Work is DONE

And the work week was over! This is a long weekend in sweden where we celebreate that jesus went up to heaven. So a short work week where I have mixed feelings that it's over. It's been really nice working with the same kids for two weeks now and I'll miss them a little, the are so funny and lovable, but at the same time I love it that the weekend is here and that I get to spend it with my boy. 


Happy mothers day!

I know that my mom is always there for me. When I need her, she'll always help me in the way she can. Like everyone else I think that I have the best mom in the world but it's because she's the one that is doing all these things for me. If I need an advice she'll give it to me and if I need something fixed that is broken, she'll do it.
I love you mom! 

When summer is knocking on the door!

It's been summer temperatures here all week and right now I'm sitting outside in the shade in my bikini to take a break from the sun, I don't wanna get a sunburn. This weather is more then welcome to stay for a long time now, even if I know that it wont. It will actually get a little colder mid week already. This week have been all work, but I really like my job, the kids are so cute and the people I work with is a lot of fun. So last night after work we were a few that went home to one of the guys at work, had dinner, drank wine and played games all night. It really was so much fun.

Now it's time to get ready to meet up with Frida and find a good spot in the sun at some bar/restaurant and then not move for a couple of hours.

A perfect weekend

It's been a really good weekend spent with my awesome friends and even my brother a little. The great weather didn't make it worse at all. I love the fact that I could stay out all night in just a summer dress and a jacket without being cold. That it's light out later makes it even better, you get so much energy and feel so much more alive. I can't say that I don't miss walking around in shorts in April and laying by the pool in May, but I don't miss that's it's getting dark so fast. 
On top of the great weather we had Steve Angello in town and of course we were there. It was us and thousands of others people there, but what can you expect when it's a free concert. It wasn't just for free, he was awesome as well, even if it was a little too much 13 year olds in to short hotpants and young boys who thought they were super cool..and then us, the old grandmas who just wanted to tell a lot of them to go home to mommy. 

Best friends or just living under the same roof?

When I'm working at the school Södra ängby I'm living with Hanna so I don't have to comute for forever in the morning. But living with your friends isn't always the easiest thing. It's easy to start fighting over things or just get really annoyed by each other. But I have to say that me and Hanna are pretty good at the whole living together part. We say what we think and are always helping each other with things at the same time as we're giving each other space. When we're living together we're not hanging out as friends. Of course we can watch a movie together and we're eating togehter, but we don't spend all the time doing things together as friends do on sleepovers or something. We haven't even slept in the same bed. It makes it a lot easier to be able to go to bed alone and whenever you want. If I'm tired but Hanna isn't I'm not gonna sit up and wait for her, but go to bed. 

In one way it's like we're putting our friendship aside and are focusing on just the roomie part. Becuase we both know that if I wouldn't like something she does, or the other way around it has nothing to do with our friendship like that. But I have to say that it does make it a whole lot easier that we know each other so well. Sometimes we don't have to talk, we just do. 

the happiest day of your life

Yesterday one of the most important people in my life got married. The girl who was there and made my au pair year not just a blast but also easier in so many ways. I knew that I could always talk to her and I knew that she would always help with what she could.My friend Tawar, or Meoldy as we called her in the US got her Ray last night and I couldn't be happier for them. They are perfect for each other. 
To see them this happy togehter makes me wanna jump up and down and not stop smiling. I am so happy for them both. 

It was a kurdish wedding even if it was not nearly as big as they usually are. It was ¨only¨ around 50 guests and not all the traditions that they usually have. But it was my first kurdish wedding and I can say that I was truly amazed. All the women was dressed in these beautiful clothes that was so colorful and glittery, and the food was amazing (I just couldn't stop eating) and their dance was a hard but fun. It was a little to bad that I couldn't understand all the speaches because they were in kurdish but it was still fascinating to listen to and by the way everyone was reacting I could kind of sense what they were talking about. 
Me and Hanna even got the honor to wear kurdish clothes and be as sparkling as everyone else, maybe exept from Tawar who was sparkling a little more then the rest. But why wouldn't she, it was her day! 

Congratulations again to the both of you! I love you and wish you only the best in the future. If I can ever do anything to help you, I'm only a phonecall away and I'll try adn do my best. 

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