Early mornings and busy nights

I'm going up early (normal time for me the past 1.5 years) and then I'm actually trying to keep busy during the day by being out and about and then after dinner I've prepared for the next days interveiws. I like it, I like being busy and do something, especially when it's something that feels like it has a meaning. Like looking for jobs and right now meeting friends I haven't seen in forever. But when I get home in the afternoon I'm so tired that I can barley keep my eyes open, but when it's finally time for bed it's impossible to sleep. I'm just not tired at all. When you then know that the alarm is going of just a few hours later it's kind of frustrating. Then you wake up and get texts from friends on the other side of the atlantic that's on their way to bed and all you wanna do is join them because you're so tired. Because of all this lack of sleep and being tired weird times and all that, I'm never really hungry. Something that is kind of frustrating when you wanna eat and enjoy all the swedish food...

But going up to make breakfast and drive kids to school and going up to have meetings is slightly different, especially when it comes to getting dressed. You don't need a blazer or high heals when you drop off the kids and you can't go to a meeting in your pj...

Back to normal

I've been back home a few days now. Still really jetlaged, but what did I think? That I would be fine after a day? It will most likely be like this for a while so just something I have to get use to. Other then that I'm really tired half the day and have a lot of energy the rest of the day (the last half of the day, going into night...) I've been trying to meet up with friends. It's so many that I haven't seen in so long that I'll take them a little at a time, something I can do because I don't have a job yet. But I am applying for that too, and are hoping to find something soon, will start climbing the walls at home without something to do soon. 

If I felt like the shortest one in the US it's nothing to what I feel like right now walking around in stockholm....Everyone is so tall!! (Sara you should come here, might actually find a guy taller then you even with your high heals on) 

Just a normal day

It feels so weird. I'm gonna be in Sweden again, after 1.5 years, tomorrow. I'm gonna drop down like a bomb and that's it. But right now it doesn't feel like it. If you would take out all the packing, all the good byes and all the tears it would be just a normal day, a normal week where I met up my friends for dinner and where me and my hostdad just had a normal lunch like we have had millions of times. 

In a day this part of my life is gonna be officially over. But I've got so much out of it. I have not only got a second family, I've got an other family too, and so many friends that I know I'll keep for life. As well as all that I have also grown so much as a person, so all you in sweden be prepared that I'm not gonna be the same person who left. It's all in a good way. 

I'm not done here, I'm far from done here and I can actually picture myself living here so who knows what the future have to offer. The only thing I know is that I'll be back soon, sooner then you all think. I just can't stay away! Need some USA power to recharge my batteries with. 

Not a good bye, it's a see you later

I had to do the hardest of all the good byes today, I had to say good bye to the kids. I know that I'll see them really soon, but it still breaks my heart to know that I won't wake them up in the mornings anymore with a good morning kiss, have Ethan drag his cover over his head before he jumps up from bed a fex seconds later and Ella holding up her hand to show that she wants five more minutes. It's so many things that you never really think about in the moment that are the things that you will miss the most. 
Two of the best kids in the world and they will always be in my heart! 

Team tutu

This have been the perfect last weekend. Great weather, friends and my second american family together with a lot of fun. It's been long time in traffic, it's been awesome food, it's been early mornings, it's been time at the beach and some running. Team tutu finished the weekend together with the rest of the family with an awesome dinner at Outback..what else do you need? Thank you all for this weekend! 

I love road trips and you girls makes them even better
Our good runners almost at the end! 
We even had so good weather that we got a day at the beach where the kids where playing in the water and we were suntanning when we didn't play with them or dancing with the music
Because of the good weather we have had some beautiful sunrises over the water and because of the early races we've been up around these times. 

Back to reality

Talking to my mom today made me realize even more that I actually have to start thinking about the future. What I'm gonna do when I get back..what I wanna study, where I'm gonna study..So after we hung up I actually started applying for jobs for real, sent out a bunch of emails and applications and looked into schools even more. So even if I've been home the whole day I've been productive and got so much done. So it actually feels like I've deserved my glass of wine and that it's ok that I'm tired even if it's just after 9..

But I'm gonna go back into my bubble at least for the weekend...it's not time to start packing quite yet..

Time to stop dreaming

With one week left before I have to step on to that air plane that is gonna take me back to sweden I guess it's time that I start thinking about it for real. Up to now I have just pushed the thoughts about it away because I really don't wanna leave. I'm at home here and I'm no where near ready to leave. 

My little man have turned into a bunny since the olympics. I can't even imagine a day where I'm not gonna see those ears in the crowed of kids getting out from school at car pool. Please stop the time and let me enjoy this for a little longer..! 

Nobody will ever talk about the nights where they got plenty of sleep

11, that's how many our group were yesterday when we saw David Guetta and I can tell you that he was awesome! It was a really fun night even if it was so full of people in there that sometimes you could barley move and my foot kept popping all the time when people pushed each other around. But it didn't stop me from jumping the highest and sing/scream as loud as I could in every single song that I knew.. 

And of course we were up front..

Time of our lives

So we decided to do a day trip to Philly yesterday. Perfect weather, amazing friends and a fun city made my Saturday. And of course we had to run up the rocky steps and try the cheesesteak sandwich. 

Right now everyone else except for me (and Sara) is counting down the days until I go back to Sweden. Me (and Sara) on the other hand don't wanna think about it yet..! I can't say that I'm ready to leave. I mean I can't wait to see everyone at home but I can do that in a week or two..hm, probably gonna need to start packing soon too..but for now we're gonna party and not think about it! 

Snow? In march?

It's the third of march and it's snowing? Yep, you heard right. The weather really is all upside down, just a week ago we had almost summer weather and now a foot of snow and super cold. Cold and snow means no school and since it takes forever for them here to clear the roads I played with the kids until Juliana (the new au pair for my family) could get here and joined us. Our brazilian girl did good for seeing snow fall for the first time and I got to use my awesome olympic hat!


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