Midsummer 2014

I think midsummer is my swedish tradition. It's something for people in all ages and it's in the summer so the chans for warm weather. This year it wasn't that very warm. We had a guy from Austraila with us and he was freezing, it was colder then what he was use to in the winter. But even he loved midsummer after we were done. 

We started out with a traditional midsummer lunch where you eat herring in different kind of sause, with potato, cheese pie and chrisp bread with cheese on top. To that it was beer and snaps (something we had to explain to the non swedes that you're not suppose to drink it like a shot because then you'll get super drunk before the lunch is over, and that's far away from bedtime. Because we chears with the snaps at least a five or six times during the meal.) After the lunch we had Strawberrie cake, and don't worry, I took the strawberries off mine. 
The best part must have been the faces of the non swedes (we had both Americans and the Aussie guy) when we told them what the maypole was standing for and when we started dancing the frog dance and other dances around the pole. 
The rest of the night we had BBQ and drinks by the water.


It's been a lot of graduations this year, I've almost been to more then the year I graduated. Maybe because I have more time now and I'm not occupying one day for my own graduation, which weirdly was the same day as many of my friends. 

I can't belive that it's two years ago since I was standing there with my graduation cap and white dress on, so happy. Or today two years ago I was laying at home in my bed thinking about how much fun the day before had been. 


Party at work

This time it wan't exactly at work, but it was at least with all my colleagues. So yeasterday in the rain we all took the bus out to Värmdö (google if you don't know what I'm talking about). Everyone had brought something to put on the table and something for yourself to drink. After that we had put out all the food on the tables and oppened up whatever you were drinking we just enjoyed the gorgeous view over the ocean, the sun, that we didn't get and rain and that the school year is over. 
We even played some games, like here where you had to walk/run to a tree and back while having your feet stuck together. Or when we put everyones shoes in one big pile, gave one person a blindfold and then they had to find their own shoes, "Like when you are trying to go home after a house party" 

"But put me in summer and I'll be a happy snowman"

Today was the last school day for my kids. So it's been song, speaches and cake. I didn't work at all today but I felt like I had to be there and say good bye to them. I don't know yet what I'm going to do in the fall and future. I have applied for schools but I wont know until July 11th if I got in or not, and I can't plan anything else until I know. I hope that whatever I'll be doing and where ever I'll be living that I'll be able to visit the kids, but the teachers too. 

Perfect weather, happy kids and nice parents made my day! Here you can see the teachers singing too, it's not ju each class singing something, even the teachers do..But I have to say the kids have been practicing a little more then the teachers. 

Just what a summer weekend should look like

This have been an awesome weekend. I realize more and more that this is what I need, a little of everything. Last weekend was out in the archipelago doing nothing but just chillaxing, while this weekend have been the total opposite, but still realaxed. We have done whatever came our way. It's been wine drinking and games with colleagues, hanging at bars with friends , having BBQ, watching movies, enjoying the nice weather and falling in love with my own city all over again. 
I love DC and I miss it so bad, it really is my city but Stockholm is pretty awesome too when it's good weather. I don't think any city in the world is as beautiful and full of happines as Stockholm on a Nice summer day. People are happy, more friendly and out all night. Because the sun sets so late at night, it's never gets as dark as in DC at night, which makes you less tired because your body thinks it's earlier then it is. 
I mean this photo was taken after 9pm...

Being off work or a day with no work

It's funny what a big differense it is to have a day off when you have work planned for days later in the week or if you don't get to work one day and have no idea about when you'll work the next time. When I don't know when I'll work the next time I just feel stressed over it, and wish I would have been able to work that day. Becuase without work I won't earn any money and without money I can't do all the fun things I wanna do. But if I know that I'll work some day later in the week I feel that I can enjoy this day off. I can actually relax and do what I want to do. 

Today have been one of thoes days. FIne, I have no idea if I'll work tomorrow, even if I hope I can but I at least get to work some hours on thursday so it's ok, doesn't matter that I have this day off. I could lay in bed late and do nothing without getting stressed about it, something that doesn't happen too often. 

Just what I needed

We took our bags and spent the whole weekend out in the archipelago of Stockholm. With almost no phone reception and not really anywhere to go. It was exactly what I needed, just do what we felt like for the moment. When we wanted to sit and drink wine and look out over the ocean we could do that, when we wanted to walk around and eat ice cream we could do that and when we wanted to use the sauna we could do that. 
I came back home, fully ready for this new week. I have so much good energy and feel all rested. Got to sleep out all mornings out there. 

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