Midsummer 2014

I think midsummer is my swedish tradition. It's something for people in all ages and it's in the summer so the chans for warm weather. This year it wasn't that very warm. We had a guy from Austraila with us and he was freezing, it was colder then what he was use to in the winter. But even he loved midsummer after we were done. 

We started out with a traditional midsummer lunch where you eat herring in different kind of sause, with potato, cheese pie and chrisp bread with cheese on top. To that it was beer and snaps (something we had to explain to the non swedes that you're not suppose to drink it like a shot because then you'll get super drunk before the lunch is over, and that's far away from bedtime. Because we chears with the snaps at least a five or six times during the meal.) After the lunch we had Strawberrie cake, and don't worry, I took the strawberries off mine. 
The best part must have been the faces of the non swedes (we had both Americans and the Aussie guy) when we told them what the maypole was standing for and when we started dancing the frog dance and other dances around the pole. 
The rest of the night we had BBQ and drinks by the water.


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