Feels like someone is trying to tell me something

It's been a few busy weeks here, not much time over to do nothing and elsepcially not much time over for spontainious things. It sucks a little and makes me both tired and sick, but in the same time I'm having so much fun! I've gotten to know so many new people that are as weird and crazy as I am. 
But I guess it's an end to all that, at least for a while. This friday I hurt my foot really bad so now I have crutches to be able to get around everywhere..and when the senior buddy program is over I have even more time over for other things. Now it's focus on the first exam that we have on wednesday. I'm a bit noervous, but mostly because I feel like I know most of it and people around me seams to freak out over the test..they make me feel like they know something I should know that I don't...


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