Standing on both sides

Right now I'm really on both sides and my feeling are all over the place. In one way I miss everyone back in Sweden so much it hurts, and making all these plans for the future makes me wanna be there right now and just get to it. But at the same time I really don't wanna leave everything I have here. DC is my city, no doubt about it! I have so many friends and connections here and then it's my family. I'll miss them so much it's crazy. I mean I miss my family in Sweden right now but I know I'll come back to them and it will be as I never left. Here is an other thing, when I leave it will never be the same. An other girl will come and she will take my place and have the same thoughts as I have and it will be HER family for her...We are all a big family together, all the au pairs and everything. But I will miss this, what I have right now here with all my friends here with me and my family. 

Dinner time

I can now, after been making dinner every night for more then a year, understand how my mom can just decide to make something from looking into the fridge and then just add whatever she likes from what we have at home. Today I was making meatballs, homemade so I looked at what we had and ended up with meatballs with cheese, hearbs, onion och some other spices in them. One kid and hostmom loved them and the other one likes the bought once from IKEA better. But I can't blame her, I thought the same when I was in her age. 
So we ended up with two types of meatballs, mashpotatoes, noodles from last night, red pepper and some cut up apple.

Exactly what I needed

This weekend have just been about fun and friends and just awesome. I have really been laughing hard a few times and it have felt so good. I'm lucky being surrounded by such great people. Without good people in your life it doesn't matter how successful you are. You always need those few friends that you can always count on and that are always there for you no matter what. 

Why do School?

I mean it's snow outside, maybe some on the roads you know. They were cleared today already but you know, maybe someone put some new snow there just for fun over the night and then it would be dangerous to take you kids with you in the car and drive. Because no, it's no chance of snow all day tomorrow. I seriously don't get it why they are canceling school tomorrow. Until someone can tell me a good reason I'm just gonna assume it is to play with us or someone's kid wants more time to play in the snow. Because that's what the kids are doing. It's too cold and snowy to be inside in school so the kids are off and have time to play outside. 

Just a little snow

Yeah sure, I'm not a big fan of snow where I live. I wanna have it up in the mountains where I need it for skiing and that's it. But I still can't see the point of this cancelin schools. I get it that they have too bad tires and all to drive around on the roads but still, the Swedish nerve in me is laughing her butt off. 

Enjoy while you can

Lately I have been so busy thinking about the future and what I'm going to do that I sometimes forget to actually enjoy the moments I am living in right now. Today, sitting and having dinner with my two kids laughing and having fun together without any fight I realized just that. I, or actually we need to live a little more in the moment we are in right now. It's like when we are traveling. If we can't wait to get to our destination and just want to be there as fast as we can we will miss all the beautiful things we can see along the way and the time that is given to us to actually spend time with the ones we are there together with. 

"It's not a car, it's a ship"

We had a problem to solve, and with good people around you will always find a solution. This time the problem was that I was going to have four kids with me home from school but a car where I could only fit three kids because no one of them are old enough to sit in the frontseat next to me. So what are you doing when it's no way you can do it? The other parents couldn't take the kids, no one could take my little man and our big car is at the car shop...As a savior from heaven Rob said that I could come and swap car with him, which was perfect because it's no question if five people would fit in this car. Or as Sara said "It's not a car, it's a ship". Because it's huge and it must look a little funny when I'm coming down the street, but hey, what don't you do for your kids? 

The best trip

We came back late last night after spending the day in Pittsburgh. Now afterward I can really say hands up that this was the best spontaneous trip I have ever made. Really. I loved every single bit about it, even the driing part. You know how you usually get tired of spending so much time in the car and that you are counting the hours until you get there? Well, this trip was nothing like that. I liked the time in the car, and the fact that we barely slept the whole weekend didn't destroy anything. We were literally laughing and smiling the whole weekend. 
All cred to planed trips that you are longing for forever and all that, but I really do think spontaneous is even better. We didn't really have any expectations about this weekend, to be honest I didn't really have time to think about it all and on the way up we kept saying "I can't belive we are on our way to the Niagara falls". We didn't plan anything but where to go and somewhere to sleep the last night, that was it. I mean, we satt down in the car friday night and googled the address to where we were going and on the way to Toronto I was reading about that you could do there. 
3 girls, about 1111miles, 45 hours, 2 countries and 4 cities...where are we going next? 

Spontaneous is the best way of living

A little, or actually a lot spontaneous we decided that it would be super cool to see the Niagara fall frozen. So last night we drove up and since then we have done so much it feels like days ago since we left..DC to Niagara falls, to the Canadian side, to Toronto (because why not when it's not soooo far, only 90min) where it was even more foggy then the drive up and where we found hockey hall of fame, back to the Niagara Falls (still Canada) for some drinks (because it's not every day you are overage haha) and to watch the falls lit up at night and then to Pittsburgh where it's now time for us to sleep in a real bed for the first time in two days and sleep more then just 1.5 hours in one night. (I can't believe that I'm still awake and can function) 

Closed due to..cold?

Yep, you heard right. All the school are cloes tomorrow due to the cold weather. How cold it's going to be? Lowest 9*F but feel like -4*F (which is like -12*C and feel like -20*C). So yes it's going to be cold, I'm not saying it's not, but to close the school? It's not like they are outside anything if it's a little cold. What difference does it make if they are inside at home or inside at school? I just don't get it. So tomorrow I'm gonna have my kids dress good for being outside without freezing and then we're gonna play for a while, just so they know that it's not like you would die of going outside if it's cold. Just that you need to have the right clothes on. 
And well, yes. All this snow is gone by now. 

Never a good bye

This weekend have been super cold and I have wanted to stay under the cover and not move at all, especially since I still have a little of a cold. But when it's your friends last weekend here you are going to do whatever she wants to do because you want to spend the time with her and enjoy the last few moments. So it was Good bye dinner party saturday and shopping today that Ix-chel wanted to do, and it was so much fun. I'm going to miss you, we have had a lot of good moments, but it's not going to be the last one. I'll see you again in the future. I don't know where and I don't know when but I do know it's going to happen. 

The best Way of spending the last day of a winter break

Happy New Years!

A message from the past

In Sweden it's already 2014, in the rest of the world east of that it's been 2014 for a while, DC is coming up and a few hours after that it's finally our turn to take a step into the future. 2013 have been an amazing year with so many adventures, new people and love. But I'm ready to put it behind me and welcome the new year for new memories to be made. 

The plan was to party but when we both woke up with so sore muscles that we can barly move from yesterday's gym session and I have caught a bad cold we changed it to a nice dinner and fire works by the waterfront. 

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