He's spoiling me

I'm right now on the train back to Stockholm, back to reality, after a wonderful weekend where Oliver really have been spoiling me. It feels like I got a break this weekend from all the "to-do's", one last weekend before the fall starts for real. But I know that I have him there in the background all the time supporting whatever I wanna do. If he knows that I really wanna do something he would never stop me, and when I need a break he's there to give it to me. 

Tomorrow school starts and with that everything else too. I don't know what to expect exactly, in one way it feels like I'm thrown back to the day before I started gymnasium, but I feel totally different. This time I'm really doing this because I want to. This time I'm going there and I wanna pass everything in school for me this time, no one else. This is for my future, this is my chance to get my dreams. But that doesn't mean that you can't have fun at the same time. Let's do this! 


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