So many opptions

The preperations for the last party with Fadderier (the senior buddy program) is all going on. It's gonna be a masquerade so today my mask arrived and now i just have to pick what dress to wear. 


Maybe a good skill to know

How many of you have tried to walk with chrutches in the woods, up a hill full of wet stones and mud? Not to many I hope, because it's really hard and super easy to slip. But I didn't wanna give up when I got so far that I could see the hill. Then I just wanted to make it up and see how my scouts where doing. When I fianlly was up after some help I was really hot and tired. But who knows, maybe it's a good thing to have on my resume, "Offroad chrutch-walking"
Decided today thought that I was done with them. It just makes everything so much harder. Harder to get around and harder to get things with you. Not fun at all. I've done my share part of walking with chrutches before. So I left them at home and limped to school. I can't say it didn't hurt but after taking pain killers, it wasn't that bad. 

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