A day off the beach

Sometimes you need a day off the beach, and if you got a little too much sun the day before it's a great day to do just that. So we started the day with a 12miles (20km) bike ride through false cape state park, right on the boarder to North Carolina. I can promise you that if you weren't hungry before you are after that, and biking in the sand is not as easy as it might seems. On the beak before we went back home we watched some dolphins swim like 20min out from shore, I know it's common here and I saw them so many times last years too, but it's still pretty cool. 

After that and breakfast we did paddle boarding, something we all had never tried before. It was not that hard but very fun. When we got steady standing on that board we started doing yoga poses on it, fun but a lot harder to keep steady. Luckly I didn't fall in until I was too hot and jumped in to cool off. 
The rest of the day we spent by the pool just chillaxing and playing with the go pro. 


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