Today is a big day for every swede. Today is the day we call Valborg, the day when the winter is suppose to go away and the spring suppose to arive kind of. To celebreate this we have big bonefires and party all night long. I'm not really gonna go in for all that partying this year. The plan is a nice and cosy night with making dinner, drinking wine and then probably walking down to the bonefire by the water.
This year I'm gonna bring my winterjacket thou because it's really cold outside here in Stockholm. It's another story in the south of sweden where everyone walks around in shorts and are sweating...I feel like I'm in the wrong part of the country. Never on the right place. 

Best weekend, with the best of friends

I know I've said it before but I just have to say it at least one more time. I have the best of friends and I don't know what I would do without them. They are always there when you need them and whatever we do it's always fun toghether with them. 

This time me, Hanna and Joppe took the car and drove up the the scout island Vässarö for the weekend. Perfect weather, friends I haven't seen since I left sweden and just some peace and quiet. What else do you need? 
Today was back to work. Something I actually didn't mind at all. The kids are so sweet and I actually know all their names by now which makes it easier to deal with everything. On top of that the weather has been great, really warm and realy sunny. I even wore my flip flop for the first time this year. Something I used all the time last year, and it made me miss the US a bit, but in a good way! 

Mini roadtrip

We (me and Kajsa) decided to accompany Hanna when she went back to Uppsala where she studies, as a little roadtrip. When I was sitting in the back seat of the car on the way up everything felt like normal. It felt back in the US where we did thoes roadtrips all the time, sometimes short ones like this and sometimes longer ones. But I realized how much I've missed it. I need to get out, see something new and just hang out with my friends where I normal don't spend my time. I need more of this! So anyone who wants to go somewhere, I'm in. 


Not as planned

I was suppose to work all weekend and monday too, but when things didn't work where I was suppose to be so I ended up having nothing to do and they had no use for me, the plan changed. So from having a free weekend with fun things planned, to having a full work weekend to having a weekend off again. Or half, because I actually did work all day yestarday even if I did other things. 
After work I took the train out to Saltsjöbaden and my brothers new apartment, or new for me at least. He made dinner for me, or I actually helped, I made the chicken and he made the rest. After that I took him with me in to city and played some pool with my friends. So a really good night with some quality time. Before he moved and before I left for the US we use to talk and stuff at least a little every day but now it's not as much anymore even if we text all the time. I think I actually have to realize that he is growing up...
Åh äntligen ska skägget bort! 

Choose school

This is the time when all the ones in sweden who wanna start studying in the fall are looking at different schools, programs and courses. I don't wanna be worse then anyone else, so I'm doing the same. Don't get me wrong I wanna start studying in the fall but I just don't really know exactly where, I have even looked into schools both in the US and Germany, I mean why doesn't hurt to look and it might be fun to study in another country. But I'll probably end up in some school in sweden, I'm just dreaming. 

But I took a break from the computer to go and meet up Oscar. It was really sunny today in Stockholm and a little warmer so we decided to eat ice cream down by the water and then take a walk trough the city.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Monday morning and I got a call about working, nothing I would say no to. I want to earn money so I can buy my ticket back to the USA. But it's so many more things I wanna do too, I wanna travel everywhere, all the time. Both out in the world but also in sweden. I really miss just doing a weekend trip somewhere or even just a day trip. Somewhere you've never been before and just walk around and take it all in. I wanna do longer trips to, I wanna go everywhere, I wanna see everything with my own eyes so I can have my own oppinion about it all, an oppinion I built when I was there and experienced it. I know it will take a while to go everywhere but you have to start somewhere and I think I'm up to a pretty good start. 

Todays been all about braids..the girls braided my hair and I did theirs. I think I was basiclly braiding hair the whole day, all the girls in the class wanted a braid and then they changed their mind all the time about what they wanted when they saw what their friend got or just simply wanted something else. 

Money money money

Friday and so far this week I've actually been able to work. Have been at my godmothers school working as a substitute teacher, something that can be hard work and especially when you don't know all the names. But in the same time it's so much fun! I've had the first graders so we've been playing outside a lot, made a lot of Easter cards (yes already) and today we made movies out in the woods. 
But it's not just play ans fun, We've Been having swedish and math too..even som english 

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