No more flying for me right now

I feel pretty done with the whole flying part right now. Can't say I have much luck with it. Only this summer I've been on six different flrights, where only two of them have been on time. The actually trip is always awesome, but not the way there. 
We were suppose to have three hours in New York before we were gonna head to the airport, I can do three hours. That's a nice lunch and time to buy the last things you need. But when we woke up yeseterday morning we had a suprise waiting for us, the three hours had turned into 10 hours of time to kill in the city before we had to go to the airport. While on the train up they pushed back the flight one more hour, I mean why not. I just lost all energy and will to do anything with the time. I just wanted to get from spot A to B as fast as I could. But now we were stuck in the middle, and couldn't do anything about it. Becuase I can promise you that we tried to look up every possible way to get home faster, and we found a way, it was just that it would cost us about 40 000 sek. Not really our budget. 
So we started out with killing a few hours at starbucks before we decided to go to the airport, get rid of at least one bag and then check out the stores there, have dinner and maybe a drink or two. 
But there isn't endless of stores at the airport, and we went through them pretty quickly, so we decided to have dinner before everything closed down and then bunker up with a bunch of things for the next few hours of waiting. 

Finally, after some reading, watching movies, wine drinking, snack eating and some sleeping on the floor we could finally board the plane and enjoy that the acutal flight went by smoothly and quick. Now it's time to repack everything and go on to the next adventure. 


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