not go to the gym. Because it has nothing to do with the gym at all. I don't mind the machines. What I found is that I just hate doing it alone. I need someone to do it with, someone who will make it fun and someone who I've promised to meet so I can't tell myself that it's better to stay at home and do something there. 
I have that someone now. Or actuallly those someones. So now I'm fit for fight and ready for an hour of bodyflow today, and who knows that else this week will have to offer. But I'm goign to try to be at the gym atleast twice a week. What do you think about that? Sounds like something I can do right? 

Not so good at this

I'm not so good at writing here anymore. I'm not even close to write as much as I would like to. But it's just that I'm busy. Busy doing other things and when I'm not doing something I'm so tired that I don't have the energy to do anything. 

But new week, new adventures, and hopefully I will get better at posting here again. I'll try. 

Come sail away

Me and papa Jim, Millys dad are the once sitting watching the american cup races on TV while the kids are playing piano and other things during the afternoon. We're sitting there and talking about tactics and what we think they will do to out race the other boats. 

Best start you can have

I started this week by going to the gym with leanne and Leonie for a bodypump pass. It was really good and I feel good now. Or that's actually a lie, because my arms are so sore at the moment that it hurts to write this and when I took this photo of my snack my arms where almost shaking. BUT I'm still happy that I did it and tomorrow we're gonna do it again, but this time it's time for zumba. FUN! 
After last week when I didn't do any workout and didn't really have the energy to eat healthy all the time it feels good to start this week like this. Workout and healthy food, lets keep it like this ok? 

"I'm gonna be 40!" "When?" "Someday!"

It was a date night, and I wasn't without one of course. I actually had two and I think without braging that I can say that they where the best dates of all there. I've seen the movie before but you can see "When Harry met Sally" over and over again. It is a great movie and you can't say anything else about it. 

Thank you girls! We should do more things like this.

That's what makes life interesting

I love it when life is like this. I started my saturday with sailing with my family before I went to echostage to see Morgan Page and Dirty South (Morgan Page was much better then Dirty South in my opinion) , and I'm now gonna end the weekend with a outdoor movie. 
The show last night was good but I was really tired and it was a lot of people there that kept pushing and standing on top of everyone else. No one was thinking about anyone else then themselves. In moments like that I'm happy that I have the good friends as I have and that we weren't just girls. So thank you everyone who was there with me and made to a really good night! 


I got a perfect night. Tthe night I've wanted for so long. Not to late, not just dancing, not just dinner. I gpt a little bit of everything. It was Lagom as I would have said in swedish. 
We got a little dressed up and went for dinner at Bar-cöde where I got my nutella pizza. I promise you, it's the best in the whole world, I love it! The best part was that I didn't have to get the big fat X-es on my hands, so I could order my drink. One drink, that was all I wanted. One drink to sipp on. But to be able to order that without someone looking at you like you are saying something stupid because you are not allowed to was the best. It fest so normal. It was exactly what I've wanted to be able to do the whole summer. 

Order online

You can get everything here home to your door. Doesn't matter if it's food or clothes or something else. If you want it too, it can come to your door. I've started to love it and I think it's a bad idea. It's so easy to just go online and klick order and then it will arive to your door, in some case even the day after. 
It's not like we don't have online shopping at home, we do but not in the same way and not so everything comes to your door. With the most bigger packages you have to go to the postal office to pick it up. When you have to do that I don't really see the point with ordering something online. Why wait a few days to get something that you've already paid for just to then have to go to the postal office to get it? Then you lost the point with ordering it..So I like it the way it is here, where the only way you have to walk is to the door to take the package inside. 

It's friday people!

And...there was the week over. Or it's a few more hours of work in the afternoon but who cares, it's a gorgeous day with sun and it's getting warmer. Enjoy!

Just as slow as I need too

I'm still very tired and in the mornings I'm still really dizzy and are not feeling 100% before I take my iron pills. But it get's better, a little by every day and my kids are helping out by not being a too big pain in the ass. 

Because of that I haven't had the energy to do so much. Or it's more that I lose my energy really quick, and I wanna be good for the weekend so I'm taking it easy this week. Like today I had lunch with Hanna which meant that I could sleep in before and then rest after before I got the kids and now I'll go for dinner with a friend but then go home and have an early night. 
Sometimes you need to listen to your body! 

What would I do without you

This whole weekend I've been feeling weird. Headache, dizzy and like I wanted to through up. I thought it was because I hadn't been drinking enough water on saturday so I spent all day yesterday drinking water and tea, didn't spend a minute (almost) without a drink in my hand. But nothing helped. So I thought it might had been that I needed sleep and went to bed early last night and woke up after 12 hours and still wasn't ok. The headache was gone but I was even more dizzy then before and that made me feel sick. Even Paul noticed that I wasn't feeling good at all and he was really worried about me because I looked like a ghost with empty eyes, but I was red in my face. It was really weird because I was feeling great exept for that. So what was it? 
I was talking to Hanna on the phone and she said the same thing, it sounded like I had a lot of energy. But when I told her about how I was feeling she said something that I hadn't thought about. She asked if I had been taking my iron pills. That was it. I missed taking them both saturday and sunday morning. So about an hour after taking two of those I felt like normal. Paul said you could see me coming back to my body again and my smile that is always there came again. So problem solved! Thanks Hanna for saving me! 

I'll get you through it nice and slow, When the world's spinning out of control

Last night was a perfect night. Baseball is fun to watch but it is really really slow and I don't have an interest to sit there and watch the game for 3 hours or more. So we came and just saw the last hour, because it's no way you can miss the end of the game, you need to know who won. After that Gavin DeGraw came and did the whole thing even better with an amazing performance. 
Thank you girls for an awesome night and thank you James for getting us the tickets! 

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