Mama, I'm coming home

I've never had anything against flying, apart from departure and landing, but other then that I can take it. I actually think it's pretty nice. But right now I feel pretty done for a while, or at least 10 days utnil it's time for me to fly again. 
It's actually not the flying bit I'm tired of this time either, it's the traveling part. The part where you're sitting on the airport waiting for them to say it's your turn to board the plane. That's what I could be without. The reason why I'm feeling this way now is probably because both on the way to Spain and on the way home it's been so many complications and time spent waiting, waiting and then get the news that the flight is delays another twenty minutes. Or like the first flight, when they had no idea when we were gonna be able to go onboard because we hadn't got our slot time for lifting. 

So after hours just sitting, I think I can say that I'm pretty good at killing time. You can walk around in the shops for about three times before you really have seen every single thing and tried on every single pair of sunglasses. You can eat, a perfect way of killing time and so will your stomach think as well. When you have done all that, you still have reading and watching movies left to kill the last hours. 
But now I feel pretty done with all that for a while, at least until next week when it's time to pack my bags again.


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