Makes me cry

I could seriously sit and watch videos like this for hours, I love them. To see how happy they all get when their loved once get home after a time away. In the same time it makes me miss everyone back in sweden that I haven't seen in so long a little extra. 

Think positive

We are all so cought up in all the bad things that are happening around us, both locally and in the world that we're sometimes missing out that it's actually a pretty great world we're living in. I think it's really good that we have such good media covering in the world as we have and that it's good to know all the thinks they are talking about in the news. But in the middle of all wars and people dying, we sometimes forget that people can be good. Sometimes I think we should just take a moment to stop and reflect about all the good things in our lives and in the world. So right now I'm giving you the oppertunity to do exactly that. What are you greatfull for in your life? What gives you a reason to smile today? 

There is always a friend on your side


Like falling in love

Tired as hell, I feel dead. First just a few hours of sleep and then being outside the whole day, so it's no wonder. But it doesn't matter because it has been an awesome day, playtime with the kids and cruiseing in Lisa's Jeep in the nice weather after that. I love this time, it's getting warmer and we still have the whole summer infront of us! 


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