All good things have an end

I don't know where all the time is going! All of a sudden it's been almost two weeks ago since I wrote something here and it's not because I haven't had anything to write about. It's been a lot. But I guess I've just enjoyed the moments, the last moments. I can't belive it! I've worked my last day as an au pair, I've been in the states for 18 months with only one month until I'm back in Sweden again. 
Right now it's packing time. I'm suppose to pack up my entire life I've had here into just a few bags. Luckly I don't have to figure out how just yet. Now I just need to pack it so I can move it over to my hostmoms house where I'm going to live the rest of my stay here. The new Au Pair is coming in about a week and she is gonna want to make the room, my room, her own and easiets way to do that is to not have me here.

Things you just have to do

Sometimes you have things that you have to do. Things that won't go away and you just need to sit down and do them. Doesn't need to be anything hard, just things that takes time and has to be done. This week is one of thoes weeks where it's a lot of things I need to do. But after sitting down today I got a lot of stuff off my to do list and hopefully it will be almost nothing when this weeks over. 

In one way I do like it. It was a long time ago since I had to sit down and write things that really mattered. I'm not talking about things I write here, because even if it can be something that do matter it's still just my blog where I can write whatever I want and it doesn't HAVE to be good or be about something special. I can write whatever I want, how ever I want. An other thing that I have always liked is to write lists about things, and especially to do lists. To have a list in front of me with things I need to do makes it feel more real, more important and like I'm not just waisting my time. Then I can actually see that as I'm going through the list it get's smaller, I can really see that the things I have to get done get's smaller. 

A tips for writing to do lists is actually to write every step as it's own point. Like today I had to do a not with all the things for the new au pair to know when she get's here. Instead of just having one point at my list that said 
"Note- Au Pair good to know" I divided it into smaller tasks like this: 
- Write a list what she has to know
- Keywords
- Get to school
- Kids breakfast
- kids lunch 
- put into Evernote

To devide it up like that makes it easy to see where to start and what the next step to do is. If I have something on my list that is too big I just push it to later because I think that I don't have time for it right now and it feels better to get more things done then just one big one. To divide it up like this also gives you a chance to do a little of it and then get back to it later on. 

Makes me cry

I could seriously sit and watch videos like this for hours, I love them. To see how happy they all get when their loved once get home after a time away. In the same time it makes me miss everyone back in sweden that I haven't seen in so long a little extra. 

Superbowl sunday

And there this years superbowl was over and the Seahawks won way to easy..but who is really watching the game for the actuall game if your team is not playing? You are watching it for the commercials (some good but some sucked) and the halftime show (soooo much better last year). But we loaded up with a day in Georgetown with cupcakes and nice weather and then wings and chips for the game. A pretty good Sunday if you ask me! 

A day to myself

Today has been my day. No kids at home and just me to take care of, do whatever I wanted to do. So this day I started out at the gym with a really good bodypump class that really made me use every single muscle in my body and all the strength I had left after this weeks of workout. You know it's a good workout and that you are going to feel it later when your body is shaking as you go. 
I'm still in love with my shoes, a really good motivation to go to the gym because I just wanna put them on all the time. 

The rest of the day I fixed my nails and skin. But most importatly, I skyped with my bestie! Got to hang out with her and some other friends as they were getting ready to go out and I was sitting here trying to make my legt to move so I could take a shower. It was almost like I was there with them, I mean we even took photos together so come on, it almost counts. I even got an other friend of mine to come there and hang out with us..But now it's time for some friends who actually is here. Me and the girls are going for dinner and later movie and I can't wait to see them! 
Hope you all have an awesome friday and are as exited as me that it's finally weekend! 

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